Saturday, July 30, 2005

Coach exam launched probe


The "possible misconduct" involving a Kansas University football coach that contributed to the launching of an internal investigation was related to a coaches-certification exam taken in May of 2003.

Kansas and the NCAA found no violations regarding the initial possible misconduct, but KU later unearthed eight unrelated violations within the football program, which it released in a detailed self-report July 15.

Kansas, however, released no details on the initial football investigation. The Journal-World requested documentation of the review of that investigation, citing state open-records laws.

In his response, Jim Marchiony, KU associate athletic director for external affairs, stated that releasing the details "would serve no public interest, would involve matters from the individual's personnel records (exception (a)(4)), medical information (exception (a)(3)), and personal privacy (exception (a)(30)).

"Further, because certification testing was involved, exception (a)(9) also is applicable."

Marchiony did attach a letter addressed to KU athletic director Lew Perkins from Christopher S. Strobel, the NCAA's Director of Enforcement for Secondary Infractions. The letter states that "based upon the information submitted, there is not sufficient evidence to conclude that a violation occurred, and no further action by the NCAA is warranted at this time."

The name of the coach was blacked out of the letter obtained by the Journal-World, which was dated June 17, 2004. The letter did state that the result of an NCAA coaches-certification examination was the focal point of the investigation.

According to the NCAA Division One manual, coaches must pass a certification exam every year to be allowed to recruit off-campus. The exam, a standardized test developed by the NCAA, covers recruiting legislation, scholarships and freshman academic requirements.


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