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Baylor defeats Kansas, 59-14

  • 6 p.m., Oct. 26, 2013
  • David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: Baylor's offense nearly unstoppable in 59-14 blowout over KU

Baylor rolled up 505 total yards and 348 passing yards in the first half alone, overwhelming Kansas in a 59-14 victory over the Jayhawks on Saturday night at Memorial Stadium.

The Bears' quarterback Bryce Petty was most impressive, completing 20 of 32 passes for 430 yards with three touchdowns before getting subbed out in the third quarter.

BU's total yards (743) were the third-most all-time against a KU defense. The Bears' 437 passing yards also were the seventh-most against a Jayhawks defense.

BU (7-0) averaged 9.1 yards per play.

KU flip-flopped its QBs most of the night without much success. Jake Heaps completed 7 of 19 passes for 85 yards with a touchdown, while Montell Cozart was 4-for-14 passing for 69 yards.

James Sims added 19 carries for 70 yards. Rodriguez Coleman (receiving) and Brandon Bourbon (rushing) had KU's two touchdowns.

The Jayhawks (2-5) will play at Texas at 2:30 p.m. on Nov. 2.

Box score


First Quarter

9:17 — Tevin Reese 62 pass from Bryce Petty. Aaron Jones kick. Baylor stalled on its first two drives of the game, but the good fortune did not last for the KU defense, which gave up a 76-yard, four-play scoring drive in 1:08 the third time the Bears got the ball. Three of the four plays were on the ground, but the fourth, a 20-yard strike over the middle to Reese, who sprinted the rest of the way with ease to start the scoring. (BU 7, KU 0).

7:15 — Lache Seastrunk 29 run. Jones kick. The Bears' second four-play scoring drive was capped by a running play but it was three lightning-quick passing plays that set it up as the Bears marched 84 yards in just 51 seconds to leap out to a two-score advantage. (BU 14, KU 0).

3:57 — Glasco Martin 14 run. Jones kick. Baylor's longest drive of the first quarter — in both plays and time — spanned 82 yards in seven plays and 1:32 and looked just as easy as the others. Seastrunk got it going with a 24-yard gain on first down and Martin capped it with the 14-yard TD run. In between, Petty hit four straight passes to set up the score. (BU 21, KU 0).

Second Quarter

12:49 — Bryce Petty 5 run. Jones kick. Another lightning fast scoring drive for the Bears put KU in the biggest hole they had faced since the Texas Tech game. After two incompletions, Petty hit back-to-back passes for 21 and 42 yards and then scored after faking the handoff and walking in around the left side. The drive covered 70 yards in five plays and 41 seconds. (BU 28, KU 0).

4:39 — Aaron Jones 30 field goal. There were plenty of things about this drive that the KU defense could be proud of. For one, they forced the Bears to snap it 16 times to get three points and, for two, the drive was the longest (time-wise) of the night for Baylor. The problem? Baylor ripped off those 16 plays in 3:47 and continued to put the pressure on KU's defense with quick snaps and a wide-open offense. (BU 31, KU 0).

2:00 — Reese 25 pass from Petty. Jones kick. Another four-play Baylor scoring drive covered 80 yards in 1:17 and featured a 52-yard pass from Petty to Robbie Rhodes. Also on this drive, Petty went over his season average of passing yards per game and the Bears eclipsed the 500-yard mark as an offense. (BU 38, KU 0).

Third Quarter

11:18 — Corey Coleman 49 pass from Petty. Jones kick. After stuffing KU's offense on the opening drive of the second half, Baylor proved that the halftime break did nothing to slow its offense down, sprinting 80 yards in three plays and 54 seconds to push the lead to 45 points. (BU 45, KU 0).

4:51 — Brandon Bourbon 22 run. Matthew Wyman kick. The Jayhawks finally cracked the scoreboard thanks to some nifty plays from Montell Cozart, who hit Rodriguez Coleman with a 45-yard pass down the field that set up Bourbon's run on an option to the left two plays later. KU's scoring drive spanned 64 yards in six plays and 3:40. (BU 45, KU 7).

1:00 — Shock Linwood 4 run. Jones kick. After being forced to punt for one of the few times Saturday night, the Bears got the ball back when KU quarterback Montell Cozart fumbled on the Jayhawks' first play of the ensuing series. That set up yet another four-play Baylor drive that covered 19 yards and 1:16 and put the Bears back up by 45 points. (BU 52, KU 7).

Fourth Quarter

11:14 — Rodriguez Coleman 30 pass from Jake Heaps. Wyman kick. Punt returner Connor Embree set up this KU scoring drive with a nice return on a punt that Baylor let go from the 1-yard line. From there, starter Jake Heaps, engineered a three-play, 20-yard drive that included a sack on the play before the touchdown throw and took 1:26. (BU 52, KU 14).

6:03 — Shock Linwood 68 run. Jones kick. After a missed field goal by Kansas a possession earlier, the Bears responded by adding to their massive yardage total with a five-play, 80-yard drive that took 1:09 off the clock, with just a few seconds of them coming on Linwood's long sprint to the end zone. Baylor's third-string running back outran a trio of KU defenders the final 20 yards of the scoring romp. (BU 59, KU 14).


Bryce Landon 8 years, 8 months ago

I have supported Weis up to this point, but I am seriously beginning to wonder, how are we any better off under Weis than we were under Gill? Yeah, the players are doing better in the classroom (supposedly) and are better conditioned (supposedly), but where are the wins? Weis has two fewer wins than did Gill and one fewer conference win that did Gill. I'm not saying Gill deserved to stay or even be hired in the first place, but it's becoming harder and harder for me to honestly make the case that Weis is an improvement over Gill.

Ethan Berger 8 years, 8 months ago

Gills conf win came against Colorado. Baylor has destroyed all but 1 team this year. Lets wait until the end of next year unless we lose out and get killed in almost all the games.

Randy Bombardier 8 years, 8 months ago

I don't buy the Holsople hype. I remember an article about him wearing sweats in the heat. That is NOT the mentality that we need. Wearing sweats in the heat only means you are an idiot, not manly or tough. Is there any connection to his weird mental expectations and the defections of some highly touted juco guys? I don't know but when I read that I saw red flags. Since then I have seen our Oline get pushed around by Rice? Are you kidding me. Even with my lack of experience I contend that I could do a better job in multiple positions of this clique. Weight room, offensive coordinator, Oline. Practices have to be patty cake. That's all I can imagine from my distant view. But one thing is certain, this train ain't goin' nowhere.

Dave Cook 8 years, 8 months ago

it's dead to me, this is too much, 4 straight years of some of the worse football I've ever seen in my life. moral victories mean nothing in this game. the proof is in the pudding and weis has shown zero ability to get this team in any form to compete. I'm done with him... sad thing is, how much of the contract we have of him? I see no changes coming since ku swallow'd a lot of cash to see turner get the boot.. this is a bad bad bad situation..

Ethan Berger 8 years, 8 months ago

not competing? We just gave OU a run for its money last week. Baylor has smashed teams. Tech is the only game we shouldn't have gotten killed. But my goodness I'm tired of people saying there are no such thing as moral victories. Go watch week 17 Patriots vs Giants in 2007. Read the reactions of the players on the Giants and watch what happened in the Super Bowl. Moral victories exist, its human nature. But back on topic, we have been very competitive in 5 of our 7 games. One vs a TCU team that gave LSU a great game and OU just last week. Don't take the results of what happened against the best team and act like that its a constant result.

Randy Bombardier 8 years, 8 months ago

Wake up and smell the coffee. Is there any real momentum when you have not won a conference game in two seasons thus far. You can justify and overlook a lot but in the end you face reality. You can be good. You can be lucky. Weis is neither.

Ethan Berger 8 years, 8 months ago

Were not good. That's where managing expectations come from. Weis took over a program that was horrible. No qbs, no play making receivers. Is Weis the answer? In regard to make us a good program, no. But let him recruit some more, build a talent pool then find a new guy.

Aaron Paisley 8 years, 8 months ago

Judging the progress of the 9th place team in the Big 12 (and the worst team in the league) when their league schedule so far has consisted of teams sitting in 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 6th in the conference is crazy and you'll be bummed every time. And KU's next 2 games are going to be against the teams sitting in 2nd and 5th in the league so KU's first 6 Big 12 games are against the upper 2/3 of the league which KU is not part of. Anyone who thinks that Charile Weis should have the horses to beat the upper tier teams with one of the youngest teams in the league combined with the mess he inherited from Gill are beyond delusional. If you want to judge the progress made by Charlie Weis, do it based on what he does against the bottom 1/3 of the league, not against a team that is in the hunt for a national title this year or against teams that competing for league titles just about every year. KU doesn't play the bottom 1/3 of the league teams until the final 3 games of the year. This is not an overnight process and KU will not start beating the upper tier teams of the league overnight either.

Would it be great to be able to be competitive with the upper 1/3 of the Big 12 and actually be in the upper 1/3 of the Big 12? Absolutely, but the fact of the matter is KU will never get there until some very wealthy alum decides to invest in KU football the way Boone Pickens did in Oklahoma St., Phil Knight at Oregon, or Drayton McLane at Baylor. That's the level of investment it will take to turn KU into a winner and there's only a handful of people with that kind of money that are KU alums and those are the people that KU fundraisers need to convince to invest in KU football for the long haul.

8 years, 8 months ago

As a lifetime Jayhawk I have endured the rollercoaster that is KU athletics. Fans forget that sports go in cycles. GASP! Even our basketball team has stunk it up in the past - but football has always been a challenge. Average talent below average coaching not many winning seasons. Looking at Baylor's web site reveals that as few as 4-5 years ago they were routinely beaten like a drum - but that slowly they have re-tooled and now have a coach who is KEY in the working of the program. I have ambivalent feelings about our current coaching staff. When Coach Weiss came aboard I was not thrilled, however I do believe he has had the tools needed to make immediate improvement. Currently we have an average FCS type team and are far from being a good FBS team. Can it be accomplished? Well I thought NU would be good in the Big 10 WRONG and that MU would be a pushover in the SEC also wrong - though I took glee in last nights results. My point is the damage done quickly to a program takes time to repair and that has not yet passed. Give the program the time and support them win or lose - would you fill Allen if the Hawks were .500? I would and I will continue to support the football Jayhawks win or lose. That's what being a Jayhawk is about.

Jean Robart 8 years, 8 months ago

When is some mother hen (or father rooster) going to cry bully on the part of Baylor?

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