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Top tweets show Woodland’s reach after first career major title

Gary Woodland poses with the trophy after winning the U.S. Open Championship golf tournament Sunday, June 16, 2019, in Pebble Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Gary Woodland poses with the trophy after winning the U.S. Open Championship golf tournament Sunday, June 16, 2019, in Pebble Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster) by Matt Tait

If you’ve got something you’re looking forward to at the end of the month and want to kill time until it gets here, just hop on Twitter, type the name Gary Woodland — or his handle @GaryWoodland — into the search field and let your reading, scrolling and smiling take care of the rest.

In the wake of Woodland’s magnificent showing this weekend at Pebble Beach, where he became the winner of the 119th U.S. Open and the first KU golfer to win a major title, Twitter was full of literally thousands of messages about the Jayhawk’s big weekend.

From messages directly to Woodland from adoring fans to promotions from various courses and companies, messages of congratulations from all over the world and highlights of his final round, that simple search has everything you need to relive what can only be described as one of the biggest moments in the history of Kansas golf.

As I scrolled through hundreds of tweets and read all kinds of recaps of Woodland’s big day, I couldn’t help but be tickled by some of the more memorable tweets that came across my screen.

I surely missed some good ones and there are probably still more to come in the next few hours, days, weeks, months and years.

But these, at least for my money, were 10 of the coolest tweets I saw that were posted in the aftermath of Woodland’s U.S. Open victory.

None by Donald J. Trump

Put your politics aside for a second on this one and take a minute to digest the fact that the President of the United States of America made sure to tip his cap to Woodland for winning what amounts to golf’s national title.

I don’t care who you voted for or how you feel, that’s a pretty cool moment and is just another way of illustrating just how big of a deal Woodland’s victory really was.

None by Governor Laura Kelly

Here’s one for the other side of the aisle. New Kansas governor Laura Kelly, who handles her business of running the Sunflower State in Woodland’s hometown, took time out of her busy day to honor Woodland’s accomplishment, as well.

None by Amy Bockerstette

If you don’t know the story about Gary Woodland and his good friend Amy Bockerstette, this might not make a ton of sense.

But do yourself a favor and watch this video and then you’ll understand not only why this tweet from Amy was so cool but also why so many people are such big fans of Woodland.

None by Scott Van Pelt

This one made the rounds on KU Twitter a lot last night and it deserves to be included in this recap because it cuts to the core of what Woodland is all about.

More than just a great golfer and a great athlete, Woodland is a great person. He’s a friend to everyone, walks with genuine kindness and compassion in his heart and is proud of where he came from and does everything he can to support KU, Kansas, Topeka and those he loves.

Van Pelt nailed it here and the rest of the world is starting to figure it out, too.

That’s what’s so cool about the platform that comes to those who win at this level. Woodland now has an opportunity to show these traits to the entire world and there’s little doubt that he’ll take full advantage of it.

None by U.S. Open (USGA)

I included this one because it’s such a great graphic that perfectly captures the entirety of Woodland’s personality.

Steady, stoic, confident, explosive. It’s all there. And it’s an image that will be seen and saved by thousands of Kansans and Woodland fans for years to come.

None by Justin ROSE

There were literally dozens of congratulatory messages from Woodland’s fellow PGA Tour competitors, but this one jumped out to me the most because Rose had a front row seat for all of it and could not have been more gracious in defeat.

Remember, it was Rose who led after Round 1 and Rose who closed Round 3 with a birdie to pull within one shot of Woodland and the lead heading into the final round.

Sure, he has won a major before, but these guys never get tired of chasing them and there’s little doubt that Rose was incredibly disappointed by how his Sunday round played out.

To be able to let that go and recognize what a cool moment it was for the guy who beat you is all class.

I also love this one because Rose chose to include the fist bump he gave Woodland after his magnificent chip on 17 that pretty much wrapped up the championship.

None by KSHSAA

I absolutely love this one. The Shawnee Heights High School Twitter account retweeted quite a few Woodland tweets on Sunday, but this one from the Kansas State High School Activities Association actually included a picture of Woodland in his Shawnee Heights hoops uniform.

He’s No. 23 on the bottom left, in case you can’t find him.

And this tweet, better than any of these others, fully captures just how incredible Woodland’s story — from start to finish — truly is and why it means so much to so many people in the state of Kansas.

None by Rustin Dodd

Figured we might as well mix one in for the tens of thousands of KU basketball fans who frequent this site.

Not only is this tweet one of those blast-from-the-past moments, but it also shows just how legit Woodland was as a basketball player and what type of athlete he was when this whole thing began.

He can still hit jumpers with the best of them. He’s just much, much better at hitting a golf ball these days.

None by Goodyear Blimp

I liked this one because of the picturesque scene it captured, but also because it’s from a freakin’ blimp.

And by blimp, we’re talking one of the most legendary things in all of sports. That thing has flown over hundreds, if not thousands, of the biggest sporting events known to man.

It’s been immortalized in an Ice Cube song. And now there it is tweeting a message of congrats to Woodland.

The billions of Woodland-inspired tweets — in more than half a dozen different languages — were all cool. And I hope Woodland has time to sit down and sift through every last one of them. But how cool is this one?

None by Wilson Golf

It seemed only fitting to end this thing with a quick message from the champ himself.

This short video was posted by @WilsonGolf one of Woodland’s many, incredibly pumped and proud sponsors.


Gary Woodland’s first major title came with all of Lawrence backing him

Gary Woodland celebrates with the trophy after winning the U.S. Open Championship golf tournament Sunday, June 16, 2019, in Pebble Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/Matt York)

Gary Woodland celebrates with the trophy after winning the U.S. Open Championship golf tournament Sunday, June 16, 2019, in Pebble Beach, Calif. (AP Photo/Matt York) by Matt Tait

It takes a lot to move the sports needle in basketball-crazed Lawrence, Kansas. But former KU golfer Gary Woodland did just that over the weekend.

All that was missing was the sound of honking horns downtown and on campus.

Just like one of those weekends in March when the Jayhawks are playing in the Final Four, or for the right to get there, there were watch parties and rally cries, unbridled excitement and nervous energy, all with people tacking on as many “Rock Chalks” as humanly possible to show they were both clued in on and behind Woodland’s quest to claim the 2019 U.S. Open title at Pebble Beach.

And never mind the KU golf/Gary Woodland explosion that took place on KU Twitter.

Equal parts steady-Eddie and shot-making magician, the 35-year-old Woodland, who finished at 13-under for the tournament — three shots better than two-time defending champ Brooks Koepka — turned in the tournament of his professional life in California this weekend.

His run of 34 consecutive holes of par or better that stretched from the final nine holes of Round 1 to the first seven of Round 3 was nothing short of spectacular. And so many of those pars and birdies were the result of his extreme focus and ability to stay in the moment, something Woodland’s friends and foes alike say is one of his biggest strengths these days.

All of it made Woodland’s weekend must-see TV around Lawrence, and his pursuit of the title brought out all kinds of Woodland stories, both from those who knew him and those who merely felt like they did.

Lawrencians who barely follow golf were not only on top of what Woodland was doing out west, but many of them also actually made it a point to pull up the Open on their phones to watch a few holes here and there when time allowed them to do more than just check the leaderboard.

The whole thing created a sense of community and university pride on the local sports scene that I’ve only seen or felt in Lawrence when the Jayhawks have been in the middle of a deep NCAA Tournament run or when Todd Reesing was playing quarterback.

Woodland’s run had the feel of one of those events that the Granada could’ve put on its big screen and drawn a packed house.

Pride runs deep in these parts, and Woodland’s push for one of golf’s four majors brought that to the forefront for so many Kansas fans, whether they gave a flip about golf or not.

Woodland’s is one of those stories that everyone likes to find a way to connect to them. Maybe you know a guy who knows a guy who played golf with Woodland’s dad.

Maybe you went to the same Topeka high school as Woodland. Or your parents did.

Or maybe you simply caught word of Woodland’s Washburn basketball beginnings and it inspired you to learn more and follow along a few weekends a year as he became a bigger and bigger deal on the PGA Tour, tumbling inevitably toward this moment.

Heck, you might’ve even seen him at a KU basketball game one time. He likes those. He might’ve even given you a quick head nod or briefly said hello.

Whatever the link, no matter how big or small, it’s one you want to have at the ready for weekends like this.

A week ago, Woodland was just another guy with whom you had a lot in common, save for his insane ability to absolutely bomb a golf ball and then, a few hundred yards later, show the delicate touch of a microsurgeon.

Both big time Kansas basketball fans. Both Kansans. Both good people who love life, sports, family and friends.

What’s not to like?

Today, Woodland has something that neither you nor dozens of the greatest golfers to ever play the game have in their possession — a major championship.

That, and all the confidence and time in the world to add a few more.

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Former KU golfer Gary Woodland makes a big splash at Phoenix Open without even picking up a club

Gary Woodland hits out of a bunker on the sixth green during the final round of the PGA Championship golf tournament at Bellerive Country Club, Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

Gary Woodland hits out of a bunker on the sixth green during the final round of the PGA Championship golf tournament at Bellerive Country Club, Sunday, Aug. 12, 2018, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson)

If you've been paying any kind of attention at all during the past 5 or so years, you surely know by now that former Kansas golfer Gary Woodland currently is one of the best players in the world and that he also was a heck of a basketball player back at Washburn before transferring to KU.

But there's so much more to Woodland, one of Kansas basketball's most famous fans, than monster tee shots, birdie putts and pristine scorecards.

This week, the PGA Tour captured some of that magic from the player currently ranked 3rd in the FedEx Cup standings in a short video posted on the PGA web site and on Twitter. And Woodland did not even have to pick up a club to make it all happen.

The moment took place in Phoenix at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, where Woodland and fellow pro Matt Kuchar welcomed "Amy" to join them on the famed 16th hole for a little fun and the memory of a lifetime.

The rest is in the video, which currently has 1.86 million views and counting, and is a wonderful look at how golf can bring together people from all walks of life.

None by PGA TOUR

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