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TCU defeats Kansas, 34-30

  • 2 p.m., Nov. 15, 2014
  • David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

Jayhawks give scare but fall short against TCU, 34-30

Kansas University’s football team put a scare into fourth-ranked TCU on Saturday afternoon at Memorial Stadium, but couldn't overcome a two-touchdown outburst in 70 seconds by the Horned Frogs in the third quarter in a 34-30 loss on Senior Day.

The Jayhawks (3-7, 1-6 in Big 12) certainly had their chances, as the Horned Frogs turned the ball over three times, but they could only turn that into three points. They took a 13-10 lead into halftime after a 13-yard touchdown catch by Jimmay Mundine, and led 27-17 midway through the third quarter after a one-yard touchdown run by junior quarterback Michael Cummings and a 78-yard catch and run by junior receiver Nigel King.

But the Horned Frogs responded quickly with a 24-yard touchdown run by running back Aaron Green, then Cameron Echols-Luper added a 69-yard punt return touchdown. KU had the ball at the five-yard line after a TCU fumble midway through the fourth quarter, but settled for a field goal, and never crossed midfield for a potential game-winning score.

TCU (9-1, 6-1) had 480 yards on offense, led by junior quarterback Treyvone Boykin, who was 26-for-37 for 330 yards and a touchdown. Green also added 128 yards on the ground and two touchdowns.

KU was led offensively by Cummings, who tossed for 332 yards and two touchdowns. Mundine had seven catches for 137 yards and a touchdown, while King added five catches for 128 yards and a highlight-reel score when he tipped the ball up to himself and sprinted down the sideline.

The Jayhawks will go on the road to face Oklahoma next Saturday at 11 a.m.

Box score


First Quarter

12:36 — Ty Slanina 27 pass from Trevone Boykin. Jaden Oberkrom kick. Boykin marched the Horned Frogs 67 yards in seven plays on the game's opening drive and completed five of six passes while also converting a third-and-one with a one-yard run to set up the score. The only incompletion on the drive was caught by a ball boy on the sideline. (TCU 7, KU 0).

6:49 — Corey Avery 2 run. Kick blocked. The Jayhawks benefited from a roughing the punter, a fourth down pass from T.J. Millweard to Trent Smiley on a bobbled snap on a field goal try and pass from Michael Cummings to Nick Harwell that was thrown behind him and batted into the air by TCU DB Sam Carter. Those three wacky plays set up Avery's easy TD run. To top it all off, the extra point was blocked. (TCU 7, KU 6).

Second Quarter

12:02 — Jimmay Mundine 13 pass from Michael Cummings. Matthew Wyman kick. After the KU defense held TCU on a fourth-and-one try deep in the Kansas end, the KU offense put together its second lengthy drive of the day, marching 89 yards in 14 plays and 6:18 to claim the lead. Cummings hit Mundine for 50 yards on three passes on the drive and also scrambled for 18 yards and a first down to kickstart the drive. (KU 13, TCU 7).

3:41 — Jaden Oberkrom 24 field goal. The KU defense once again stood tall in the red zone, with Jake Love picking up a sack, JaCorey Shepherd picking up a pass break-up and the rest of the defense keeping Boykin bottled up and everything in front of them. The TCU scoring drive spanned 32 yards in seven plays and 2:47. (KU 13, TCU 10).

Third Quarter

12:02 — Michael Cummings 1 run. Wyman kick. The Jayhawks picked up right where they left off on the opening drive of the second half, marching 82 yards in six plays and 2:54 to build a 10-point lead. The big play on the drive came on a second and 10, when Cummings hit Mundine with a short pass and the senior tight end did the rest, racing 67 yards down to the 2 to set up the score. (KU 20, TCU 10).

8:47 — Aaron Green 3 run. Oberkrom kick. After falling behind by two scores for the first time, the Frogs answered with a nine-play, 72-yard drive that took 3:08 and featured another 5-of-6 passing effort from Boykin, who ran the option perfectly and pitched to Green, who walked in untouched, on the touchdown. (KU 20, TCU 17).

8:27 — Nigel King 78 pass from Cummings. Wyman kick. Just 20 seconds after TCU answered the Jayhawks' second-half score, King caught a pass from Cummings after tipping the ball in the air twice to himself and then out-running the TCU secondary as it gave chase. (KU 27, TCU 17).

3:48 — Aaron Green 24 run. Oberkrom kick. Green carried the ball just once on the Frogs' much-needed scoring drive but made it count, slipping through the middle of the Kansas defense and sprinting untouched into the end zone. Boykin completed three passes during the eight-play, 80-yard drive that took 2:55. (KU 27, TCU 24).

2:38 — Cameron Echols-Luper 69 punt return. Oberkrom kick. Barely a minute after cutting the Kansas lead to three points and less than 10 minutes after fumbling the ball away to KU in TCU territory, the Frogs jumped on top for the first time since leading 7-6 in the second quarter. (TCU 31, KU 27).

Fourth Quarter

12:08 — Oberkrom 25 field goal. With a chance to go up by two scores in the fourth quarter, the Jayhawks' defense held the Frogs to a field goal and kept the lead to seven points. Aaron Green did most of the damage on TCU's eight-play, 65-yard drive, rushing for 36 yards on two carries, including a 33-yard run that nearly went the distance. The drive took 2:56. (TCU 34, KU 27).

7:42 — Matthew Wyman 23 field goal. KU's defense set the Jayhawks up with a golden opportunity to tie the game when Victor Simmons forced a fumble and Tedarian Johnson jumped on it at the TCU 10. After picking up six yards on a first-down run from Corey Avery, the Jayhawks' stalled and settled for three. (TCU 34, KU 30).


Bryce Landon 8 years ago

Shame on the KU students who chanted "OVERRATED" to the team they lost to. You don't do that when your team is on the wrong end of the scoreboard.

Titus Canby 8 years ago

Good point Bryce. That's a BS chant, but more so when you lose.

Charlie Gaughn 8 years ago

Agree but give the kids a pass. It's been a long dry spell without a competitive football team. Face it, this was supposed to be a four touchdown loss to a team that is in the running for a playoff spot. It wasn't a fluke close game, KU played them toe to toe.

Jerry Cross 8 years ago

They are not overrated. We just played a very good gme. Take away a couple of missed oppurtunities and a couple of penalties and we could have won. Don't be bad losers.

Bryce Landon 8 years ago

I've not been on the Clint Bowen bandwagon at all since the Weis firing, but after getting off work and tuning my radio to find out that KU was within striking distance of upsetting a Top-5 TCU team, I may be a little more open to the concept.

Scott Wooten 8 years ago

That was a tough game that many expected us to lose horribly- KU sports staff included. Don't understatement Bowen and the pride of the Jayhawk.

Jack Joiner 8 years ago

Great efforts by the Hawks and coaching staff. If Bowen doesn't get the job,then we need to get a new AD.

Charlie Gaughn 8 years ago

Zenger needs to go if he doesn't announce Bowen as the head coach tomorrow. He brings much needed chemistry to a program that hasn't had any since Mangino was railroaded. Great things are on the horizon for KU football if we just have brains enough to snatch it.

Kerby Rice 8 years ago

Wow never thought of things like you just presented them. Ive always felt we had much much more talent than was being displayed. Totally agree with everything you just said.

With that being said, everyone keeps mentioning they dont want a HC that will leave in a few years..... But the reality is, if Bowen is HC and we perform adequately the next couple season he coach we will have to worry about leaving is OC Eric Kiesau. Since he has taken over the play calling is when we saw the most improvement on the offensive side of the ball.

Ian Ballinger 8 years ago

I am so proud of this team! So proud. Thank you to the seniors for your effort and your dedication to Kansas! You're Jayhawks for life!

Steve Jacob 8 years ago

Bowen might get the job just because they can pay him at the bottom of the conference while they pay off Weis.

When they release the Top 4 teams Tuesday and TCU is not on it you can thank KU.

Aaron Paisley 8 years ago

I'm sold on the Bowen-Kiesau combo now. The energy and toughness this team is showing is reminiscent of the early Mangino teams that were outmanned, but never out efforted. I love the direction Kiesau is taking the offense and want to see KU build around it. Make a few staff changes like the QB coach, dump the TE coach and hire a special teams guy because Matsakis can't scheme for crap but he's a good kicking coach. On defense, just have one secondary coach (Campo if he wants to stay) and hire another LB coach because Bowen will be too busy to handle that.

Gerry Butler 8 years ago

again I will say we don't have to look any further for our coach. WE GOT ONE RIGHT HERE.. if Zenger doesn't offer this job to Clint, what an idiot. these kids absolutely LOVE playing for this coach seen improvement every week since he has taken over. think I can finally see improvement. you don't have to be a rock scientist to figure it out to give him a shot as head coach. again don't make a mistake for 4th time GO HAWKS. couldn't be any prouder of the guys today

Michael Leiker 8 years ago

I am so sick of watching KU Football games and leaving feeling like we got jobbed. It's nothing that is right in your face, but it just seems at every turn officiating crews are doubting whether our guys made the play and always giving our competition the benefit of the doubt. Had the opportunity last year to see how some of the behind the scenes stuff works and I have no doubt that there is bias, not intentional bias but more of subconscious assumption that KU is not good and did not make the play. If there are not conversations being had with folks at the league by members of our athletic department it's time for it to start.

Just a ton of little things tonight and I want to watch the replay to confirm, but Harwell's catch, 50/50 on review...Mundine's long play down the left sideline, ball was spotted at the 5 and he was obviously down near the 3 (we scored but Cummings gets banged up when Avery would have scored on the 1st play if it was spotted properly)...when we recovered the fumble in the 4th near the 10, i swear the ball was spotted just outside of the 10, inches, but there should have been chains marking distance to 1st down, nothing, just 1st and goal even though the ball was spotted barely outside of the 10. It's not big stuff but we're just constant put at a disadvantage.

Jim Pendleton 8 years ago

Play of the game not getting enough talk - Hawks up 27-17 late 3rd Qtr, TCU has 3rd & 20 at their own 10. They not only get the first down, but they also eventually score.

A stop there, likely good field position from punt, and if we go down and score again, potentially up 34-17 late third. Instead they pick up the first, eventually score and now it is only 27-24. Another stop, punt return to the house, and suddenly we are behind.

Have been impressed with how hard this team has played for Bowen. That being said, we could be 5-5 had we finished the Okla St & TCU games. This team has to learn how to win and close games they have a chance to win.

Kit Duncan 8 years ago

The first string D is talented enough to play with any team in the Big XII. Second string is undermanned and third string badly needs shoring up. The D played with emotion and heart for three quarters, but started to run out of gas in the fourth. I think Clint knew that and started playing soft coverage on TCU's receivers to try to hold on. Unfortunately, TCU took advantage of that coverage and put 17 quick points on the board to take the lead and never relinquished it.

Cummings got banged up and lost some of his touch, and the O-line was unable to open up holes for Tony to break loose. A couple of big runs like last year and Kansas could have held TCU's offense off the field in the fourth quarter. Instead, a couple three and outs deep in KU's own territory gave TCU a short field and easy scores. The punt return for a TD was a back breaker. I'm not sure that I didn't see a couple illegal blocks in the back to free the return man.

The late penalty for having 12 men on the field should be reviewed by the League. If it wasn't called at the time of the play, the refs shouldn't be allowed to call it after the fact when the opposing coach brings it to the attention of the officials. If that is not in fact the case, then the bad call in the Texas game several years back, in which Mangino was fined by the League for mentioning said bad call, should have been overturned on appeal.

Charlie Gaughn 8 years ago

I'd like to know where Tait weighs in on the Bowen issue. He trumped up CW and said that Cummings would never play quarterback. Weis was a "media friendly" coach and I think that's why we had so much hype every year even though there was no substance. Cummings, as called for by several posters over the past two years, is the best quarterback we've seen since Reesing. Might need a little more football savvy writer come spring.

Al Martin 8 years ago

Oh, puh-leez. Matt's an optimistic guy, maybe even a "this sieve is three-quarters full" kind of guy. He's also a terrific reporter who gives us great insight into the KU athletic department, for which we all pay... nothing. I for one am pretty grateful for what I get out of this site and Matt's reporting.

Micky Baker 8 years ago

There have been some who were really angry about the past four seasons and most of this season and some of them thought it was because we had inferior players. We really don't have that at the skill positions, and now that Reagan has had some time without being OC to work with the O-line, even with some injuries up front, the O-line is playing better, and not by just a little over the past three weeks. The Baylor game, hey, even TCU gave up 61 to them.

Charlie Weis was a horrible head coach. I don't know why, but it wasn't that hard to tell. He never showed any emotion on the side line and quite frankly, if the head coach doesn't have energy it reflects across the whole team.

Now, for Bowen's 6 games, we've lost 5. In these losses, if Bowen had been head coach at the beginning of this season with Cummings at QB, we very well may have beaten WVU, Oklahoma State, and probably TCU yesterday. He still has fewer than a season's experience as a starter. He made a bad throw on the last drive. I understand that. That's a throw he normally would complete. Mundine was wide open. The ball sailed. If he hits Mundine there, that's a TD in my mind. A safety isn't going to be able to take Mundine down, and that's all there was there and that guy wasn't even that close to where Mundine was if it was a good throw. Mundine runs right by him for the TD. That would have been huge. Cummings will get that throw if he's allowed to continue developing.

It was a game that if KU had won, it would have had a rippling effect in the play-off picture, but because it was TCU that we played, KU got some national attention for "Testing TCU". There is no way this would have been a close game if Weis was still here. That is the reason we were doing so badly. He doesn't have any kind of leadership ability that warrants another head coaching position any where, not even high school.

Bryce Landon 8 years ago

Weis is at his best as an NFL assistant. Too bad he didn't stay with the Chiefs.

Al Martin 8 years ago

I agree with everything you said. As for Cumming's last throw, it's an indication of the progress that we've made that I was really surprised that he didn't complete that pass. He had been hitting throws like that all day.

Seven weeks ago a sailed pass for an interception would have been business as usual. Now it's surprising.

Marc Anthony 8 years ago

"Charlie Weis was a horrible head coach. I don't know why, but it wasn't that hard to tell. He never showed any emotion on the side line and quite frankly, if the head coach doesn't have energy it reflects across the whole team."

If a team is reliant on energy from the coach, it must be kiddy-league (youth/junior) football. Besides, passion only works in close games. When you rely on passion for every game, all of your trumps are played. It's time to fold your hand.

"Now, for Bowen's 6 games, we've lost 5. In these losses, if Bowen had been head coach at the beginning of this season with Cummings at QB, we very well may have beaten WVU, Oklahoma State, and probably TCU yesterday."

As Aerosmith would say "Dream On!" To play the scenario, then you would have to include Duke and Texas. Bowen added to the loss to OSU because he changed the kick which led to Tyreek Hill returning it for a TD. Had Bowen been the coach from beginning of the season, Cozart would have been the QB. It was Reagan who was calling the plays and the personnel for his plays.

"There is no way this would have been a close game if Weis was still here. That is the reason we were doing so badly. He doesn't have any kind of leadership ability that warrants another head coaching position any where, not even high school."

Not true and speculative. For all you know, the team was beginning its turn-around at the 4th game, or the HC firing was a wake-up call for the team, or ... etc.

Even Bowen said, “At some point in time you have to grow up and figure out how to take care of your business... Some of you are struggling with that. It's not that hard, men. Those are the little things that add up to us losing football games.” -- Again, this is textbook Charlie Weis. Even Cummings uses one of Weis' lines -- "... Long (Short) day at the office."


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