Latest in De Sousa, Preston situations pinpoints Monday afternoon as key time


Newcomer Silvio DeSousa, left, sits next to teammate Billy Preston, who remains inactive, Friday, Dec. 29, 2017 at Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas.

Newcomer Silvio DeSousa, left, sits next to teammate Billy Preston, who remains inactive, Friday, Dec. 29, 2017 at Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas. by Nick Krug

Reached via text message on Sunday night in Lawrence, Kansas basketball coach Bill Self told the Journal-World, not so surprisingly, that there was no new news on the status of withheld freshmen Billy Preston and Silvio De Sousa.

Self did, however, provide the most specific and clear timeline to date for that to change.

“We should know a lot more tomorrow afternoon on both,” Self told the Journal-World.

If the Kansas basketball program does, in fact, learn of some kind of resolution on the future status of De Sousa and/or Preston sometime Monday afternoon — good news or bad — it would mark the end of a long and drawn-out waiting period that dates back weeks and has left the players, KU’s coaching staff and, of course, the KU fan base experiencing varying levels of frustration.

Preston’s situation dates back to the night of KU’s second game of the season, when he learned, just a few hours before tip-off against Kentucky in the Champions Classic in Chicago, that he would be held out of the game while the university looked into details of a vehicle he was driving during a single-car, non-injury accident a few days earlier.

Self said that night after the win over the Wildcats that KU officials had “spent all day trying to figure out if there was a way we could get it done where he could play” against Kentucky, adding, “I am confident it'll get cleared up. But I don't know the time frame and they haven't clued me in.”

That obviously did not happen and Preston has not played in any of KU’s 13 games in the nearly eight weeks since.

Almost no one could have foreseen that type of delay when the issue first surfaced.

As for De Sousa, his case actually has been in limbo a few days longer, though many of the steps needed to reach the point of awaiting NCAA approval were up to him.

After graduating from IMG Academy and receiving a qualifying score on his final ACT attempt, De Sousa was cleared to join the Jayhawks in time for the second semester in late December.

The 6-foot-9, 245-pound Angola native now is simply waiting for the NCAA to certify his amateur status, something Self said has taken a little more time because De Sousa is from a foreign country.

Even still, waiting for that issue to be addressed is now nearing the end of its second full week of waiting.

Stay tuned to throughout the day Monday for updates on both situations.


Bryce Landon 1 year ago

To whoever has made the Preston process drag on for nearly two months - screw them. They have set our program back by two home games and set Preston back basically for a season.

Bryce Landon 1 year ago

Ah yes, Zenger - the K-State alumnus...


Tim Orel 1 year ago

With the FBI getting involved in the NCAA, I don't blame KU for wanting to be very, very careful. I do agree two months seems very ridiculous, but until we know WHAT the problem was I won't cast aspersions.

Robert Brock 1 year ago

KU’s Compliance Department dragged its feet and didn’t send the requested information until nearly Christmas.

But, no matter. According to Self, we know sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooon.

Adam Engelbrecht 1 year ago

Seriously. I never, ever want to hear Bill say "soon" again in any situation. Ever.

David Kelley-Wood 1 year ago

Regarding the Preston situation, it's hard to know, maybe impossible to know, whether this delay, or all of this delay, was really necessary. Maybe, for the sake of the program, it was the only way to play it. You'd like to think so.

But, it's pretty easy to imagine that if you're in Billy's position, you'd be thinking that this might not have happened had he chosen to go to another school. Maybe not. I don't know what happened, and I can't read his mind, But, it's pretty easy to imagine that he may have had some regrets. And, it's also easy to imagine that some prized recruits out there could be talking among themselves, saying things like "Look what's happening to Preston." That's looking at the situation in its worst possible light, so hopefully it's over-the-top negative in the extreme.

Of course, maybe there's some unforgivable infraction that's been committed. I hope not.

Craig Carson 1 year ago

I think you are over thinking this..If Preston would have choose UK and crashed his car, they would have been smart to hold him out....if he went to Alabama A &T and crashed his car, he would have been held out..KU did the best thing..Id rather KU investigate from every angle before the NCAA gets ahold of it...imagine having to vacate half a season of wins because Self played him only to have the NCAA come back and say he cant play..and as far as future recruits go, I hope they see this and realize that if they take benefits (not saying Preston did) then KU wont hesitate to sit them..that would save KU from any future setbacks like this

William D'Armond 1 year ago

I think you are giving many of the universities and coaches too much credit Craig. Look at UNC with their fake course work for decades to they could keep ball players eligible. Look at Syracuse with their decade of failed drug tests and still playing kids. Calipari has cheated at every university he has been at. He would have easily played Preston if he thought he was leaving after his freshman season because the NCAA would never have caught up to it.

Self did what was right and proper for the team, player and university because he is an upstanding coach. Preston may or may not be a 1 and done player and why would he jeopardize his potential future when it could be addressed now. Lets not forget, the wreck Preston was in was self reported, no police report generated. This could have easily been swept under the rug.

Self is teaching young men how to be accountable adults so that they are good young men when they leave his program. He is not teaching them to be short-cut takers because they "lime-light" people in our society. It may cost him his 14th straight regular season title, maybe even create the worst season he has had at KU; but I garuntee that the kids playing for him and everyone paying attention will say that is a stand up man, and a hell of a coach teaching young men how to be right in life. Just my thoughts.

Dale Rogers 1 year ago

I don't believe anyone at KU intentionally dragged this out. We don't know the story but we can figure that information was requested from non-school people and you just have to wait until they respond. You might even have to keep checking with them until they finally answer your questions Also, Bill Self commented not long ago that when you ask a question of one person and they give you the name of another, now you have to contact that person.. And keep in mind all these people might not be listed in the phone book or available on These things can take time. Those of you in the corporate management world know what I'm talking about. But here we seem awfully quick to condemn those trying to get it done when we have absolutely no idea what they are dealing with.

Pius Waldman 1 year ago

Well Dale posters that complain generally hit the keyboard and complain. Positive posters aren't as apt to hit the keyboard. That is how it usually goes. Maybe a benefit that rumors didn't hit the internet that really would have brought out the naysayers.

Dee Shaw 1 year ago

The anticipation and drama is building by each hour. By the end of the day we will know nothing. This is getting really old.

Brian Skelly 1 year ago

My concern of this being "dragged out" is the fact that if a KU alumnus had claim to that title on the car that Preston was driving, they had to do anything and everything to scrub that all clean. It makes little sense otherwise that this was taking as long as it has.

Craig Carson 1 year ago

hopefully THIS afternoon will be the day that this whole fiasco comes to an end and hopefully it will be good news about both..Id hate for Tuesday morning to come and we still not know..everyone wants a final decision, NOT another update that we are "closer"!!!!!! IF they both get cleared to play, the gulp you will hear will be from the rest of the Big 12 because they will know that limiting KU's 3 point shots and getting Azibuike in foul trouble is no longer the lone solution to beating them

Barry Weiss 1 year ago

well, I hope this time "soon" as in today, actually happens.

Mike Kendall 1 year ago

Please let it happen today! KU players need these guys-it can only help. Rock Chalk!

Tony Bandle 1 year ago

Dragged out as it has been, a resolution this afternoon would be timely not only from a KU team standpoint but from the ESPN standpoint. I can just imagine them licking their chops at the prospect of both these elite players making their season debuts on Tuesday's broadcast from Allen!!

Just my opinion but I say COUNT ON BOTH PLAYING TOMORROW...TV RULES!!!

Daniel Parker 1 year ago

My guess would be SDS cleared to play. BP---not so much...Hope I'm wrong, because we could certainly use any minutes from bigs that we can find.

Harlan Hobbs 1 year ago

Clearly, some of you have way too much time on your hands. To think that KU in some way dragged their feet on this is ludicrous on its face. For heaven's sake, everyone wants Billy to be able to play, and certainly the De Sousa situation is understandable given that he is from a foreign country and didn't reclassify until mid-December.

The NCAA is under no obligation to have considered his case until he reclassified, even though I will bet a dollar to a donut that KU was greasing those wheels before the reclassification became reality. After all, when Whitman left the program, KU held back his scholarship for future use or to give it temporarily to one of the walk-ons. My guess is that once De Sousa committed to KU, they were investigating the possibility of a reclassification.

Bob Thompson 1 year ago

I can see Preston playing as soon as he is cleared. He has had 6+ months of learning the KU system. De Sousa only has a few practices under his belt, it will take him longer to get into playing mode. Because we are playing K-State and Iowa State this week, not the best of the big 12, Self should be able to give them some playing time.

Freddie Garza 1 year ago

So what kind of car was Billy Preston driving?

Chris Paradies 1 year ago

I had heard it was a Toyota Prius. If true, it's definitely not a car worth losing half or a full season over.

Jonathan Allison 1 year ago

not sure if sarcasm... but definitely wrong.

Bob Thompson 1 year ago

If I remember right it was a late model Charger.... something like 2 or 3 years old, not an inexpensive car...

DiscGolfer Jason 1 year ago

Umm, it was expensive enough. His mom is not making that kind of dough to afford that car. So, where did the vehicle come from???

Barry Weiss 1 year ago

I read somewhere it was a Dodge Challenger or Charger.

Titus Canby 1 year ago

I read somewhere on the internet that it's a 1928 Stutz Bearcat.

Tony Bandle 1 year ago

Lotus Europa with a customized suspension system and 500 hp engine with a flux capacitor option!!

Jonathan Allison 1 year ago

PHOF - yes, the Posting Hall of Fame is coming back... just for this post. Nicely done Oak.

Danny Hernandez 1 year ago

our opponents are loving this situation where they're able to play us short handed because no way Texas Tech or ASU defeats us at home with Preston playing

Pius Waldman 1 year ago

Can we say our players have a handicap that others don't have. If someone wanted to help financially with me to gain a vehicle no one would care.

Chad Smith 1 year ago

We need these two if we want any hope of a march run. I'm holding out hope of good news later today. Actually really just any news so we know where we stand. Preston/De Sousa changes the entire complexion of the team if one or both can play. We need just one more big body to compete and protect the glass out there. It would go a long way for our squad.

Bill Corrigan 1 year ago

About the only version of the Preston story that hasn't appeared on this message site yet is that the vehicle was a stolen car. Far-fetched, but not a totally implausible explanation for this drawn-out saga.

Pius Waldman 1 year ago

Tick Tock Matt we are approaching closing time for east time zone and you sorta promised today is the day. Maybe you could call them and share your prediction.

Richie Wilson 1 year ago

Does anybody know, where the car came from?

Titus Canby 1 year ago

The future, if that flux capacitor's been installed.

Austin Bergstrom 1 year ago

For me, its too much of a coincidence that Preston was held out of the 1st game for not attending class and then this "accident" happens w/ a boosters car. I see tracks being covered but thats just me. I don't think Preston will touch the court at KU.

Bill Pitcher 1 year ago

Well, here it is Monday evening and,..., weellllll, there's always tomorrow saith our compliance staff.

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