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As the federal trial into corruption in college basketball moves into its second week in New York City, a lot remains up in the air.

Although witnesses have started to take the stand for questioning and cross examination, there still is a long way to go in this trial that is expected to last another couple of weeks and, ultimately, is deciding the fate of the three co-defendants, two former Adidas executives and one once-aspiring agent.

While all of that is playing out, questions about what went down where, what programs and coaches were involved and what it means in both a legal sense and in the eyes of the NCAA moving forward is attracting just as much attention.

Based on the reports and recaps out of New York, Tuesday was the first day of the trial that Kansas did not come up in some way, shape or form, but the KU program remains a part of both the bigger picture — as one of college basketball's (and Adidas') elite programs — and more specific instances, with current KU forward Silvio De Sousa and former Jayhawk Billy Preston both having been mentioned during the trial to this point.

During Tuesday's regular segment with Rock Chalk Sports Talk host Nick Schwerdt, we dove into a little of that, with a particular eye on what the NCAA might do — if it can even can do anything — to fix things moving forward.

There's surely much more to come and still a couple of weeks worth of testimony and reaction from the trial in New York. Like many of you, we're simply trying to follow along and make sense of whatever comes out.


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