It's bow tie time for Kansas football


Tuesday was head shot day for the Kansas University football program and 81 Jayhawks paraded through the photo shoot decked out in their Sunday best to pose for pictures that will appear in this year's media guide and other promotional materials for the upcoming season.

Most years, it's a snooze fest. Guys show up, throw on a suit jacket and tie, choose whether they want to smile that nice smile that mom would be proud of or give one of those tough, football-player glares and then head back to the basement of the Anderson Family Football Complex to hit the weights.

Generally speaking, it always looks something like this:

Victor Simmons as shown in the 2013 KU football media guide.

Victor Simmons as shown in the 2013 KU football media guide. by Matt Tait

However, this year's photo session came with a twist — quite literally.

Instead of regular suits and ties, the Jayhawks donned bow ties and were allowed to wear their choice of five different crimson-and-blue-themed tuxedo toppers.

Most guys were OK with the change, a few were extremely excited, a handful didn't like the idea until they saw themselves in them and a couple started and stayed steadfastly against the whole idea.

It's hard to pinpoint exactly who was responsible for the change-up, but, even though KU coach Charlie Weis almost certainly had to approve the idea, he probably was not the one who came up with it.

After all, Weis maintained throughout the 2013 season that he had absolutely no say in what uniform combination the Jayhawks went with on game days. If he didn't care about that, I can't imagine he cared much about this.

Personally, I think it's a nice touch. It's not something you see every day and it adds something unique to the same old mug shots that show up in the same old media guides. It also adds a hint of what the fun-loving attitude many on this team are known for and, who knows, maybe that whole "look good, feel good, play good" mantra might come into play, as well.

After the session wrapped, several Jayhawks threw their bow-tie looks onto various social media sites, but before we get to the photos, here are a couple more facts I learned about the new endeavor.

• None of the bow ties used in the photo shoot were of the clip-on variety.

• At the same time, not a single Jayhawk actually tied the bow tie himself.

• The most popular choices among the players photographed thus far — more newcomers will get their photos snapped later this summer — were the striped options (shown below on Keon Stowers, Mike Smithburg, Bobby Hartzog and Jimmay Mundine).

• It is believed that of all the thousands and thousands of head shots taken for KU media guides during KU photographer Jeff Jacobsen's time at KU, this was the first time that any KU team has gone with the bow-tie look.

Enough build-up.

Here's a look at a few of the best dressed Jayhawks from Tuesday's photo day:

Defensive lineman Ben Goodman.

Defensive lineman Ben Goodman. by Matt Tait

Senior defensive lineman Keon Stowers and KU photographer Jeff Jacobsen enjoying the day.

Senior defensive lineman Keon Stowers and KU photographer Jeff Jacobsen enjoying the day. by Matt Tait

Senior tight end Jimmay Mundine.

Senior tight end Jimmay Mundine. by Matt Tait

Senior offensive lineman Mike Smithburg... and his beard.

Senior offensive lineman Mike Smithburg... and his beard. by Matt Tait

Incoming freshman wide receiver Bobby Hartzog.

Incoming freshman wide receiver Bobby Hartzog. by Matt Tait


Suzi Marshall 3 years ago

Watch that last guy, Bobby Hartzog. He's going to be special. Another Texas freshman, the kid from The Woodlands, will shine on special teams returns.

Dirk Medema 3 years ago

And the great news is Bobby is third or fourth on the list of those TX freshmen. Not meant as a prediction or to be dismissive of him, but rather noticing that there is a load of skilled Athlete/WR/RB all in the 5-10 / 180 range. It could really turn into a fun group.

Eric Dawson 3 years ago

U.S. Senator Paul Simon reaching out from the great beyond to provide a little sartorial elegance to our guys!

Tom Keegan 3 years ago

I had the good fortune of meeting Sen. Paul Simon at LaGuardia Airport years ago, not long before he died, and he was exactly what you would have thought: Perfect gentleman, interested in what my co-workers and I were doing, where we were going, etc. And yes, even at LaGuardia, he was wearing his signature bow tie.

Aaron Paisley 3 years ago

Mike Smithburg, I love your beard!

Jack Jones 3 years ago

Very cool idea ~ and, great look, guys!!

Jonathan Allison 3 years ago

at least the uniforms feature the player's last name on the back.

Jay Beakum 3 years ago

adidas decides the gameday uniforms. Who else could it be?

Where’s jaybate? I need a shoe company rant/novel!

Doug Roberts 3 years ago

Can someone please help Mike Smithburg out? Anything helps. God bless.

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