Keegan vs. Tait: Week 5


After struggling through an entire week of the boss man bragging about his Week 4 perfection, I bounced back and tied the overall standings with a 9-1 mark in Week 4.

It's no 10-0 and I understand that, but it was enough to even things up and now we're heading into a week in which we have the biggest number of differences in the 10-game schedule.

Although both of us picked TCU to top KU in dominating defensive fashion, three of the other nine games are different, with me picking Missouri, Northwestern and BYU and Keegan taking Georgia, Wisconsin and Georgia Tech to top those three teams.

If one of us sweeps the three we have different, it'll open up the largest lead we've seen to date. If not, things will remain tight in the overall standings. Either way, one thing is certain: We won't be tied after Week 5.

Here's a look:

Tait: 9-1 in Week 4; 32-8 overall
Keegan: 8-2 in Week 4; 32-8 overall

Kansas at TCU
Oklahoma vs. Texas
Baylor at Kansas State
Iowa State at Texas Tech
Oregon at Washington
Missouri at Georgia
Florida at LSU
Texas A&M at Mississippi
Northwestern at Wisconsin
Georgia Tech at BYU

Question: Seeing how the Jayhawks are playing a team with an unusual mascot this week, what's your favorite mascot (costume, alive or otherwise) in all of sports and why?

Matt Tait
TCU 27, Kansas 10
Oklahoma 30, Texas 17
Baylor 55, Kansas State 27
Texas Tech 41, Iowa State 21
Oregon 38, Washington 20
Missouri 27, Georgia 24
LSU 33, Florida 21
Texas A&M 41, Mississippi 20
Northwestern 24, Wisconsin 23
BYU 30, Georgia Tech 23

Answer: I gotta go with Ralphie the Colorado Buffalo for this one. Being born in Boulder and living in Colorado until I was 10 years old, I grew up rooting for any and all things Colorado sports. That included the Buffs, who always wowed me by running a massive, live buffalo around the field before the start of each game. If you've never seen it, put it on your list. And pray for those guys who are responsible for running alongside Ralphie and “guiding” her back to the carrier.

Tom Keegan
TCU 20, Kansas 0
Oklahoma 28, Texas 17
Baylor 70, Kansas State 35
Texas Tech 31, Iowa State 13
Oregon 56, Washington 35
Georgia 21, Missouri 14
LSU 24, Florida 17
Texas A&M 42, Mississippi 28
Wisconsin 28, Northwestern 24
Georgia Tech 42, BYU 21

Answer: The Anteater, mascot of Cal-Irvine, a basketball school I covered in the '80s. Ants are disgusting little creatures and can be difficult to get rid of. Anteaters serve a great need and I think it's great that at least one university doesn't take that for granted.


Ryan Kruse 4 years, 8 months ago

Mr Tait, I will take that lunch you owe me times 2 with your incorrect pick with Mizzou vs Georgia...

Marc Frey 4 years, 8 months ago

I do not know if this is an official mascot, but since the Stanford Cardinal is about a color and not the bird, this one wins for me.

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