Box score: Kansas 92, Texas 86

Source: Texas Athletics

Box score: Kansas 92, Texas 86

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Kent Richardson 4 years, 11 months ago on Box score: Kansas 92, Texas 86

64 from our big three. We will lean on that or fall over. We can't expect that number of threes every game can we? But we will get more inside points from these three against Bambaless teams.

Garrett was above average on defense considering he was guarding 6'9" and 240 lbs. Nice job and nice minutes. Exciting to think he can only give us more of that very quick reverse drive make.

Newman didn't seem to be sulking and outside of his two poor pass turnovers he was solid and running the floor.

Udoka was hurt? Makes it all the more impressive. DD was very crucial.

Texas played well and hit several clutch threes in the 2nd half. Had to because the zone and fatigue slowed Bamba down. Good coaching call. A little more practice will make it better and hopefully we can get closer guarding on better shooting three point teams.

Mitch got posterized once but actually played effectively against the trees.

The dagger threes by Svi and DeVonte and Vick stopped Longhorn runs. Huge shots.

The catch and jam by Vick, on the lob, was overshadowed but shows us how incredibly athletic he is.

Doke and others kept coming at Bamba and didn't let him rest.

I whined about this during the LJW coverage chat last night and if I'm right then it's pretty nasty stuff. Their Fieldhouse has a very nice and very bright scoreboard. It also has a fast flashing strobe feature on the bright setting. It flashes a glare across the free throw lane and I think it may be a deliberate attempt to influence free throw shots. Did it on KU's attempts but not during Texas' attempts. To me this is different than the fans waving stuff behind the basket as it's controlled directly by the athletic department. We did hit a high percentage of free shots so maybe I just want to overstate it but if it's deliberate then evidently TU thinks it is effective.

We won a tough game against a quality opponent in their house. Nice stuff.

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