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Say What? Tait’s weekly appearance on Rock Chalk Sports Talk

Wednesday was a big day for the Kansas athletic department.

In introducing Jeff Long as the 11th athletic director in school history, the Jayhawks received a new lease on life in all of their athletic programs, some in need and others not as much.

During my latest appearance on Rock Chalk Sports Talk with Nick Schwerdt, we discussed all of that and more, including general reaction to Long's introductory press conference.

Give it a listen below if you haven't heard it already.


How to watch Jeff Long’s 11 a.m. introductory press conference

In this photo taken Sept. 6, 2014, former Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long walks onto the field before an NCAA college football game in Fayetteville, Ark. Long was announced as the 11th athletic director at the University of Kansas on Thursday, July 5, 2018.

In this photo taken Sept. 6, 2014, former Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long walks onto the field before an NCAA college football game in Fayetteville, Ark. Long was announced as the 11th athletic director at the University of Kansas on Thursday, July 5, 2018. by AP Photo/Danny Johnston

After a week of waiting, we have officially arrived at Jeff Long Day at the University of Kansas.

Today, at 11 a.m. central time, Long, KU's newly hired athletic director, officially will be introduced as the 11th AD in KU history at a joint news conference with KU chancellor Doug Girod and search committee leader Drue Jennings.

Among the dozens of questions Long figures to answer include inquiries about the state of the KU football program, his plans for Memorial Stadium, what he might do with his staff and an explanation of his general philosophy and overall vision for his time at KU.

Beyond that, though, Long figures to dive into some of his backstory, why he wanted the job, why the KU search committee chose him as the man to take it and

Everything I've heard and read about Long, from a dozen or so people who know him well, is that he brings an A-plus personality to the table and is highly intelligent, organized and buttoned up in every aspect of the job.

Those traits got him hired and the challenge now is for Long to put them to good use to serve KU and its athletic department into the future.

We'll have our whole crew over at the Lied Center today for Long's introduction, so be sure to check out throughout the afternoon, as well as in the days to come, for reaction and feedback from the official beginning of the Jeff Long era at Kansas.

Those of you interested in watching Long's news conference live can hop onto this site around 11 a.m. to follow along.

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New KU AD Jeff Long willing to let people in via social media

New KU AD Jeff Long's Twitter page.

New KU AD Jeff Long's Twitter page. by Matt Tait

It’s now been four days since Jeff Long was announced as the next athletic director at the University of Kansas and we’re just two days away from Long’s official introduction.

But in the time between then and now, Long has slowly but surely made the transition to being KU’s new athletic director.

While it’s not exactly clear what moves he has made to fully prepare for his new job behind closed doors, Long’s social media presence has provided a peek at just how excited he is for his new opportunity.

After first announcing his big news on Twitter just minutes after KU made the hire official with its news release, Long posted a handful of KU-related Tweets in the days that followed that showed that he was already all in as a member of the Jayhawk family.

All of this after quickly changing his Twitter handle to reflect his new role — @jefflongKU — and adding a giant crimson and blue Jayhawk as his header photo.

I’m not saying that any of this should come as a surprise. It makes sense for anyone in Long’s position to be thrilled about the new opportunity — both in terms of the professional challenges it presents and the monetary gains that come with it — and to be eager and excited to share it with those close to them.

But Long has taken it one step farther. And, in doing so, he has proven that he has both feet firmly planted in the modern world, where social media and the Internet are a big part of everyday reality — like it or not — and can be viewed and used as tools to promote yourself and your vision as much as they are a place for people to spit out their opinions and waste a bunch of time.

That’s not to say Long is ever going to hop on Twitter to announce a personnel move or discuss the KU athletic department’s budget. But having a consistent presence and letting people in will go a long way toward bringing a new culture to Kansas Athletics.

This whole concept is not something new for Long, who takes over at KU at age 58. He also was pretty active on Twitter during his time as the AD at Arkansas, posting his own thoughts and comments, ReTweeting pertinent information and even sharing videos of his support of the Razorbacks’ athletic programs from time to time.

That kind of approach will be welcomed at KU and should play at least a small role in helping Long connect with the people he will need to help him along the way.

One of the things I really like about what I've seen so far from Long on Twitter is that he chimes in on topics outside of KU and college athletics, as well, with posts about Seinfeld, The World Cup and even support for former Arkansas athletic programs — the school that fired him — coming in the past couple of weeks.

Traditionally speaking, at colleges and universities across the country, the bond between an athletic director and the average fan has not always been that strong. There are just too many fans and the worlds they walk in rarely overlap.

But if one Tweet or fun video here and there can bridge the gap and bring the two sides closer together, it’s hard to see that being anything but good news.

Long and his 125,548 Twitter followers get that. In a world where people are hired to run social media accounts for men and women in Long's position, it's clear that the new KU AD sees the value in running the account himself. And it should be interesting to see how well that approach serves him at Kansas and how many more Twitter followers he picks up along the way.

With that in mind, here’s a quick look at Long’s Tweets, in order, from the days since he was hired by KU.

None by Jeff Long

None by Jeff Long

None by Jeff Long

None by Jeff Long

None by Jeff Long

None by University of Kansas


Potential AD candidates starting to get crossed off of KU’s list

None by Danny White

We might not be any closer today to knowing the identity of KU’s next athletic director.

But we are making progress on who it will not be.

In back to back days, two names of potential top-tier candidates for the open athletic director job were removed from the running — if they ever were in it.

On Thursday, Dan Wolken, of USA Today, Tweeted that sources had told him that SMU AD Rick Hart was staying put and would not pursue the Kansas job.

A source with information about the thought process of the search committee told the Journal-World early in the process that Hart was a name to watch and it appears that there was at least some interest in Hart by Kansas.

Friday, less than 24 hours after Wolken’s Tweet about Hart, University of Central Florida AD Danny White, who surfaced as a possible candidate almost immediately after Zenger was fired, took to Twitter himself to announce that he was not going anywhere.

“Unfortunately, I am compelled to comment on another institution’s search,” White wrote. “Disappointed that @SBNation stated that I met with another school about their AD position. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s no reason for me to do that. UCF is the best AD job in America!”

The report that White was referencing came from the Rock Chalk Talk blog and it was a bit of a reach to begin with.

In passing along the information, the writer first set up a couple of outs and then even went as far as to claim that the information he obtained came third-hand.

Still, when something like that is put out there in the public eye — good or bad, right or wrong, with good intentions or bad — it often gets legs very quickly and, clearly, White felt the need to address it, regardless of where the report or information came from.

I have not been able to run down whether White was involved in the search or not. He says in that Tweet that he did not meet with KU, but that does not mean that there was not contact at some point and it’s possible that he or his representatives communicated with Kansas in some manner, even if it was just to say, “Thanks, but no thanks,” if KU did reach out.

On the surface, White, to me, appeared to be a spectacular candidate, even if he would have been hard to pull away from UCF. Speculating beyond that, without any new information, would be a waste of everyone’s time since we now know definitively that White isn’t getting the job.

So who is getting it? That remains anyone’s guess and some of the candidates who were kicked around early on still appear to be viable options, while a handful of other new names have emerged, as well, with former Louisville AD Tom Jurich being the most intriguing of them all.

Jurich, you might remember, was fired by Louisville last October in the wake of the initial findings in the FBI’s investigation into corruption in college basketball. In May, Jurich reached a $4.5 million settlement with the school after disputing that he was fired with cause.

Reports indicated that Jurich considered suing the school, which later chose to dub his departure as “retirement” after reaching the settlement.

Earlier this week, KU Chancellor Doug Girod indicated to reporters after a regularly scheduled Athletics Board meeting that KU was entering the home stretch of its search to find a replacement for Zenger.

After first saying he expected to have good news by the end of the summer, Girod was asked more specifically about a two-week timeline he recently gave a room full of boosters and he confirmed that such a time frame was a possibility.

The search, which has been led by Drue Jennings in conjunction with Jed Hughes, a consultant for the Korn Ferry search firm, has been very tight-lipped and largely conducted out of the public eye.

One source with knowledge of KU’s search to find Zenger seven years ago, said the school elected to use Korn Ferry this time around to ensure the search be conducted in as private a manner as possible for the benefit of all parties involved.

While it’s still too soon to consider any kind of announcement imminent, it would not be a bad idea to clean out your ears and turn the attention dial up a notch heading into next week.

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Kansas ties easy to find as AD search begins at KU

Incoming freshman learn how to wave the wheat  at KU Traditions Night Saturday evening at Memorial Stadium. The annual event held before the start of each new school year aims to teach incoming freshmen about the traditions that make KU unique.

Incoming freshman learn how to wave the wheat at KU Traditions Night Saturday evening at Memorial Stadium. The annual event held before the start of each new school year aims to teach incoming freshmen about the traditions that make KU unique. by Mike Yoder

The tendency, when it comes to hiring searches of any kind, is to identify a handful of candidates who have ties to the place that has the job opening and go from there.

While that makes perfect sense, and while ties to any particular institution, in this case a university like KU, certainly can't hurt a candidate's chances, the connection is not something that makes any given candidate a lock to be a finalist or even receive serious interest from those doing the hiring.

With that in mind, let's take a look at a handful of athletic administrator types with ties to KU who might come to mind for some folks as Drue Jennings, Chancellor Doug Girod and the search firm KU has hired to help find their next AD go out into the world to begin their search.

Less than 24 hours after the news of Sheahon Zenger's firing had been made public, I received a handful of phone calls from people trying to rally support for their guy. In each case, their guy had those Kansas ties we talked about above and some were more interesting options than others.

• Mike Harrity, Senior Associate AD at Notre Dame

Harrity, a Kansas City native who received a journalism degree from KU and also has a Master's degree in education, worked in both the KU and Minnesota athletic departments before moving to Notre Dame in 2011.

Since joining the Fighting Irish athletic department, Harrity has handled a number of roles and duties, most of them designed with the student-athlete experience in mind.

According to his Notre Dame bio, Harrity works “closely with the Athletics Advancement team on top priorities, including the Advisory Council for the Student-Athlete, to secure funding for key department strategic initiatives. The Advisory Council for the Student-Athlete is comprised of alumni, family and friends of Notre Dame who invest their time, talent and treasure helping fuel the vision for Athletics while building an endowment for all coaching positions, grants-in-aid and student-athlete services. Harrity serves as Athletics Chair on three of the four Advisory Council committees: Sports Science/Sports Performance, Leadership and Personal Growth, and Career Development.

A few people I spoke with said they thought Harrity would consider the KU AD position a dream job and one even called him the perfect fit for the position.

Age, Harrity was in school around the same I was and is likely in the 39-41 range, and limited experience could make it difficult for Harrity to crack the list of finalists, but he seems like a name worthy of a spot on the radar.

A few years back, I talked with Harrity about one of his crowning achievements outside of a college athletic department, his 2012 book titled “Coaching Wisdom,” in which he solicited the help of 13 college coaches who had won a combined 103 championships — including Lou Holtz and John Wooden — to examine the creation of cultures of sustained excellence.

• Greg Gurley, Assistant Athletic Director, Major Gifts at KU

Gurley's is another name that I received a couple of calls about in the past 24 hours and I even saw Fox Sports anaylst Doug Gottlieb out on Twitter trying to promote Gurley as a decent candidate for the job.

There are, without question, qualities that Gurley possesses that would serve him well in an athletic director role, but those qualities do not outweigh Gurley's lack of administrative experience.

Yes, he has worked closely with the Williams Fund for years in a fund-raiser role — in addition to his gig as a color analyst for KU men's basketball games on the radio with Brian Hanni — but Gurley's resume pales in comparison to the candidates who likely will be on the search committee's list, many people who have made it their life's work to pursue the path of one day winding up in an AD role.

I caught up with Gurley about the idea on Tuesday afternoon and he seemed to be in agreement that his limited experience would not make him the best candidate for the job.

“It's very flattering to hear that people think I might be good at it,” Gurley told the Journal-World. “But I'm very happy in my current position. My goal is to be a lifer in this athletic department and to eventually be in a John Hadl type of role where I've been around for a long time and done a little bit of everything. I'd like to be a guy who ends up putting my stamp on a bunch of things in college athletics, but administration is not really my thing.”

Beyond that, Gurley, who has seen some of the inner workings of the athletic director job, added that the role of an AD in today's world is “a stressful job and I respect the heck out of the guys who do it.”

• Terry Mohajir, Athletic Director at Arkansas State

Mohajir's name was on our initial list and it's possible that he might wind up on the committee's list, as well.

After spending 13 months at KU — following a stint on Glen Mason's football staff in the 1990s — Mohajir has been at ASU for the past six years in addition to his time as a Senior Associate AD at Florida Atlantic from 2004-11, when he oversaw development, ticket sales, corporate sales and the media relations department.

Mohajir's ties to KU may be somewhat limited, but his work away from Lawrence has put him in a favorable light.

While at Kansas, his duties included many of those that he handled elsewhere and expanded to include assisting in the operations for the Williams Educational Fund and directing the efforts of the Marketing and Game-Day Experience staffs.

Since landing at Arkansas State, his alma mater, Mohajir has impressed with his ability to upgrade facilities and also worked with elite football coaches, first for one year with Gus Malzahn, who now is at Auburn, and later hiring Bryan Harsin, who now leads the Boise State program.

• Banks Floodman, Sunflower Development Group

The former face of the Williams Fund who was a standout linebacker at KU during his days as a college athlete, Floodman had long been one of the more polished, popular and liked people in the KU athletic department.

However, in 2016, almost to the day, Floodman announced that he as leaving KU to get into the commercial construction business and, from talking to those who know him well, he has just started to flourish in his new role.

That does not mean that Floodman would not be interested in talking about the KU AD job. But one person told me that, while Floodman “has AD material written all over him” he might be a better candidate the next time the job comes open, when he has both more experience in the business world and more time to make connections that might serve him well.

While heading up the Williams Fund for three years, Floodman played a crucial role in raising the funds to build the relatively new basketball dorm, McCarthy Hall, the DeBruce Center, which houses James Naismith's original rules of basketball, and a $2 million renovation of the Anderson Family Football Complex next to Memorial Stadium.

• Richard Konzem, head men's and women's golf coach Rockhurst University

A familiar name and face around KU throughout the past few decades, Konzem has been involved in intercollegiate athletics for more than 35 years, including four years as the athletic director at Rockhurst University, from 2007-11, and a stint as the interim AD at KU during his days with the Kansas athletic department.

Konzem spent 23 years at KU, filling a bunch of difference roles, including Senior Associate AD who supervised men's and women's basketball, football, baseball and golf.

He also had a stint as the AD at Benedictine College in Atchison and also was the Chief Operating Officer for the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America.

By far the biggest athletic department veteran on this list, Konzem's name would be familiar to boosters and his love of KU is well known. His time away from major college athletics might be too much of a hurdle to overcome for him to merit any serious consideration for the job. He could, however, be a valuable resource for the department after a hire is made or perhaps even during the search.

His role in the hiring of Bill Self back in 2003 was significant and he has connections and history with administrators throughout other athletic departments in the Big 12.

• Sean Lester, interim AD at Kansas

Another name on the original list, Lester is beginning his second stint as interim AD at KU and his role under both Lew Perkins and Zenger seemed to increase just about every year since he arrived in 2003.

Lester, who has played a key role in overseeing men's basketball, football and baseball, as well as special projects throughout his time at Kansas was promoted to Senior Associate AD in July of 2011 and promoted again to Deputy AD in January 2013.

The fact that he now has been twice trusted to handle the transition from one athletic director to the next says something.

• Pat Warren, President Kansas Speedway

A blast from my personal past came up this afternoon when Pat Warren's name was tossed my way. Warren, who served as an Associate AD at KU under Bob Frederick when I was in school in his late 20s and early 30s was the KU official I interviewed for a story I did way back when about KU's construction of the giant press box and suites that have been a fixture at Memorial Stadium for the past couple of decades now.

Anyway, here's why he's a name worth watching. Warren is sharp. Like big time sharp. He's loaded with university and business-world experience and also has a KU law degree on top of his political science degree from KU. In addition to that, he holds a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in marketing and finance from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Promoted to Speedway president in March of 2010, Warren seeks to provide strategic leadership across all aspects of the facility’s operations including financial and capital planning, ticket sales, event execution, sponsorship sales, marketing and public relations. He also represents Kansas Speedway within the industry and community, continually elevating the facility’s profile both regionally and nationally.

Warren was previously Kansas Speedway’s Vice President and was responsible for developing and executing marketing plans, developing all corporate partnerships, overseeing the development and execution of media relations plans for Kansas Speedway and its events, and community relations.

Prior to his time at Kansas Speedway, Warren, an Overland Park native, worked for Embarq, a spin-off company of Sprint-Nextel, where he worked in consumer marketing after leaving KU.

• Jay Hinrichs, Development Director, Johnson County Parks and Recreation District

Don't let the current title scare you off. Hinrichs is one of the few people on this list who actually has sat in an AD's chair. He did so for eight years at Northern Colorado after leaving KU, where he served as an associate AD from 2002-04.

Prior to that, Hirnichs was the Vice President of Business Development for two years with the Kansas City Royals and he worked as the Royals' Assistant GM and Director of Stadium Operations for 15 years prior to that.

Hinrichs has been in parks and recreation for the past couple of years and holds degrees from KU in psychology and personnel administration and an MBA in finance.

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