Saturday, June 18, 2005

Giddens’ role still murky


Kansas University basketball coach Bill Self hasn't seen the police report on the May 19 stabbing incident involving Jayhawk junior J.R. Giddens outside the Moon Bar.

Thus, Self knows nothing more than the average KU basketball fan regarding possible charges to be filed following a melee which resulted in Giddens suffering a slashed artery in his right calf.

Friday, the report was forwarded to Douglas County Dist. Atty. Charles Branson.

"Not privy to seeing the report or anything like that, we don't know if charges will be filed," Self said Friday at Eagle Bend Golf Course at his golf tournament to benefit Lawrence Parks and Recreation.

"They may very well be, they may not be ... I'm talking against anybody in this particular case. We're obviously very disappointed in what happened, and the findings of the case -- hopefully we'll find out -- will play a role in J.R.'s situation but not the only role (on whether Giddens will remain on team)."

Self, who will see Giddens today at the funeral of Darnell Jackson's grandmother in Oklahoma City, has not booted Giddens from the KU squad.

"I've got some things in my mind that are very important. I'm not just talking about conditions (Giddens must agree to in future) but some mindset-type of things that are really important regardless of criminal wrongdoing," Self said. "That is important, obviously, but that's not the sole decision.

"Some people may say, 'Why would you consider doing this (removing Giddens) if there is no criminal wrongdoing, at least by the investigation? Some people may say he embarrassed the program, and it's a cut-and-dried deal.

"I think there's a lot of gray area we're still working through, trying to get a little more comfortable with."

As far as Giddens' health, Self said: "I think he's progressing pretty nicely, even though it's limited what you know because he has a cast on the leg and is non-weight-bearing still. The wound is healing nicely. Rehab, I'm sure, will start real soon for him."

Self said he believed Giddens would be healthy enough to play his junior season.

"The doctors have told us they think if rehab goes well, if he's into it, and I think he will be, they think he'll be OK certainly early in the practice season or early in the game season, but it's an inexact science," Self said.

"We are not tying ligaments together; we've got to let muscle grow back together. It has set him back. Last summer was terrible for him with two surgeries. This unfortunately will play out to be the same situation."

¢ Friends in the Finals: Self and son Tyler flew Thursday to Detroit to catch Game Four of the NBA Finals.

"I know he very much enjoyed seeing that style of play," Self said of his son.

Self spent time with his former KU boss and current Detroit coach Larry Brown and good friend R.C. Buford, general manager of the San Antonio Spurs.

Self, who admits he doesn't care much for the pro game compared to college, said he also was excited to see two quality teams square off.

"When the playoffs start is when I start watching," Self said. "And I think this series is shaping up just about the way I thought it would. I'm glad that it's evened up, and since there hasn't been a close game yet I think the next couple could all come down to one possession."

¢ Funeral in Oklahoma City: Self said Darnell Jackson's mother, Shawn, who sustained severe injuries in a car accident last month in Las Vegas, had been transferred to a hospital in Oklahoma City. The move allows her to attend the funeral today of Jackson's grandmother, Evon, who died from the injuries she suffered in the same accident.

The Journal-World's Andy Samuelson provided information for this report.


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