2007 NCAA Tournament


Bill Self unfastened the top button on his shirt, loosened his tie and, with an ashen face, paced ahead of his Kansas University basketball players out a tunnel toward the locker room Saturday night. "He was sad. He wanted more than this. We all did," KU sophomore Mario Chalmers said after the No. 1-seeded Jayhawks' 68-55 loss to No. 2-seed UCLA in the NCAA Tournament West Regional championship game. Read more »

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UCLA had edge in poise

Tom Keegan

Missed the West Regional final and don't have time to watch the entire replay? Just watch the last first-half possession for each team and you've seen it all. Mario Chalmers drove to the hoop, missed the shot, got the rebound and dished to Kansas University backcourtmate Russell Robinson, who missed a gimme with 22 seconds left. At the other end, UCLA had a chance to attack right away, but made the wise decision to pull back and work for a final shot. Arron Afflalo tried to drive past Brandon Rush, couldn't, and found Josh Shipp in the left corner. Shipp hit a three-point shot at the buzzer. It was like that all day. Read on »

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