What the potential reclassification of the top hoops prospect in 2018 class could mean for Kansas


Kansas University basketball recruiting

Kansas University basketball recruiting

So last week news broke that Marvin Bagley III, currently the No. 1 ranked prospect in the Class of 2018 according to, was considering reclassifying and heading to school this Fall for what likely would be his lone season of college basketball.

Many recruiting analysts have said that Bagley is the clear-cut No. 1 player in the 2018 class and the 6-foot-10, 220-pound, 5-star prospect brings a well-rounded and explosive game to the floor every time he suits up.

As you would expect with a player of that caliber, all of the major players in college basketball are in on him and any one of them — Kansas included — would love to have him playing in their colors when he hits the college hoops scene.

At this point, Bagley has a Top 6 of Arizona, Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA and USC, with only a visit to Duke scheduled so far.

He grew up in Southern California and also spent some time living in Arizona. So it’s easy to see why those three schools are in play here, as well. And then Kansas and Kentucky are, well, Kansas and Kentucky so that makes sense, too.

What does not make sense is the belief that Bagley would consider reclassifying without knowing where he wants to play his college ball.

I’m not saying it’s a done deal. Not even close. In fact, Eric Bossi, of, recently spoke with Bagley's family and reported that they're calling the news "rumors" and saying they have not made any such decision about jumping up a class.

I don’t know the kid and barely know the circumstances surrounding his recruitment. But I find it hard to imagine that he would make a major move — or even consider one — like reclassifying in order to attend college a full year before he previously was expected to without having a pretty good feel for where he wants to go after the paperwork is done.

The guess here is that place will be Duke.

In order for it to be Kansas, the Jayhawks likely would need Bagley to decide against reclassifying and to stay in the 2018 class, which certainly is possible and definitely would give Bill Self and company more time to make their pitch and also time to find room to add him.

As of today, the Jayhawks are full and bringing on another player — whether he’s a monster player like Bagley or a 3-star big man for added depth — would require some movement on the scholarship front in order to open up a spot.

With the trip to Italy coming in two weeks and preseason camp starting shortly after their return, it’s hard to imagine anyone from the current roster moving on for one reason or another at this point.

The Bagley thing is interesting, not because it’s rare — reclassifying has become more and more common during recent years — but because he’s such a big time talent.

But his move, should he make it, probably would not mean much for the Jayhawks at this point in time. Now, if he stays in the Class of 2018, stay tuned...


Mike Greer 12 months ago

So you don't have to graduate from HS to attend college? Or at least not if you're a 5 star basketball recruit.

Dirk Medema 12 months ago

Nothing has been said about not graduating, and the requirements to graduate from HS in less than 4 years are not that difficult. It's called summer school.

When I read the headline, I thought the story was going to be about the younger Porter brother who is also thinking about reclassifying so he can play along side his brother for his dad.

Are there others?

Mike Greer 12 months ago

It's obvious I don't know enough about the transition from HS to Colligate sports. It would seem that by now you would have either graduated or would by the end of summer, or not. If you already graduated why wouldn't you enter the 17 class? Or would that still not make you eligible for the NBA draft, kind of like Dok? In which case you might play ball somewhere outside of HS or College?

Suzi Marshall 12 months ago

Along the lines of recruiting but not reclassification, it looks like KU PG target Quentin Grimes will be playing his senior year in L.A. ...

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