14 Questions about KU football as we enter 2014


The new year is just a couple of days old, the beginning of football season is still eight months away and college basketball is dominating the thoughts of KU fans at the moment.

But that doesn't mean it's too early to look ahead to the coming year of Kansas football.

The 2014 season will be the third for head coach Charlie Weis at KU and there's no doubt that it's a big year for the program.

A defense that enjoyed drastic improvement during 2013 returns nearly everyone and also figures to get some help in the form of eligible red-shirts and reinforcements. Same goes for the offense, with senior wide receiver Nick Harwell and offensive coordinator John Reagan being the biggest additions.

While the Jayhawks will return several known commodities at key positions, uncertainty remains all over the field. Here's a quick look at the 14 most interesting questions facing KU football in 2014:

1 – Who will play quarterback? Jake Heaps is back for his senior season, Montell Cozart will be a sophomore and UCLA transfer T.J. Millweard will be eligible. This has the makings of a heck of a battle, but I'd give Heaps the nod as the early favorite.

2 – What will the new offense look like? New offensive coordinator John Reagan will be bringing his offense to KU and it figures to look awfully familiar to KU fans who enjoyed the Todd Reesing era. How similar it is remains to be seen, but I think you can expect an up-tempo style that leans heavily on both the running and passing games. Also worth watching closely is how well Reagan works with the offensive line, a major area of concern for KU entering 2014.

3 – How good can Nick Harwell be? The all-time leading receiver in Miami (Ohio) University history has one year of college ball remaining before giving it a go in the NFL. Will his addition be the fix for a passing game that has struggled during the past two seasons? Everything I've heard tells me yes.

4 – Who replaces James Sims? For four seasons, Sims was a staple in the KU backfield and led the team in rushing. Now that he's gone, who will step up as the top back? There are plenty of options, old and new. From returners Brandon Bourbon, Taylor Cox and Darrian Miller to freshman Traevohn Wrench and Colin Spencer. And don't forget Tony Pierson could still take a handoff or two. Clearly, KU again is expected to enjoy great depth at an important position. I think Cox could be the most Sims-esque player in the bunch.

5 – What happens with the coaching staff? We already know that Tim Grunhard is out and Reagan is in. But will there be any other changes on Weis' staff? The smart money says yes.

6 – What can we expect from defensvie end Andrew Bolton? From the sound of it, quite a bit. Bolton red-shirted the 2013 season to get healthy and, in the process, got bigger and stronger. His presence as a pass-rushing threat would be huge for a KU defense that will not be short on confidence heading into the season.

7 – What can we expect from cornerback Kevin Short? I heard a couple of times last summer that Short was one of the two or three most talented players on KU's roster. NCAA shenanigans kept us from seeing that in 2013 but Short stuck it out, worked on his fundamentals and frame during practice and should be itching to go in 2014. Where he'll play remains to be seen, but expect him to be a fixture in the secondary and also make an impact in the return game.

8 – What can we expect from linebacker Marcus Jenkins-Moore? Jenkins-Moore's knee injury on the first day of summer workouts in 2013 was a big-time disappointment for both the player and the fan base. He's been out of action for a long time and I haven't heard much about his rehab so I think he's definitely a question mark heading into the 2014 season.

9 – What's this team's leadership look like? In a word, solid. Although Sims is gone, the three other captains from the 2013 campaign will be back. Assuming Ben Heeney, Keon Stowers and Jake Heaps keep their roles and the fourth captain spot goes to an offensive player, I'd look at senior tight end Jimmay Mundine as an early favorite to inherit a leadership role.

10 – Speaking of Mundine, will he be a big part of next season's offense? During the 2013 season, Rice's tight ends accounted for just 15 receptions and 165 yards. A year earlier, however, Vance McDonald, who became a second-round pick in the NFL Draft, caught 36 balls for 458 yards and two touchdowns. Mundine has talent and can become a productive weapon. Remember, even while struggling, he finished 2013 with 229 yards and five TDs on 20 receptions. He just has to catch the football.

11 – How does the 2014 schedule look? Tough as always is the easy answer, but I'll give you a little more than that. Non-conference home games against Southeast Missouri and Central Michigan should give KU a good shot at a nice start. But a road game at Duke, which finished the 2013 season at 10-4, seems much tougher today than it did when the game was scheduled. Duke brings back nearly everyone and proved that it could play with the big boys in 2013. After those three, it's Big 12 Conference time, opening with Texas at home and closing at Kansas State. Unlike last year, KU will have a bye week in the middle of conference play, between road games at Texas Tech and Baylor. Four of the first six games are at home, so playing tough in Memorial Stadium will be huge.

12 – Speaking of Memorial Stadium, will there be any signs of renovations to the old venue in 2014? If there are, it won't be until after the season and even that appears to be a reach right now. Conversations are ongoing and plans are being laid out but I can't see any major moves happening until the money is there. And, right now, it's not there yet.

13 – What streaks are still in tact? The biggest is the road losing streak, which sits at 27 games and dates back to the 2009 season. Thanks to KU's victory over West Virginia on Nov. 16, 2013, the Big 12 and overall losing streaks are both tiny two-gamers, so it's the road streak that will get all of the pub in 2014. KU will get six cracks to snap the skid in 2014 — at Duke, West Virginia, Texas Tech, Baylor, Oklahoma and Kansas State. None will be easy, so ending the madness will be big news for the program. In addition to trying to get over the hump away from home, KU also will be looking to snap its streak of five consecutive sub-.500 seasons.

14 – Is there any hope for better days ahead? I said this throughout 2013 and I'll say it again today: If you're an optimist by nature, there are plenty of areas you can point to that make you smile and support the claim that Weis is taking Kansas football in the right direction. At the same time, if you're naturally pessimistic, there are still a few elements of the program that make you look awfully intelligent for doubting the Jayhawks. The way the 2014 season plays out will be huge for KU, both in terms of stability and upward movement. After generally showing patience and understanding during Weis' first two seasons in town, the majority of the fan base figures to be expecting more in 2014. And who can blame them?


Cora Smith 4 years, 4 months ago

If Reagan is bringing back the Todd Reesing look, how can Heaps be the quarterback? His lack of mobility is legendary.

Matt Tait 4 years, 4 months ago

Think quick passes, putting pressure on the defense and using the whole field... There's no question that Heaps is not as athletic as Reesing, but I still think he's more athletic than he was able to show this season.

Again, though, I don't think it'll be the exact same thing, it'll just have similar aspects.

Time will tell...

Lonnie Ross Dillon 4 years, 4 months ago

Heaps may work out with better receivers, but the offensive line needs a major upgrade if he's gonna be productive.

Matt Tait 4 years, 4 months ago

You're absolutely right but one thing you have to remember is that coaching and player development plays a huge role at the college level. Just because many in this class aren't highly touted/ranked doesn't mean that they couldn't be coached and crafted in productive and legitimate players...

Matt Tait 4 years, 4 months ago

I assume you mean Snyder but Mangino did his fair share of developing guys while he was here and Reagan was there for part of that.

There are no givens either way... just have to see what happens.

Steve Corder 4 years, 4 months ago

Matt, you're right about rankings. Fact is, it takes a good coaching staff plus many intangibles to make a program successful. K-State is a pretty good example.

Michael Maris 4 years, 4 months ago

Matt, I really look forward to your Jayhawk Football stories. I enjoyed reading your article today. I'm really excited to see what Bolton can bring to the DL for the 2014 season. A whole year off to get healthy and build overall strength is a good thing. But, the Jayhawks losing Tavai and Agostinho could be pretty significant. And, I don't see that the Staff has really addressed the replacement of those 2 individuals. As always, I look forward to your football articles. Happy New Year to you and your family.

Matt Tait 4 years, 4 months ago

Thanks, Michael. Appreciate the kind words. Same to you.

It seems as if the defensive line is always going to be a question for KU but before you worry too much about the departures of those guys, lemme give you a couple of names to keep an eye out for.

Tedarian Johnson, Ty McKinney and Keon Stowers all have proven ability and have produced on the field from those positions. That's not a bad place to start. After that, a guy like Tyler Holmes (red-shirt freshman who will be going through his third season in town) could emerge to provide depth, along with whatever other potential juco guys they might bring in.

I'm not saying they're in great shape, but I don't think the cupboard is completely bare, either.

Michael Maris 4 years, 4 months ago

Matt, I wasn't forgetting about Johnson, McKinney or Stowers. I figured those individuals would be the front line starters. I was looking more at the fact that KU would be losing depth at the DL front if no one else signs on to play DL at KU. As far as Tyler Holmes is concerned, I was relying on you or the Sports staff to inform us fans as to the progress of T. Holmes. Thanks for all that you do. I appreciate it.

Jim Jackson 4 years, 4 months ago

Matt, Rice's QB also had about 500 yards rushing I believe; I really hope we see something out of Millweard because Heaps is ridiculously slow.

Were you expecting to hear progress on MJM's injury? What exactly is the prognosis?

Matt Tait 4 years, 4 months ago

Wasn't expecting anything official, but being around the program things like that sometimes come up... I wouldn't say it's cause for concern yet but I also don't think people should expect him to be an automatic starter or an impact guy. It could play out that way, I just would be cautious about expecting too much.

Aaron Paisley 4 years, 4 months ago

My guesses,

1) Ideally, Jake Heaps but that will depend on the OLine which I'm surprised wasn't one of your questions Matt because a that was a source of many frustrations last season.

2) The OLine is the key for what the offense will look like.

3) He should be the leading the receiver next year, at least he has a track record of success at the D1 level.

4) I'll say Reagan uses a committee at RB.

5) I hope Ianello is replaced. I haven't noticed any improvement in the WR's since he got here and that's a pretty solid case alone to replace him.

6) If he's anywhere near the caliber that got LSU and Olé Miss interested, I'll take it.

7) Isaiah Johnson or Cassius Sendish level of contribution and I'll be happy.

8) Again, just be a solid contributor and that'll be good enough if healthy.

9) Not a concern, KU has good leadership

10) He should, he'll be at worst the 3rd best receiver on the team behind after Harwell and Pierson if Pierson is still around. Tony Pierson's health should also be a big question mark next year.

Suzi Marshall 4 years, 4 months ago

Matt....OL...OL...OL...OL...can you understand that?

You completely missed the MOST important question. As Aaron says above the OL is the key. Last spring and the lead up to the first game, you glossed over the OL. This past year we tried several combinations with no success. We find ourselves going into the next season losing 4 OL guys, 3 of whom were starters. No way we can possibly realistically expect more than 3 wins (MDSU-Multidirectional State Universities, and ISU).

Also, you seemed to have left out Michael Cummings as a QB possibility.

You do ok with your basketball reporting but need to pick it up on the football.

Matt Tait 4 years, 4 months ago

Two things:

First, Michael Cummings has zero chance of being this team's quarterback. I like the guy, but he's not in the mix.

Second, the OL is addressed in No. 2 with Reagan and the offense.

But, hey, thanks so much for reading and have a great night!

Matt Tait 4 years, 4 months ago

Perhaps I should've made it a question unto itself... My bad. But it is addressed in the second question which discusses Reagan coming onboard. With him being the OC and the O-Line coach, it just made sense to group them together.

Matt Tait 4 years, 4 months ago

Wow. Think you might be reaching a bit. That line addressed it and acknowledged it as an issue. I'll wait until the recruiting class is complete and we get to spring practice to start dissecting how it's going to shape up. Way, way, way too early to know anything right now.

Ethan Berger 4 years, 4 months ago

It's Janurary so these are very brief questions. Second what question do you want answered? You critize but don't provide a solution. O line is hard to address because it all depends on scheme. So maybe ask a specific question instead of being upset at something you thinker he passed on.

Mark Lindrud 4 years, 4 months ago


I get what you're doing with how Reagan handles the line comment. The offense wil be predicated to the success of the line. How the line does could be a key factor on who should be quarterback. I appreciate you starting the offseason discussion on football early. Please keep them coming. I will be curious what the style of offense we have next year.

Michael Sillman 4 years, 4 months ago

The offensive line might not that bad in my view. At the beginning of the season it was mostly underclass men. The seniors came in to improve and stabilize it later.

Those younger guys are still there and will get another offseason of conditioning and skill development.

Hopefully the new juco recruits plus the development of a freshmen or two will add depth.

Doug Cramer 4 years, 4 months ago

Matt - thanks for the article.

You mentioned drastic improvement was seen by the defense this year. Our defense ranked 97th out of 120 teams. Our d-line still struggled to pressure QBs...sack frequency remains non-existent in this program...unless we have the ball.

On top of that...we're losing what we had on the line...other than Stowers.

Between the d-line and the o-line...this program is in BIG trouble.

I accurately predicted this past season's record. Next year we only win 2 games...3 at the most if we sneak in a big 12 win.

Football does start with the big boys up front...and we just don't have them.

Michael Maris 4 years, 4 months ago

I understand your concern with the DL. I'm really ready to see what Bolton can do in the 2014 season. But, I will say this, the DB's and LB's play have improved a lot in the past season. And, KU is adding more dept at the DB's. So, if KU DB's are able to stay with the WR's and make it harder for the other Big XII QB's to get passes to their respective WR's. Then, the KU DL'man and LB's should have more time to get to the opposing QB's.

Jim Stauffer 4 years, 4 months ago

I really believe development is the key to the O-Line as well as all positions. If we can coach up the O-Line and WR, the program can take a step forward next year.

Bryan Mohr 4 years, 4 months ago

Matt Tait is right about the O-line. Improvement there is highly dependent upon scheme and coaching - not just raw talent. He addressed that in his 2nd point.

The fans loyal to Weis have used lack of raw talent - particularly O-line - to explain KU's lack of success. After watching many games I disagree. My observation was that the offense lacked discipline (too many unforced errors), and lacked play-calling suited to the roster. I think KU fans will be pleasantly surprised with the improvements on offense next season as result of Reagan - a Mangino disciple. Mangino learned from Bill Snyder and Bob Stoops.

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