Between Two Hoops, with Devonte' Graham


Kansas junior basketball guard Devonté Graham answers questions from campers at the Bill Self Basketball Camp Monday, June 13, 2016.

Kansas junior basketball guard Devonté Graham answers questions from campers at the Bill Self Basketball Camp Monday, June 13, 2016. by Mike Yoder

If you’re the type that likes Pardon The Interruption, First Take or any of those other sports talk shows on television and you’re a fan of Kansas basketball, you might have to add a new one to your DVR or play list.

Between Two Hoops with Devonte’ Graham made its debut during last Saturday’s Late Night in the Phog festivities and it received glowing reviews from the 16,000-plus who watched the first episode.

The final ratings numbers for Graham’s newest project are not in yet, but it’s safe to assume that the Lawrence/Kansas City metro market delivered by far the best marks.

For those of you who missed it, here’s a quick rundown of what the show’s about.

Kansas senior Devonte’ Graham, the team’s point guard who is poised for a monster season after deciding to return for his final year in Lawrence, sits between two plastic Little Tikes basketball hoops and welcomes guests onto his show.

At Late Night, Graham’s guests were four members of the KU coaching staff — Jerrance Howard, Norm Roberts, Kurtis Townsend and, of course, Bill Self.

Each segment ended with the coaches telling Graham they’d see him at practice and that he better bring his running shoes, a sure sign that they were disgusted by Graham’s questions and overall ability as a talk show host.

In fact, in one of his final shots, Self even acknowledged that thought. After Graham asked his head coach, “Do you ever get tired of making these other coaches look bad,” Self said simpy: “That’s a dumb question. I’m really proud that you’re a better basketball player than you are an interviewer.”

And with that, Self stormed out of the interview and left Graham sitting all alone.

That was a common ending to all of the segments and merely added to the comedy value of each. Although it was clear that these were skits, Graham’s interviews were so hillariously awkward to watch that you could see anyone storming out just to make it stop.

Self’s opening was just as good as his exit. As Graham welcomed Self to the show, the point guard said simply, “It’s really good to see you, coach,” in a sort of awkward and forced tone. Disgusted, Self responded, “Really? We just had boot camp 30 minutes ago.”

Another highlight was when Graham asked Townsend what kept him around Kansas as an assistant coach for the past 14 season instead of trying to become a head coach or checking out some other culture.

Townsend’s response: “I’d say working for Coach Self, coaching great players like you and the Warriors job hasn’t opened yet.”

Between Two Hoops — Kurtis Townsend

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Roger Ortega 11 months, 3 weeks ago

thanks for sharing! It's always good to see the kids having fun.

Jonathan Allison 11 months, 3 weeks ago

someone please post Coach T and Coach Self to Youtube... can't get twitter at work

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