Box score: Kansas 78, West Virginia 53

Box score: Kansas 78, West Virginia 53

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Brian Wilson 3 years, 9 months ago on Box score: Kansas 78, West Virginia 53

We actually got a lot lucky with such a poor shooting performance by WVU and I am unsure that our defense had that much to do with it.....but OK. However, if you look at the stats, had shot just 33% from the 3, and 45% from the 2 pt range this game would have a 1 point ball game. Stats tell us we lost on rebounding and it was WVU turnovers that made up for it. Albeit WVU missing players and not that good, KU can't rely on teams shooting so poorly or having that many turnovers every night.

19 Turnovers is too many!! I give some slack to McCormack for a few more games, but 4 turnovers by Mac and Grimes being a guard and having even fewer minutes is not good and I was also am disappointed in Ochai having 3 . KU shouldn't average more than a dozen in a game and those 6 or 7 extra turnovers is a 6 to 10 points differential.

In the second half, at one point we played McCormack, Dedric, K.J., Ochai, and Devon and rebounding improved. HCBS decision, but I like this lineup as starters. Lightfoot, Grimes, Garrett, & Moore should contribute off the bench.

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