Former Kansas forward Gethro Muscadin involved in serious car wreck


University of New Mexico coach Richard Pitino on Thursday sent out a request for prayers for former Kansas basketball forward Gethro Muscadin, who was involved in a serious car wreck Wednesday night.

Details about the accident were initially scarce, but KU coach Bill Self, who rarely tweets, said on Twitter that it was a one-car accident involving Gethro and a friend.

The rest of Self’s tweet read: “He, his friend, and their families need a miracle. Please lift them up as Gethro fights for his life.”

Pitino also classified Muscadin’s condition as “fighting for his life.”

“Every prayer matters right now. So tragic and devastating,” Pitino added.

The Albuquerque Journal reported Thursday that the accident took place near Topeka. It is believed that Muscadin and a friend were on their way to Wichita.

On Friday, Self provided an update on the situation, noting that Muscadin's friend was driving the vehicle.

“It’s not good guys," Self said Friday. "Fortunately, the driver is, I believe, going to be OK, but Gethro, he’s definitely fighting for his life. And it would be a very, very, very, very long recovery if he’s able to get through this. So, praying for a miracle.”

The incident comes just a few days after Pitino announced that Muscadin was leaving the Lobos program, citing that the two agreed it was not the right fit for him.

The 6-foot-10 native of Haiti transferred to New Mexico after electing to leave Lawrence following his true freshman season at KU earlier this year. He was one of five underclassmen on KU’s 2020-21 roster who transferred to a new school after last season.

In 12 games so far this season, Muscadin was averaging 9.3 points, 5.3 rebounds and 1.6 blocks per game. He was the team’s fourth leading scorer and had started nine of the 12 games in which he played.

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Ryan McAllister 3 weeks, 2 days ago

"request for prayers for former Kansas badkebakl forward Gethro Muscadin"

Come on Matt it's the first sentence. At least read what you typed one time.

Matt Tait 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Thanks for catching that, Ryan.

Wrote it on my phone, in the car, while out celebrating my daughter's 7th birthday. I can assure you I read what I write/type more than you can imagine. Wish I had this time, but I didn't.

Steve Zimmerman 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Get well soon, Gethro! Thanks for sharing the news, Matt!

Andy Godwin 3 weeks, 1 day ago

Very sorry to learn of this horrific accident. I read elsewhere that Gethro Muscadin was not wearing a seatbelt (while his girlfriend with less serious injuries was wearing), again a testimony to why seatbelts became nationally mandated for all new cars in 1968 and the wearing of seatbelts became Kansas law in 1986. This story made me rethink driving to Lawrence for the game today, given the adverse weather. I don't remember the circumstances of why Muscadin left the KU program after his freshman year and why Pitino sent him packing (mutually agreed upon frequently means the coach told him to leave) after playing in only 12 games. I listened recently to Bill Self on "Hawk Talk" and he shared that back in the days before the transfer portal KU favorites like Russell Robinson would have left after his freshman year because of playing time. Obviously, Robinson had a great career at KU and was the starting point guard for the following 3 seasons and helped KU win Self’s only national championship. Looking back, might Muscadin have been better served waiting his turn or did coach Self suggest that he explore other options? Nevertheless, a series of unfortunate events – and based on Self’s tweet he learned immediately that Muscadin's injuries are life threatening. The Jayhawk nation are hoping for this young man to survive and recover.

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