Road To The Final Four - The Journey Begins Today



Joe Ross 1 year, 2 months ago

If Bill Self wins a national title this year, he will eclipse Roy Williams' win total at Kansas Self 413 currently, Williams 419). Everyone remembers Roy's great win percentage while here, but Coach Self's has been even better. In fact, if he does win the title, he will have done in 14 seasons at Kansas what it took Roy 15 to do.

Roy's win percentage at Kansas? .805. At North Carolina? .789. Bill Self's win percentage at Kansas? .829. Roy's championships at Kansas? 0 Bills? 1

Anyone can look at these stats and be thankful that we got the coach we did. So remember this, anyway. No matter what the outcome of the tournament, any ridiculous notions to "Fire Bill Self" are just that. Of course we shouldn't even be considering such an outcome, right?

Beak 'Em Hawks.

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