Say What? Tait's weekly appearance on Rock Chalk Sports Talk


Isn't technology great?

Thanks to a suggestion from our publisher, Scott Stanford, who just can't get enough KU sports talk despite his humble South Carolina roots, we're going to start a new feature here on to bring you some of our regular radio appearances right here on the site.

We'll post, "Say What?" as often as possible when we go on a sports radio talk show and embed the segment — or at least the hour that includes our part — here at for your listening pleasure.

That way, in case you missed it during the day or can't find it elsewhere online, you'll be able to hear even more insight and analysis from me, Tom Keegan, Benton Smith and Bobby Nightengale.

Keegan and I are on at least two or three radio shows a week on a regular basis with various hosts on 810 WHB, 610 Sports Radio and 1320 KLWN. While the blabbing from us is something you might be used to, the hosts often bring a different flavor to the discussion while challenging us to answer tough questions and giving us great ideas for entertaining KU sports discussion.

So be on the look-out for "Say What?" on a regular basis and enjoy!


Suzi Marshall 1 year, 1 month ago

Keegan, Bedore, Newell and yourself should get together to monetize your skills. Start an independent company and contract services to the LJW, KC Star, Wichita, Topeka and other regional/national sports media. KU Sports and your job security would be much better served by pooling your collective resources.

PS, I hate the Star for their nutty reporting this year. The LJW isn't all that high on my list for firing Bedore. I understand business needs (LJW) and despise irresponsible journalism (KC Star).

Chris DeWeese 1 year, 1 month ago

Thanks for posting this. I enjoy the insights and updates.

Clara Westphal 1 year, 1 month ago

Gary Bedore is missed. I hope he has found a much better job situation than he had at LJW.

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