Kansas one of several new teams in the mix for 4-star Phoenix point guard Ty Ty Washington, who recently de-committed from Creighton


Kansas University basketball recruiting

Kansas University basketball recruiting

Today’s spring hoops prospect to watch is prep guard Ty Ty Washington of Compass Prep in Phoenix, who was just named the Arizona High School Player of the Year by MaxPreps, a little more than a week after receiving a scholarship offer from the University of Kansas.

Washington, a 6-foot-4, 180-pound point guard who originally committed to Creighton last November, from a list of 10 finalists, opened his recruitment back up earlier this month shortly after Creighton coach Greg McDermott caught heat and was suspended over insensitive comments he made following a Creighton game.

Washington’s decision to reopen his recruitment — made possible by the fact that he did not sign with the Bluejays during the early signing period — immediately brought several of his nine other finalists back into the picture.

Kansas was not one of those at the time, but the Jayhawks have quickly found their way into the conversation for Washington’s services.

Known as a high-level scorer with incredible potential on the defensive end because of his size and length, Washington has recently heard from schools like Duke, KU, Pitt and several of his finalists from the first time around. recruiting analyst Rob Cassidy pegs Illinois, which finished as the presumed runner-up to Creighton in November, as the favorite in Round 2, but he also lists Kentucky (new to the picture) and local program, Arizona State, as the top contenders for Washington’s services this time around.

Cassidy points to Oklahoma State as a “sleeper pick” in the Washington sweepstakes and dubs Mike Boynton’s program as “worth keeping an eye on in the weeks ahead.”

Both Illinois and Arizona State hold the advantage of having had Washington on campus in the past. According to Cassidy, Washington, who's real name is Tyrone Jr., took an unguided, self-funded visit to the Illini’s campus in late October. And Arizona State’s campus is just a short drive from where he lives and has played his high school ball.

Washington, a 4-star prospect, is currently ranked No. 32 overall in the Class of 2021 by That’s up 54 spots from his previous ranking in the Rivals data base.

He is one of just nine prospects in the 2021 Top 40 who is undecided, and that number is expected to go down by one this morning, when 5-star Omaha, Neb., prospect Hunter Sallis announces his college decision. Most experts expect Sallis to pick Gonzaga from a final eight that includes Kansas.

There is no known timeline for Washington to make his decision, but the spring signing period is right around the corner.

Typically just over a month long, this year’s regular signing period for Division I has been extended from April 14 through Aug. 1. The extension was granted because of the NCAA’s recent decision to suspend in-person recruiting through at least May 31.


Mallory Briggans 3 weeks, 6 days ago

guards guards guards .................we have a glaring need ! a couple dominate big men . That tricked up 5 guard line up was done because at times we had no choice......but its obvious we need size .............e.g. USC tournament game. 2 guards have Kansas on their list ......Guards that can shoot what we need .

Ted Hume 3 weeks, 5 days ago

We’ve got 3 bigs coming in already. Need big scoring guards too...

Ted Hume 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Ok. Fair point. Two of the “bigs” are only 6’8”

Mallory Briggans 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Ted basketball has evolved into postion less players . 7 footers now are shooting 3 pointers bringing the ball up court accumulating assists gone are days of banging down in the post . Players like Dok are a vanishing breed with a limited skill set. Coach Self in a way stunted Doks growth by instructing him to play just around the basket .Its hard to gauge a big by the youtube videos...... Gethro looks impressive on his youtube videos he can run the floor ,he can shoot 3's but if Self felt he wasnt ready why didnt he red shirt him . He basically wasted a year without any development , that has to go on the coaching staff . Not that Gethro is Joel Embiid but JoJo had the same frame as Gethro does now. In our dominate days we would roll out 2 bigs at a time , Bigs that used to commit to Kansas said they came there because Kansas developed big men......Well you have to attract them to develop them .We got DMac next year , an unproven untested Muscadin and freshman Clemence an unknown. and a bunch of interchangeable parts...

Steve Zimmerman 3 weeks, 5 days ago

PASS... you gotta be kidding right? Do we ever learn? This is the kind of kid you want to recruit:

Ted Hume 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Mallory, that’s why I’m also excited to see Tristan get more minutes- he’s a perfect modern player- 6’8 wing with 7’0 wingspan who can crash the glass and rebound. If his outside shot is solid I look for him and JW to start around DMac for some versatile length. Clemence looks like a classic stretch 4 / even if that’s a bit of a throwback now, who has the best 3 of any big Self has ever signed. At 6,10 His 3 stroke is pure. Check out his extended highlight clip. Of course he’ll need to learn how to defend to get any floor time so that will have to wait a while

Robert Brock 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Some of the guys are not going to return. Enaruna might be one of them.

Ted Hume 3 weeks, 5 days ago

I hope not. I see NBA potential in Tristan and he’s the exact kind of player we need in the rotation, as we learned the hard way against USC

Dirk Medema 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Stunted growth sounds like a Brett comment. Apparently some people quickly forget FTs which are a lot easier than 3’s in competition, though there is a video of one made in practice. There have also been other prolific practice shooters that somehow never translated that proficiency to the game but that’s obviously the coaches’ fault.

The great counterpoint is Svi. NBA potential and shooter that really didn’t translate it to game time until his Sr year.

Big or small the ability to shoot the 3 is not nearly as significant as the ability to defend the 3. Our D was transformed from the Villanova shooting clinic to ‘19-20 because of Doks ability to defend the perimeter.

Also, his 70-80% 2pt% translates to something like 50% from 3. That should be an easy nobrainer.

Dirk Medema 3 weeks, 5 days ago

It also shouldn’t be news at this point that this was a free year for every one because of CV. Everyone gets a free redshirt this year. Even Mitch. I’m pretty sure the coaching staff was aware of this ruling in deciding to give everyone a chance to play.

Shannon Gustafson 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Mallory, Self didn't redshirt anyone because last season was a free season for everyone (essentially a redshirt season they were allowed to play in). So Jalen Wilson will still be a Freshman next year as far as eligibility is concerned even though he's been here 2 years already (medical redshirt, covid free season, now his 4 eligible year countdown starts).

Self did not stunt Dok's growth by not allowing him to shoot 3's. You let bigs shoot 3's when they have a nice shot. Dok couldn't make free throws so you sure as heck don't want him shooting 3's. Gethro has a chance at becoming a big that can stretch the floor. Clemance is a big who can stretch the floor. Jalen when he's playing the "big" in a small ball lineup can stretch the floor. Dok was never going to be a threat from 3 regardless of who coached him. He came in overweight and underskilled and left a first round draft pick, that's growth.

Steve Zimmerman 3 weeks, 4 days ago

All you that think Enaruna still has a shot, explain to me how he, after 2 years in Kansas, gone from:

to a HARDLY even used off the bench and It's so HARD TO WATCH. Does he need to amp up his defense? SERIOUSLY?? I even look at him as non-athletic recruit nowadays... but under HCBS, that can happen. Players can become non-athletic, because he wants them to play his system. He played internationally representing Dutch, BBall without borders. Unfortunately, he's not good enough for HCBS.

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