Introducing "Foul Shots," a podcasting partnership between & Nick Schwerdt and Elijah Johnson


The crew at is excited to announce a podcasting partnership with Nick Schwerdt and Elijah Johnson that promises to bring must-listen content to your headphones each week.

Schwerdt, the host of “Rock Chalk Sports Talk” in Lawrence and Johnson, the former KU guard who helped the Jayhawks reach the national title game in 2012 and delivered a few of the most memorable individual performances in recent KU history, have started a brand new podcast called “Foul Shots” that plans to bring unique and entertaining hoops insight and the kind of who-knows-what-they’ll-say-next content to KU fans everywhere.

The first episode will drop Thursday, June 6, and a new “Foul Shots” podcast will be available each week from here on out.

“Rock Chalk Sports Talk” glue guy Derek Johnson also will be a part of the project as the “Foul Shots” producer.

Now, here’s where we come in.

In addition to sports editor and KU basketball beat writer Matt Tait being a regular contributor to the podcast, we also have arranged to bring the “Foul Shots” content to you a day early each week, with new episodes posted every Tuesday exclusively at

This adventure, which has been a long time in the making, no doubt will be a lot of fun and aims to bring a completely new dynamic and style to the KU podcasting world.

“This is something I’ve wanted to do with Elijah for a while now,” Schwerdt said. “I’d gotten a chance to talk to him a handful of times over the years and have always appreciated the way he shoots from the hip and the unique perspective he brings to the table. Who better to talk about what’s going on inside the locker room than a guy who’s lived it? We’ve been working on this for what seems like an eternity — Skyping back in forth while he was in Greece last year just tossing ideas around. And we’re excited to finally launch the Foul Shots podcast and share it with KU fans. I really hope they enjoy it.”

Added Johnson: “I think this podcast will be what everyone’s in need of. The from-the-bleachers-to-the-bench format will open the audience up with talks on current events, controversial opinions and much more.”

The “Foul Shots” concept has been well thought out and organized, is ambitious in its goals and vision and will be much more than just a couple of guys sitting around talking into a microphone.

The fun begins tomorrow. But the buzz begins today.

Give the "Foul Shots" Podcast a follow on Twitter, check out the following tease to Episode 1 and be sure to check back with on Thursday — and every Tuesday from here on out — for a new episode of “Foul Shots” with Nick Schwerdt and Elijah Johnson.

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David Robinett 1 year, 4 months ago

With Elijiah involved, at least the show is not called “Nut Shots“

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