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Texas Tech defeats Kansas, 54-16

  • 11 a.m., Oct. 5, 2013
  • David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium, Lawrence, KS

FINAL: Texas Tech rolls KU football, 54-16

After an encouraging start, the Kansas football team could not stop negative momentum in a 54-16 loss to No. 20 Texas Tech on Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

The meltdown started after KU took a 10-0 lead in the first quarter, as Tech scored the game's next 54 points.

The play that seemed to turn the tide completely was a failed fake punt by KU on fourth and 13 from its own 16 with six minutes left in the second quarter, as Trevor Pardula was tackled for no gain. Tech needed just two plays to score on the short field to make it 17-10, taking the lead for good.

Jake Heaps, operating out of a five-wide set most of the first half, completed 16 of 32 passes for 189 yards with a touchdown and interception.

Tony Pierson finished with six catches for 118 yards, but he left the game and did not return after suffering a head injury in the third quarter. KU coach Charlie Weis said after the game Pierson could miss significant time because of a concussion.

Linebacker Ben Heeney led the defense with 12 tackles — including two for loss — with an interception. Eleven of those tackles came in the first half.

KU (2-2) will play at TCU at 11 a.m. on Oct. 12.

Box score


First Quarter

12:13 — Matthew Wyman 36 field goal. The Kansas defense stuffed Texas Tech on the game's first drive, with junior linebacker Ben Heeney coming up with an interception on third down to set the KU offense up in Texas Tech territory for its first drive. Five plays later, Wyman gave KU its first first-quarter points of the season. Jake Heaps hit Tony Pierson for 28 yards on the first play of the drive. (KU 3, TTU 0).

7:18 — Jimmay Mundine 25 pass from Jake Heaps. Wyman kick. After another stand by KU's defense, the Jayhawks drove 79 yards in nine plays and 4:03 on a mixture of passes and runs. Brandon Bourbon caught two passes, back-up quarterback Michael Cummings came in for a few plays to lead a KU running package and Heaps hit Pierson for 25 yards on third and 12 after back-to-back false start penalties. On the next play, Heaps found Mundine down the seam for the walk-on touchdown. (KU 10, TTU 10).

Second Quarter

11:20 — Ryan Bustin 23 field goal. Texas Tech picked up its first points of the day thanks in large part to the ground game. With KU's defensive backs and D-Line making life tough on QB Baker Mayfield, the Red Raiders ripped off eight straight runs to move deep into the red zone. The drive stalled when KU's corners, Dexter McDonald and JaCorey Shepherd stood tall inside the 10 and Tech settled for the three pointer. (KU 10, TTU 3).

7:46 — Kenny Williams 2 run. Bustin kick. After watching its offense get on the board, Texas Tech's defense forced the Jayhawks into a three-and-out and a long punt return gave the Red Raiders the ball inside KU territory. Nine plays and 42 yards later, Williams walked in to tie the game. Tech's drive spanned 2:22 and featured a roughing-the-passer penalty on KU's Kevin Young and pass interference in the end zone against KU's Dexter McDonald. (KU 10, TTU 10).

5:13 — Baker Mayfield 19 run. Bustin kick. Tech's defense forced KU into a three-and-out and then benefited from an odd punt attempt in which KU's Trevor Pardula ran the ball for no gain instead of punting it. Two plays later, Mayfield ran up the middle on a called QB run and fell into the end zone to give the Red Raiders their first lead of the day. (TTU 17, KU 10).

0:00 — Ryan Bustin 25 field goal. The Red Raiders' defense continued to frustrate KU's offense and, after another three-and-out by the Jayhawks, the Red Raiders drove 68 yards in nine plays and 3:08 to add a field goal to its score as the first half expired. Mayfield hit Eric Ward for a 37-yard gain to set up the score, but the KU defense dug in at the 2 yard line and forced the field goal. (TTU 20, KU 10).

Third Quarter

14:46 — DeAndre Washington 4 run. Bustin kick. Texas Tech safety J.J. Gaines intercepted Heaps on the first pass of the second half after Tony Pierson tipped a pass into the air, allowing Gaines to settle under it and return it to the KU 8. After a penalty moved possession to the Kansas 4, Washington walked into the end zone and put the Red Raiders firmly in front. (TTU 27, KU 10).

11:46 — Ryan Bustin 28 field goal. After another three-and-out by the KU offense, the Red Raiders marched 61 yards in just under two minutes to add to its lead. Mayfield hit Ward and tight end Jace Amaro to set up the easy kick for Bustin, who missed his first kick of the day in the first quarter. (TTU 30, KU 10).

7:51 — Washington 5 run. Bustin kick. More of the same on this drive from the Red Raiders, who drove 80 yards in 12 plays and 2:32 to open this one up to true rout status. Mayfield was 7-of-8 passing on the drive that started at the TTU 20 after another stalled KU drive. (TTU 37, KU 10).

Fourth Quarter

14:49 — Eric Ward 25 pass from Davis Webb. Bustin kick. Despite starting quarterback Baker Mayfield heading to the bench for a pat on the back and an ice-cold Gatorade, the Red Raiders' offense kept rolling. Webb tossed a touchdown pass on his second throw of the day to cap a drive that spanned 50 yards in five plays and 1:15. (TTU 44, KU 10).

12:16 — Ryan Bustin 31 field goal. The comedy of errors continued early in the fourth quarter, as a snap from center that sailed over Heaps' head was recovered by Texas Tech deep in KU territory. The Red Raiders then tacked on three more easy points after moving just seven yards in four plays and 40 seconds. (TTU 47, KU 10).

10:30 — Dylan Cantrell 4 pass from Davis Webb. Bustin kick. With Michael Cummings in at quarterback for KU, the Red Raiders did not let up. Tech's defense stripped an attempted pass by Cummings and returned the fumble to the KU 6 yard line. Three plays later, Webb tossed his second TD pass of the day to a reserve tight end up made a nice grab near the back line of the north end zone. (TTU 54, KU 10).

7:43 — Andrew Turzilli 28 pass from Michael Cummings. Kick failed. Give the credit to KU's reserves for this drive, as Darrian Miller ran hard, Michael Cummings kept fighting and Turzilli, who has played very little this season, made a heck of a catch in the end zone and along the sideline. The drive spanned 77 yards in six plays and 2:40. (TTU 54, KU 16).

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David Leathers in reply to David Leathers

But I'm pretty sure he could have our team at 4-0 right now, or at least 3-1 with a close loss just now.

Hawk90 in reply to Micky Baker

They do have great coaching but they are also pretty talented. They have a history of beating D1 schools and are back to back fcs champs. Snyder is one of the best ever and lost. Can't really blame coaching with that example.

Pepper_bar in reply to Micky Baker

No disrespect intended, your HS post just got me thinking. Sorry man.

Micky Baker

Ulysses also ended Scott City's 40 game regular season winning streak a week ago last night.

David Leathers in reply to Hawk90

He was 7-7 in his first year and 12-2 in his second. That's in the SEC, this is the Big 12

Micky Baker in reply to Pepper_bar

That wasn't 8 man. That Class 4a.

Micky Baker in reply to Hawk90

They're not really that talented. They execute very well. Nobody thought they had a chance to beat K-State.

Pepper_bar in reply to Micky Baker

Maybe KU should join an 8-man football conference.

David Leathers

Have fun, ya'll. take a deep breath and see you next week.

Micky Baker

Listened to a game on the radio last night. Ulysses beat Goodland 75-34, they didn't stop the lock in the 4th quarter. That could have helped us keep it under 50 today.

Ian Rudzik ran for 7 TDs, 467 yards, and he had maybe 22 or 23 carries.

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

I saw that. I was in LA last week and was going to message you but I saw that. Keep hanging in there. I was sorry to see that....

Hawk90 in reply to David Leathers

If we had a Saban like coach, he would be gone. (Saban didn't start doing great at Bama until those recruiting classes started to mature)

Joe Ross

Thanks Jesse. The game sucked but you do a good job.

David Leathers in reply to RXDOC

The funnest thing about football season is drinking the Kool-Aid in the off-season.

Aircapjay in reply to Chijayhawk

Yeah. Like "what the heck do they do during practice"?


Thx Jess.


Thanks for running this Jesse


Hey are we winning?? What's the score? Bahahaha. Can't wait till this season is over and we can drink some more kool-aid this spring and summer about next years expectations!

David Leathers

Thanks Jesse! See you next week.


Jessie I think its time for the LJW staff to start asking CW some tough questions. Kinda curious if you guys have the balls to ask the tough ones.

TT 54
Kansas 16

Jesse Newell

That ends it. KU falls to 2-2.

Hawk90 in reply to Micky Baker

Yea they are very talented actually. Not as good but gap is smaller then you might think

Joe Ross

I didnt know the government shutdown was going to affect Kansas football.

Allin Herring

Please keep Cummings off the field. He is worthless. How many more dropped balls

Duane Rice

Thanks for letting me vent Jesse now i can enjoy the rest of my day.

Jesse Newell in reply to Lajayhawk

Believe so.

David Leathers in reply to Micky Baker

Football isn't just about players. I had this discussion with my buddy the other day. I'm willing to bet that if we had a Saban-like coach (no-nonsense, very disciplined) we would be 4-0 right now.


When it comes to JuCos, remember, State has gotten to the point where they can redshirt most of them, getting them in he program for a year before having to play them. Turns out to be a big difference.

Kent Wells in reply to Craig Carr

I thought 1, 063 was optimistic. ....

Alex Berger

At least we can still make fun of Tech's coach for trying to be Ryan Gosling out there, right?

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

Is it a 9am game my time again next week?

Lajayhawk in reply to Kent Wells

Meh. Been a pretty tough couple of weeks. But I'm hanging in there. You?

Jesse Newell in reply to Lajayhawk

Thanks for coming around. We'll see you early next week.

Pepper_bar in reply to Joe Ross

True, Joe.


Good thought


Jesse, thanks for putting up with this motley crew again. As always, you do excellent work.

Joe Ross in reply to Pepper_bar

Yes, but Weis' recruits--though his--haven't been in the system long.

Kent Wells in reply to Lajayhawk

It was taking all my energy to not smash the TV. How have you been?

Micky Baker in reply to Hawk90

Do you think North Dakota State has enough talent to beat Kansas State?

Hawk90 in reply to Micky Baker

We don't have enough talent.... Which is a huge part of it.


Gill's players are pretty much gone. Weis saw to that with his immediate cuts and juco invasion this year.


Penalties are an indication of a poorly coached team. I think we have to admit that with most of our penalties on offense CW is doing a poor job as the OC.


Field position is still killing us

Joe Ross

It is fair to ask questions about Weis' direction at this point. Despite the fact that there's no point in regretting Mangino's ouster, I have never thought what he got was deserved. I'm not saying he was right in everything he did, but he got railroaded and did not deserve the heat he got. We have Weis now, and maybe he can still get this turned around. But it was a huge mistake to get ride of Mangino. HUGE.

Micky Baker

This isn't because we don't have enough talent. We don't have enough discipline. We don't execute. It's not hard to score this many when we give them the ball in our own territory(3 or 4 times in our own red zone). Tech could have played their 2nd string all day and won today because they didn't have to do much at all.

Lajayhawk in reply to Kent Wells

Duuuuuuuude.... were you been???

Duane Rice

How long till complacency sets in and there is 20,000 in the stands and about 5 people left on the blog.


refuse the penalty!


In 2008 we lost 63-21. This has been horrible but we had a much better team that year and still got blew out. We don't have players because of Turner Gill, football is won with players. Charlie might not be a good coach, but lets let him bring in talent before we fire him. That way the next coach has something to work with

Alex Berger in reply to Chayse Patrick

And how will firing Weis help?? We are in the worst recruiting situation of all the Big XII teams. You can't just have knee jerk reactions to getting beat by superior teams.

Craig Carr in reply to Kent Wells

Safe bet it will be well past 1400, could push 2000

Pepper_bar in reply to Kent Wells

People talking about sports are disagreeing. That's actually pretty normal. Welcome to sports.


Oh, hey, it just hit me. Those 54 points are no longer unanswered! Woohoo!

Kent Wells

Looks like y'all are in a great mood and at each others throats. Good times in Lawrence. Do I hear 1, 070?


New center?

Micky Baker in reply to Baldjedi

At least 7 or 8.

Micky Baker

They're saying that Tech has played good defense? No, they weren't. Our offense has just gave them the ball.

RXDOC in reply to David Leathers

Agreed. I am just shocked at how poor our line is this year.


Nice open field tackle by Cummings. So... there's that.



What's it with shotgun hikes. How many has that been today?

Pepper_bar in reply to 741hawk

Tait writes interesting stuff, but he keeps the Kittens & Unicorns machine on high all the time when he shares his opinions... hard to believe what he's saying sometimes. Newell is consistently more grounded. They're both good dudes.

David Leathers in reply to RXDOC

No problem. It seems that we're all on edge because of a team that we care about. Stuff happens, especially when you're this out-talented.

Robert Brown

Face it guys. KU and Weis are stick wit each other for at least two more years. This was unversally panned as a bad hire at the time and that is what it looks like

741hawk in reply to Lajayhawk

I started this. Sorry. Jesse +1; Tait/Keegan -1

Chayse Patrick

Alberg, many many more are coming !!!!!! count on that sir.

RXDOC in reply to Micky Baker

So you're saying there's a chance?


Whenever the financial resources become available, or when Weis resigns, here's who Zenger should hire to replace his enormous mistake: Brent Venables as HC, whoever Art Briles right hand man is at Baylor as OC, and Magino as the OL coach.

RXDOC in reply to David Leathers

My bad man.

Micky Baker

All we need is a punt return for a TD, recover an onside kick, then a bomb, recover another onside kick, then a bomb, recover another onside kick, then another bomb, then another onside kick, then another bomb, and another onside kick, and another bomb, and we win by 4

Lajayhawk in reply to Marshan3q

Good call. A lot like that game, actually.


Now that Tech has put in their backups we're playing super.... Or at least Bob would have us think so on the radio.

Jesse Newell in reply to David Leathers

Not hard. Had a lot of practice in these games. Ha.

David Leathers in reply to RXDOC

I was referring to the folks who insist that Jesse predicted a close game, when he clearly didn't.

Alex Berger in reply to Chayse Patrick

This is the first blowout this year. Chill out. Continuity is the only thing that can increase team chemistry and recruiting while we are losing. Losing to a ranked team I might add.


Uhh... you guys can check this live blog, Jesse's prediction was for Tech to win handily. Both Tait and Keegan did pick a KU upset, though.


This reminds me of the K-STATE game last year. Started out strong, just didn't finish

741hawk in reply to Pepper_bar

Could be. My bad. Both Newell and Tait do a good job of coverage for us, and I appreciate it.

RXDOC in reply to Duane Rice

I wish we had been part of the shutdown it could have saved us from this.

Jesse Newell in reply to 741hawk

I don't think I wrote that.

Lajayhawk in reply to Jesse Newell

I think we'll pick up a win somewhere.

Hawk90 in reply to Craig Carr


RXDOC in reply to David Leathers

Would you rather everyone just say oh shucks we'll get better?

Chayse Patrick

Alberg, what's it take? blowout after blowout after blowout!!!! you're so damn smart why not tell Weis genius!!

Micky Baker

If Tech does that about 15 more times, we have a chance! Sarcasm.

Baldjedi in reply to Cody Riedy

Just listen to me lol

Pepper_bar in reply to 741hawk

You might be thinking of Tait. Newell never thought this one would be close.

Marshan3q in reply to Craig Carr

well aren't you just a good fan..

Duane Rice

Does KU now they are not part of the gov shutdown

Craig Carr

Join the Big East and drop football

Hawk90 in reply to Chayse Patrick

4 games in coming off a combined 3 wins in two years. Yea I'm not convinced firing is the right thing. We have 3 4* kids coming next year according to ESPN, wanna lose those kids? We don't have the talent and the rest of the Big 12 beside Baylor and OU stinks

Cody Riedy

It's really amazing how even right here on the chat board, there's all these fans who know so much about running an athletic department and a division 1 football team. With all of their knowledge, turning this thing around would be so easy, if only someone would listen to them.

Jesse Newell in reply to RXDOC

Yep, KU has two wins. So everyone else is saying KU will go 0-8.

RXDOC in reply to Jesse Newell

And maybe I read that wrong. If so my bad. But either way we aren't very good.

741hawk in reply to Pepper_bar

His pre-game comparison had it pretty even.

David Leathers

Jesse, how hard is it remaining calm when responding to some of us?

Jesse Newell in reply to Marshan3q

Ha, that's part of it. I promise, this team is better than two years ago, and even last year.

RXDOC in reply to Jesse Newell

Wait I thought you said they'd win 3-4 games total?

Lajayhawk in reply to RXDOC

Absolutely agree, 100%. We HAVE to have offensive improvement. Specifically, the OLine needs MASSIVE improvement.

07:43 left in Fourth Quarter
TT 54
Kansas 16

Jesse Newell

Extra point is no good, wide left.


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