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Rice defeats Kansas, 23-14

  • 6:30 p.m., Sept. 14, 2013
  • Houston, Texas,

FINAL: KU's offense struggles in 23-14 loss to Rice

An impressive effort by the Kansas football defense wasn't enough to overcome incompetent offense, as Rice rallied in the fourth quarter for a 23-14 victory over KU in Houston.

The game-changing play came with 8:43 left in the fourth quarter, as Rice kicker Chris Boswell blasted a 56-yard field goal to turn a 14-13 deficit into a 16-14 Owls lead.

Following a KU three-and-out, Rice added a 50-yard TD drive, capped by an eight-yard rushing touchdown by Charles Ross.

Though he was indecisive most of the night, KU quarterback Jake Heaps didn't get much help from the players he was throwing to, either. The junior finished 13-for-28 for 157 yards with a touchdown and two interceptions.

Tony Pierson led KU's offense with four catches for 95 yards with a touchdown, but he had just five total touches. James Sims added 20 carries for 117 yards, though 21 of those yards came on the game's final play with Rice in prevent defense.

Overall, KU's offense averaged just 4.2 yards per play and 2.9 yards per rush.

The Jayhawks (1-1) will play host to Louisiana Tech at 11 a.m. on Sept. 21.


First Quarter

6:40 — Michael Kutzler 51 interception return. Chris Boswell kick. The Kansas defense forced Rice to punt on its first offensive possession and the offense responded with back-to-back first downs on its first drive. But on a third-and-long, Jake Heaps was intercepted when Kutzler batted the ball into the air to himself and raced to the end zone untouched. (RICE 7, KU 0).

Second Quarter

9:20 — Tony Pierson 77 pass from Jake Heaps. Matthew Wyman kick. After a sluggish first quarter, the KU offense picked up a huge momentum play on a third-down completion from Heaps to Pierson. Pierson caught the pass about 15 yards from the line of scrimmage, absorbed a hit, spun out of it and then raced away from the rest of the Rice defense. Rice also was flagged for roughing the passer on the play that capped a five-play, 91-yard drive that took 1:48. (RICE 7, KU 7).

6:04 — Chris Boswell 40 field goal. Rice answered KU's scoring drive with a 52-yard, eight-play drive that reached the edge of the KU red zone but stalled when KU defensive end Michael Reynolds sacked McHargue on third-and-10, forcing the Owls to send Boswell on for the three-pointer. (RICE 10, KU 7).

0:09 — Chris Boswell 28 field goal. KU came up with another defensive stand inside of three minutes left in the first half, but gave possession right back on the first play of the next drive when Jake Heaps was intercepted trying to find Justin McCay deep down the KU sideline. Twelve plays, 71 yards and 2:36 later, Rice added to its lead with the chip shot field goal just before halftime. (RICE 13, KU 7).

Third Quarter

1:01 — Jake Heaps 1 run. Wyman kick. Isaiah Johnson's first career interception and 31-yard return set the Jayhawks' offense up with a first-and-10 at the Rice 16 yard line and, four plays later, Heaps rammed it in behind his offensive line to give Kansas its first lead. Even this was not easy for KU, which went 16 yards in four plays and 1:42, but a huge conversion on third-and-12 from Heaps to Tre' Parmalee set up the score. Heaps did a magnificent job of hanging in the pocket long enough to make the throw and Parmalee flashed some nifty moves to get to the one. (KU 14, RICE 13).

Fourth Quarter

8:05 — Chris Boswell 56 field goal. The Jayhawks' defense once again held up, despite Rice starting this drive at midfield, but the Owls' biggest weapon came through with the 12th field goal of his career from 50 yards or longer to put the home team back in front after a six-play, 12-yard drive that took 2:28. (RICE 16, KU 14).

3:28 — Charles Ross 8 run. Boswell kick. The Kansas defense came up with big-time stops throughout the night, but late in the game it was a three-and-out by Rice's defense that set up the game's biggest score. With back-up quarterback Driphus Jackson running the offense, Rice marched 50 yards in six plays and 3:09 to jump out to a two-score lead. (RICE 23, KU 14).

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RXDOC in reply to Jmason

Totally. We go away from our strength. I don't get it!


There are no threats on offense, no leadership. They'll maybe surprise a big 12 team in 1st half but fall due to lack of confidence.


Well, with this loss there goes being undefeated and our national title hopes.

Jmason in reply to Jayhawk2181

This offense (Weis) is a complete joke!!!!!


Well shit. It's gonna be another looooonnggg season!


jayhawk in atl, did you go to hudson grille tonight?

Matt Lacey in reply to Cody Riedy

The way he was jawing, it looked like he's going to be.

Darin Bradley

Wasn't a good throw.

Cody Riedy

game over


No catch. Game over.


This team sucks. Long wait until b-ball.


Pierson is the only one who makes a play

Micky Baker

That's bull. THe call on the field is that it was a CATCH.


Except it wasn't a catch.

Baldjedi in reply to Matt Lacey

Pierson!!!! Why we haven't used him more

Matt Lacey

That might make SportsCenter

Jesse Newell

So close.

Riverdrifter in reply to Chijayhawk




Cody Riedy

Mundine needs benched. Seriously. He's dropped about 75% of the balls thrown to him.


just kidding


Time to hire an offensive coordinator


Guys we can still win this

Jerry Long in reply to Jjjjjhok

That is asinine! He hit receivers in the hands many times tonight. He needs some one to catch the dang thing. Mundine, wide open, drops the ball. Sims with enough room for a first down, drops the ball. 15 seconds to throw and no one can get open, just standing around watching. You can't put this on him.


I think I might bench Mundine. Too many drops and it might send a message


We'll be lucky to score 9 points in the whole Big XII schedule let alone in 3 minutes!


Catch the F'ing ball, Mundine. MY GOD!

John Fryback in reply to Shazzyd

This is terrible, after the build up of the best HS quarterback in the nation? Bad year for QBs!

Sawman3333 in reply to RXDOC

or Missouri State and Terry Allen


I can't take another 1-11 season. This is terrible. Nice play MUNDINE! Handsastone.


Mundine drops a TD. He has been just awful.

Bryce Landon

Maybe instead of canning Coach Weis, the receivers need to have their scholarships ripped.

Matt Lacey

Do we have this many drops in practice?




Do we have the worst receivers in Division 1?


Mundine SUCKS

Chris Bruning

I didn't get to watch much of 2nd half, but we have got to use Miller way more imo

Tim Marshall

Or WRs that can catch.

Baldjedi in reply to Pitthawk34

I threw up in my mouth. Time for more beer

Jesse Newell

Mundine. Ouch.


another drop


has he even thrown to McCay? I don't recall hearing his name before now

Micky Baker

Weis, now you need to go down the field because you tried to be too cute earlier.

Cody Riedy

I don't understand why this offense can't run or execute quick hitting pass plays - you know the offensive style that has dominated football for the last decade.


Well we have a defense, not sure what you would call our offense. Play calling and inability to catch the ball is really hurting this team.

Tim Marshall

We still don't have a QB that can throw downfield.


Beside beside the media splash, why was Weis hired? This is a complete joke for a university that should be so much better in football.

Matt Lacey

Moron couldn't even get out of bounds

Pitthawk34 in reply to RXDOC

Great maybe he can start shaving his back hair.

Bryce Landon

Kansas lost to Northwestern in back-to-back years in 2003 and 2004 back when the Wildcats were a Big 10 bottom-feeder. Under Mark Mangino. And we know how Mangino eventually made the program a force to be reckoned with.


Not just a big hole Jesse. A huge abyss.

RXDOC in reply to Pitthawk34

He just received an extension.


scoring for us has been as easy as finding waldo at a nebraska game

Jayhawk2181 in reply to Runningbeakers84

nailed it


So, What IS the deal with Combs?

Micky Baker in reply to Stinkybulldog

We will.

Merrill Reese in reply to Kufaninflorida

I'm still not drunk enough to tell you how much I hate that comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03:09 left in Fourth Quarter
Kansas 14
Rice 23

Jesse Newell

KU in a big hole now.

Christopher Hauser

I guess we van wait until next season for the hope of winning another game, great play calling weiss, recievers suck, qb sucks, it is like watching a nasa monkey put a square peg in a round hole


This is on the O. We hold them to 1 touchdown on D. We should win those games.

Peter56321 in reply to 741hawk

The fact we don't have an offensive coordinator is an absolute joke.


Maybe we can start scheduling JUCO teams.


I have seen enough, I am sick and tired of watching. Fire Zenger. Maybe he did us a favor during football season backing out thousands from watching but enough. This AD should be toast. All prior AD's thanks a lots for your failure.

Baldjedi in reply to Jahawker2004

I thought that was a buzzing in my ear, thanks for the clarification lol


what's our biggest point differential in a future game this season? i'll wager 48


And I thought we would win 4 games this year. Bwhahahahaha!

Micky Baker

Man that's disappointing.

Sawman3333 in reply to Kufaninflorida

October 4. Late Night.

Matt Lacey

How much will we owe Weis if we can him after this season?


2-22. Whahooooooooooooooooooo!




Is it a basketball season yet???


This loss is on Wiess and his horrid offensive play calling and coaching

Matt Lacey

I'll watch next week. but if no win that's it.


I hear a fat lady singing.


number 75 is reporting as number 34


Game over.


Ball game.


In addition, this is a REALLY long game. (Or do all awful games feel that way) The defense has been on the field way too long.
Isn't the head coach supposed to be an offensive expert?

Jesse Newell

Ross dives in from seven yards out.


That's game.

Bryce Landon

Ball game


I'm done. Night everybody.

RXDOC in reply to Sawman3333

Gill was worse than a sack of shat!

Jesse Newell

Huge penalty on Rice there. Can KU hold?

Darin Bradley

That could be the game folks.

Sawman3333 in reply to Jayhawk2181

K-State did in the 80's


K-State's history aside...

Cody Riedy

That's probably just about game over there.

Bryce Landon

Good lord, how hard is it to tackle a guy without him dragging you along for extra yards???


Gotta hold them to 3


Gill was worse than Bob Valesente


but seriously, who else has this level of sustained ineptitude in D-1?

RXDOC in reply to Baldjedi

If we could wipe him out of the history books that would be GREAT!

Baldjedi in reply to Jmfitz85

Turner Gill jaded me

RXDOC in reply to Jayhawk2181


Jmfitz85 in reply to Jayhawk2181

easier to fall then it is to rise my friend

Darin Bradley

Jake Love

Baldjedi in reply to David Robinett

Plead insanity

Jayhawk2181 in reply to Jmfitz85

but it baffles me... why can't we have a competitive football team?

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