Realignment Today: Does the ACC's granting of rights agreement mean realignment is finally finished?

During the past couple of weeks, I've been asked a few times when I was going to do another conference realignment update in the wake of the ACC announcing its granting of rights agreement that will run through 2026-27.

I certainly understand the interest, and, yes, the ACC news was huge for the realignment landscape. But by huge we're talking huge in the sense that it may have put an end to the movement for the foreseeable future.

Throughout the wild and crazy past three years of realignment, we've talked a lot about how this move or that response might be the key to realignment and full-on pandemonium. But it seems clear to me that the ACC locking up its members for such a long period of time makes things as stable as they have been in years, at least throughout college athletics' major conferences.

Could something still happen? Sure. Anything's possible. We've seen and experienced that too many times throughout the past few summers to sit here and say that this means, with 100 percent certainty, that things are done. But while it might not be 100 percent certain, it seems as if it's as close as it can get – maybe 99.9 percent.

There are those out there who believe that the granting of rights agreements don't mean jack. I've heard from them countless times throughout my coverage of conference realignment and, while I understand where they're coming from, I'm much more inclined to believe the college administrators in multiple conferences who have told me that such agreements are worth their weight in gold.

With that thought in mind, it makes sense to deduce that things will be quiet for a while now that the ACC is solid again. And I gotta admit, my hat's off to that conference for getting it done. I really believed the ACC was flirting with disaster.

After all, for the past year or so the ACC's vulnerability has been seen as the one domino that could send the whole thing tumbling once again. If this ACC school or that one left for this conference or that one, then others would be forced to react, both those schools left in the ACC and the other conferences trying to keep up.

Finally, it looks as if the Big 12 can tell people it's happy at 10 teams and the rest of the world can actually believe them.

So what does that mean for the future? Well, from what I can gather it means this: Proceed with caution.

I've had enough talks with enough people throughout the Big 12 to understand that the league will never again be caught off guard. Every time the conference's athletic directors get together or every time its governing body meets, the topic of realignment and/or expansion comes up. Sometimes it's just for 2 minutes to make sure things are still on track and other times it's for a little longer, with conference officials bringing key questions or concerns to the table for discussion. Consider it Big 12 officials staying on top of things rather than waiting for things to play out before rolling up their sleeves.

And consider that yet another legit sign of the strength and vitality of the Big 12.

A recent article from CBS Sports indicates that the Big Ten and commissioner Jim Delany had talked to as many as six schools during recent months about the idea of expansion. The article claims that the talks were of a serious nature and that things may have heated up considerably had the ACC not locked up its members with the GOR.

Who knows? It's very possible that there's some truth to that and also possible that the whole thing is just more posturing by the man who many believe started the realignment madness in the first place.

Either way, thanks to the ACC, we don't have to find out.

Delany did not disclose the names of the schools he talked to and I can't imagine that he ever will. Was KU one of them? I suppose it's possible, perhaps even likely, but from everything I've been told, it sure doesn't sound like KU had any kind of contact with the Big Ten about realignment.

Now, it's important to remember that contact can be made in both official and unofficial manners. Maybe KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger never talked to Delany about realignment, but maybe a friend of a friend of a friend at KU did.

Again, we'll probably never know and we'll probably never need to.

From where I sit, that's the best news to come from realignment in years.

I didn't write this to proclaim that realignment is over once and for all. None of us are naïve enough — any more — to actually think we're done with this demon for good. It'll come up again, most likely whenever someone gets upset with the way things are run in their conference and certainly whenever these various granting of rights agreements close in on expiration. But for now, it seems as if we can safely get back to mowing the lawn, enjoying cook outs and diving into other elements of sports coverage in the summer instead of tracking the madness of conference realignment.

Time will tell. And you know we'll stay on top of it.

Now, get out there and enjoy this weather.... Oh, wait.



JHWKDW 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Nah the Big XII-2 is all but dead. We are a joke! All that pandering for Florida State & Clemson was smoke and mirrors.They were never going to join us. They were not going to leave to join the Texas Longhorn losers and put up with their B.S. No one wants to come here and deal with that. NO ONE!

There is something going on with Zenger doing the improvements to the track, softball fields. You can count on improvements to the Football fields and Baseball field.Athletics have improved beyond Basketball. Kudos to the track and Volleyball team also.I think behind the scenes Zenger sees the writing on the wall, and how we keep going down the wrong path in this lousy conference.

We will stand by 10 because Texas says no more expansion. Dont matter if the other 9 want something.Its the monarchy of the Longhorns! Douchebag Deloss Dodds and his cronies will see to i

And how will that help all of us by adding more Texas schools! With all due respect, that sucks!


Randy Bombardier 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Yes, realignment is dead. No sense wasting anymore time on that one. I think the Big 12 still should look at expanding to 12. I have no problem with making this an all Texas conference by adding SMU and Houston. But I also have no problem staying at current membership for at least another 10 years or so.


JHWKDW 11 months, 2 weeks ago

You know the person you ought to watch out for is Mr Bowlsby this is the guy Im not getting a true pulse on. What do I mean? Well I am not to sure if he is just another pawn/sycophant for the Texas Longhorns, or sizing up teams in our conference for the Pac-12.I know of course on the outside he is going to be Rah Rah Big XII, but if it fails will he help some schools go to the Pac 12? Is he making a list kinda seeing who is naughty and nice or will fit over there. And I guarantee you if he is watching teams for the Pac, I guarantee you he is giving a failing grade to Texas. When he left Stanford to come here to the Big XII, they had these conferences with him for a long time, sounded like they told him if it failed give grades out to all the Big XII teams, and tell them who are teams they may want to have in their future.

Just speculation I know!


Terry N Tom Denner 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Keep your eyes on the horizon for the Big 10 to grab three schools ( Virgina, GeoTech & NC from the ACC. That will open the door for FSU & Clemson to join the Big 12 in 2014 !!!


kay_you 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Conference realignment is over when Delaney says it's over.


JHWKDW 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Great article Matt.Hope you enjoyed your Vacation.The ACC stuff and conference realignment has been interesting. Heck who knows where it will still go.I still stand by what I said on Fl State and Clemson. They were not interested in coming here it was all about the Dollars.They both wanted more anything else they say is Boloney. And I do not care what anyone here says NO ONE WANTS TO COME Here and deal with the Texas Longhorn B.S.

You know maybe it is me, but I feel Sheahon Zenger has some kind of big plan. I feel he is looking to improve All ofKU Athletics. I think he is trying to shed the 1 trick pony image of KU just being the "Basketball School". Look st how all the teams minus the Football (Weis is still rebuilding this team) have done. Volleyball in the Tourney, Both Women and Mens B-Ball tourney (No shock there) but the Track team and Softball and Baseball are having success so far.Girls Swimming had mixed success.Zenger wants more success in the athletics overall.Look what he has done by the new Track and Softball field, I think the Football field will get some upgrades in a bit. Memorial Stadium ought to look at Stanford, their Stadium is almost as old as ours.Also do not count on the upgrading Hoglund Field. I think we ought to think outside the Big XII-2.I think he is showing other conferences. Look at us! Hey If even our former Coach over at North Carolina has to accept other programs IE Baseball, Softball, them trying to improve Football. heck even Lacrosse getting limelight.The days of a school just having 1 good Athletic program are over.I think Zenger sees that. Well we shall see where the Conference Realignment stuff stands.


DanHogan95 11 months, 2 weeks ago

One tweak: "The article claims that the talks were of a serious nature and that things may have heated up considerably had the ACC not locked up its members with the GOR."

I think the order is backwards. It's more like the schools that were looking decided not to and then agreed to sign the GoR. And that's why they didn't sign it until now.


Robert Brown 11 months, 2 weeks ago

If maximizing media revenue is the objective, KU is doing just fine staying in the Big 12. I am sure that KU feels secure now that a GOR was signed. Let's face it, if the Big 10 was a real possibility, they would not have signed. OU and UT have the power in the conference, but even OU wasn't able to go it alone when it apparently tried to move to the Pac-12 on its own two years ago. They were apparently turned down so we almost have UT to thank for keeping the conference together.

I think I would be happy with the conference had MU stayed and we picked Louisville over TCU. That is still a much weaker conference than it was, but stronger than what we currently have. I look at the current conference and ask, "who is our rival?". It is clearly K-State. That game whether in football or basketball does not generate much buzz outside of Kansas.


LogicMan 11 months, 2 weeks ago

A couple of points:

The consensus is that near the end of the GOR all heck could break loose. So it is logical that the Big 12 work on extending the GOR for many more years. Maybe that's already going on not far behind the scenes?

Why not also start a Big 12 network? Let it show whatever it can get rights to, and divide the money along those lines. UT, OU, and KU wouldn't have to participate, but by creating "fourth tier rights" some of our sports, live and replays, could be on the new network.

I suspect KU is already working to strengthen its position in case bad things happen. Remaining in the AAU, expanding the stadium, adding sports, etc. to be more attractive to the B1G would be logical.


trey 11 months, 2 weeks ago

I actually hope Matt is wrong! And think there are fair odds that he is. This is the standard Big12 propaganda from the league... "We're very happy at 10", "We make more per school than any other conference (now)", "We're all united", "The GOR is binding commitment", blah, blah, blah.

I loved the old Big12, thought it was a great conference. But if you're honest with yourselves, this new Big12 is absolutely terrible. Replacing MU, A&M, CU, Nebraska, with WVU and TCU is a trainwreck no matter how it spinned. The Big12 was a disaster in both Football and Basketball this year, and doesn't look any better going foward. To me, it is BY FAR the weakest of the 5 major conferences when you think about tradition, top teams, rivalries, etc, in the two major sports. And there is no way to fix it, as no school in the SEC, BIG, PAC or ACC is going to come to the Big12. There is more to those decisions than "$ per school", which at best gives only a point-in-time comparison.

For me, I would go all-in to get KU in the B1G. I'm not saying it's likely, but it would be far better for KU in the long-run than the Big12, academically, financially and for the fans. No we wouldn't win the Conference Championships 9 years in a row, but how cool would it be to play Michigan State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio State, Illinois every year, rather than freakin Baylor, TCU, WVU, Texas Tech (how boring).

And the irony is that I actually think that KU has some juice in this landscape. Hear me out. It's my understanding (correct me if wrong) that the GOR is only relavent if there IS a Big12 Conference. And that either 6 or 8 schools can vote to disband the conference. I believe there are 3 schools that control the Big12's fate. If Texas, OU and yes KU (any of the three) left the conference, the Big12 crumbles. It cannot exist with any of them out. Obviousely Texas and OU for football. And KU as critical for basketball and the overall brand of the conference.

If the B1G (and I think they're the likely conference to initiate this last battle to 4 supers) invited KU and we accepted... I think Texas and OU quickly conclude that the ship is sinking and they move quickly to get their own deals. My bet...

OU and OSU to SEC (really the best fit for them). WVU to ACC (combo with UConn, or Notre Dame goes football too). If Texas is smart, they go with KU to B1G. If Texas is dumb, they go to PAC with their little brother Texas Tech. KSU, ISU, Baylor, TCU can maybe get in PAC, but likely they're screwed in Mountain West.

Again, the conference is NOT viable if Texas, OU or KU bails. It would quickly disolve and GOR becomes irrelavent.

Not saying this is likely, but it is possible. And for me, I'd love for KU to get the hell out of this conference.


otaKU 11 months, 2 weeks ago

I personally am of the "wait and see" regarding Louisville. Sure, right now it seems like we made a huge mistake in not adding them but what happens to the program when Pitino leaves? Will there football program really remain on the up and up? I could be wrong but I am not 100% convinced yet. I guess time will tell.

That being said, football was the thing driving this whole realignment garbage and WVU had the more consistent football program. I will say it is a bit awkward with them in the Big 12. They seem like the cousin nobody wants to talk about.

Anybody have any thoughts on adding Memphis? We need another solid basketball program and I'm sure their football program would improve once they are added to a legit conference. Travel wouldn't be terrible.


Gary McCullough 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Just heard the SEC has made a deal with ESPN for their own channel. Now B1G, PAC12, and SEC have their own channel. When will the Big XII get their own channel? Is UT still the road block for that to occur?


Michael Luby 11 months, 2 weeks ago

HAHA! Yah Matt, snow in May?

Bout the topic at hand. Would it be conceivable to see another team or two from mid majors like OVC or MVC join the Big 12 to make it 12 again?
I would absolutely love to see Wichita State join, purely from another good instate rival. Kansas triple threat! Id love to see Wichita state play KU and Kstate in Basketball on a regular basis. Just purely from a Basketball perspective, all 3 teams were good enough this year to make the NCAA's.


jhox 11 months, 2 weeks ago

I heard just last week from a friend, who has a close friend high up in an athletic dept. at a Big 10 school that KU and OU have fairly recently put feelers out to the Big 10, and that the Big 10 was intrigued.

I'm personally of the belief that the GOR agreements would make this kind of move all but impossible, but there are people who seem to think that a good lawyer would have no trouble getting that thrown aside.

I believe it is unlikely Kansas or OU would move, and I told my buddy that. I also question the validity of his claims of OU and KU looking at Big 10 membership. However, I do have to admit, he definitely has a well placed Big 10 connection, and he's called just about every move they made well in advance of any public announcement, so it wouldn't completely shock me if something happened, but I do consider it highly unlikely.


Michael Johnson 11 months, 2 weeks ago

i never hear the argument about having to play 9 conference games each year. seems every team fattens up on 4 non con games which is a big advantage to getting to a bowl game. i laugh when folks talk about how great the SEC is. absolutely, they are the best at the top, but they have more turds than anyone else also. alabama was the best team last year, but there schedule was a joke. playing a full round robin in football is an absolute killer IMO.


Chris Shaw 11 months, 2 weeks ago

Man, I have so much disgust during this conference realignment stuff. Yes, there is a small part of me that believes the Big 12 saved face by sticking strong with their "10" per say. However, I am still having a hard time with the Texas/OU "Power" in this conference. It just ticks me off.

The Big 12 loses 4 schools in 2 years and picks up 2 schools and nobody is there helping the conference until the very very end when Fox and ESPN finally come calling. Thank you Fox and ESPN for your concern and help and waiting till the very last possible second to save the conference. Much appreciated BTW.

Granted, I think Chuck Nienas did a pretty terrific job considering the cards he was dealth with, but I still feel Bowlsby and the Big 12 missed out on some opportunities. Well, let's say "Fox" missed out some opportunities. A time where ESPN and the ole mighty ACC (In the the eyes of the East Coast Pundits) were vulnerable and primed for the picking...nothing could be done? I mean nothing? Absolutely Nothing?

Oh yeah, I forgot, the Big 12 is "Solid at 10".

Over the next 8-12 years (You will see it happening again once the GOR gets closer to the end of it's contract in 14 years) conference realignment will juice up again. I agree above with slayr that the move to "Super Conferences" is inevitable, but has the University of Kansas positioned itself in this crappy conference to not be left out?

Great job Big have figured out the short-term thinking and can breathe for the next 10 years. Breathe now because the Big 12, unless they can find a miracle and be an innovator in conference realignment will be as good as dead in the near future when GOR gets towards the end of the contract. Anybody remember the geographical structure of the Southwest Conference? Anybody see a similarity with the Big 12?

Yeah, the conference athletic departments may be getting more $$$, but I believe the product on the field is going to diminish significantly over the next decade in a half and the perception of the Big 12 is going to get weaker weaker and rightfully so because the competition is going to get weaker and weaker on the field.

The Big 12 had it's opportunity and now it's a matter of time before it dissapears and all the Big 12 did was buy time for it's future short-term death.


JT219 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Ever since I saw the new B1G structure, I can't help thinking about that Western Division. If you throw Missouri and KU into that mix (pushing Purdue into the East)... It would mean serious upgrades for Academics, Basketball, National Exposure, Cash Flow and LONG TERM SECURITY... and no more Texas.


Robert Brown 11 months, 3 weeks ago

It is interesting that three of the five conferences now have the very awkward number 14 members. I think 12 is optimal and 16 is preferable to 14.

I think the Big 12 ended realignment as a much weaker conference. Adding TCU was a big mistake in my opinion. WV is on an island and can't be happy. Rivalries with national interest like UT and A&M and KU-MU disappeared.

Never say never but it appears we have about ten years of stability before this resurfaces.


Brett McCabe 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Matt is right that the ACC's actions have definitely slowed down the train but the most important factor in calming the waters is the playoff. Once the playoff goes to 8 teams, the need to realign will largely be eliminated. Teams will feel comfortable that they have a chance to get in the tournament.

The sad thing is this, had an 8-team playoff been put in place a few years ago, most of the realignment would never have happened in the first place.


William Blake 11 months, 3 weeks ago

I'm doubtful we have heard the end of realignment.

On one hand, I believe, like Oak said above, that it is just a matter of time before the Super Conference structure appears.

On my other hand, I've been falling a different line of thinking concerning power in college sports and the direction it is moving in. There is the concept that a top tier structure is coming (largely because of the potential created by media $) to create and identify top tier teams in both football and basketball and create special media and marketing around these top teams. Whether or not it means they split off for their own league, is another story. I am doubtful of this, but money talks. I know one thing... suddenly football and basketball become further separated from each other because universities typically don't perform the same in both sports.

Today, when I want to talk about the structure of college sports, I have those conversations pretty much exclusively with media people. These are the clever people that follow money more than teams. When these people discuss concepts for creating advantages in media, the end result of changes to take advantage of those opportunities usually finds its way down to us and the teams we follow. The pain to fans is then applied, without any way to stop 'progress'. Pro football realignment is a good example to look at when you are following the money trail.

When you think about it... why should football and basketball be together in the same conferences? We should be playing in the best conference for college basketball. Football? I'm not going to go there, but you know I could.

It is simple - fans want to see better match-ups. The biggest disgrace ever was realignment giving no consideration of rivalries. Our old series with Mizzou was a valuable commodity on it's own. Why was that sacrificed? Many other teams have suffered the same consequence. OU/NU? If we move to another conference we will be in a conference with strangers. What game will be special?

Since college sports doesn't defend rivalries... what will have to be created to bring fan interest to the crack-addiction high necessary to sell them pizza? What match-ups will have to be created?

KU vs UK, MSU, UNC, Duke.... If you notice... we have been playing these teams recently before March. Are these games big enough to stand on their own feet (economically)? Hmmmm... that is another question. Media people I talk to say no.... these teams need to be leagued together to have meaningful competition.

The only statement I will give here where I can absolutely hang my hat on... is that media marketing experts will design the future of college sports. They already have a big influence... because the $$$ are behind them (in front of them, and on both sides)!


Janet Scott 11 months, 3 weeks ago

The Big 12 simply is not the conference it once was. Too bad, really. Bottom line, does this all mean Tabor and Baker are now shut out from joining either the ACC or the Big 10?


canuckhawk 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Nothing breaks contracts like money.

The waters may have smoothed but the pirates are still at sea.


BABBOY 11 months, 3 weeks ago

These treads crack me up.

I call them "I am delusional Ku fan and I think the ACC wants me as a member thread."

These stupid articles are better off in the fantasy rumor mills on or where obsessed fans can argue on and on and on about nonsense they absolutely no control over or knowledge about….


jgkojak 11 months, 3 weeks ago

The big loser here is UConn - had the B12 taken Louisville, the ACC would have taken UConn as team #14 over WVU.

I still think we'd have been better off if our 10th team was BYU - keeps us out of the entire mix in the east.


Stephan123 11 months, 3 weeks ago

The TV market monies could be radically altered and subsequently undermine school budgets with the further advances of alternatives to TV programming. Law suits related to head injury could doom football and the financial prospects of institutions associated with it. The BIG could be working on a couple ACC schools before they sign a TV rights deal. There may be changes in the landscape that transcend realignment.


poet008 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Can someone, anyone explain why they believe OU and UT are committed to the Big 12?

Every time I bring this issue up I get messages like "fail" or accusations that I am a Mizzou fan.

But can someone tell me honestly how one minute OU and UT want to leave and then the next everything is lovey dovey and full of, as Matt says, "strength and vitality"?

Expansion of the conference would certainly show a long term commitment, but that has been shot down.

It is my opinion that OU and UT cannot be trusted based upon their past infidelities. I know most of you will call me a troll, but I believe KU should absolutely be playing Mizzou in the desperate hope that they can get an invite into the SEC and no longer be clinging to idea that OU and UT are really committed to us now.


Kevin Huffman 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Ummm, just becase the ACC is out of the picture does NOT mean that there isn't still alignments tweaks that may remain.

I.e., UConn is going to try it's darnedest to get into another conference - ACC or Big Ten.

Cincinnati would like to get in another conference - doubt Big 10 would take them - unlikely SEC. Big XII - also not likely.....maybe a possiblity, but would be a demotion compared to when Louisville was being considered

BYU remains "in play" and according to TONS of sources the ONLY reason TCU was taken over them as some animosity between the Big XII Presidents and the current BYU president whose term is soon to end.

Boise State probably too remote for any major conference with the exception of the PAC-12 who doesn't seem to want them.

Heck. Colorado State might be more appealing than Boise State and well could form a 12th addition along with BYU - gets you back in the Denver market and creates a "bidge program" between BYU and the next closest (furthest west) Big XII schools (K-State & Texas Tech). Funny thing being if this was the route this would hinder WVU all the more. Expect WVU to be pitching Cincinnati joining BIG TIME. Heck, could see them try to support UConn too. Cincinnati might, unfortunately happen, but not UConn. Nothing against the program, but just too dang far away.


Vernon Riggs 11 months, 3 weeks ago

The B1G would not be interested in Iowa State. Iowa covers the same television markets that ISU would. Net gain zero.

The B1G would not be interested in Kansas AND KSU together. Again for the same reasons. Adding one would add the same number of TV markets that adding two does. You don't need both; The B1G only needs one. KSU isn't a member of the AAU. So far all schools that the B1G has invited has been AAU schools. Nebraska was AAU, accepted the invitation and then lost the membership to the AAU.

I think the Television partners of the Big12 will help make any future expansion decisions. If the ratings for Big12 football do not go up from where they are now, you may see the TV partners push to add more schools.

If Ratings stay low, look for a push to add two or four of the following: BYU, Boise State, Cincy, UConn, UNLV, or S. Florida. To be frank, those choices suck.


jgkojak 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Here are some thoughts:

We helped make this possible by allowing Louisville to go to the ACC.

The GOR means nothing if a majority of schools vote to disband a conference.

You could see a scenario where

Oklahoma and OSU are pursued by the SEC

Two of Texas, Kansas, Iowa State are pursued by the B10

The Pac pursues Texas/TTCH combo


odc213 11 months, 3 weeks ago

sorry, one more time, why isn't Louisville in the Big 12? Men's and Women's b-ball teams in the Final Four, as well as winning a BCS Bowl game. I know they are not a big state school, but Baylor is a private school! Plus WV would have a school close for travel. Big 12 dropped the ball on getting Louisville.....


Matt Bowers 11 months, 3 weeks ago

JayDoc is right on this one. I was very upset that we took WVU over Louisville and could not understand why. I know that it was about the number of television sets in any given area, but Louisville is a quality institution with great athletics.

That said. I believe it is the Big XII best interest to go after Cincinnati and possibly another school/s when it comes time for conferences to discuss television contracts. In a perfect world, I would take the following institutions and add them to our conference: Colorado, Cincinnati, Nebraska, Arkansas, mizzou, and Arizona. Probably never happen or come close to happening, but it would make for a very exciting conference. Divide the conference by region and schedule accordingly. Don't make it too painful, since I put mizzou on the wish list, but I miss the rivalry/hate that I got to enjoy.

Rock Chalk


JayDocMD 11 months, 3 weeks ago

The Big 12 messed up big time with realignment. Sure, when the music stopped KU still had a chair to sit in, but we're sitting in a much weaker conference than before.

Minus: Nebraska, Texas A&M, Mizzery and Colorado. Plus: West Virginia. There is no debating that our conference is weaker now than before.

We missed out on adding Louiville, who was begging to join. They would have been better than WV by every measure. (We could have and should have added both schools.)

Who knows if all that talk of adding Florida St or other ACC schools was ever a possibility, but I tend to think that was an opportunity missed because of the reticence of some in the Big12 to expand beyond 10 schools.

Shoulda, woulda, coulda... the ship has sailed. The Big 10, PAC12 and SEC all got stronger. The ACC, Big East and the Big 12 are the losers in conference realignment.


Tony Bandle 11 months, 3 weeks ago

Nice article, Matt and much appreciated, but in this day and age when the word of someone isn't worth the paper it's written on and any contract, promise, committment or binding rule can be circumvented, I fully expect a crack in the realignment dam and once again all hell will break loose.

The super conferences are coming, of that I have no doubt, and it may be earlier than we think.

It's not a matter of's just a matter of when!!

Stll, thanks for mainataining a watchful eye on this phenomena!!!


milehighhawk 11 months, 3 weeks ago

But what will happen to the Prediction Wheel, Matt?


Dickless Head 11 months, 3 weeks ago

So we're stuck in a football conference that truly sucks in basketball. Not a single school south of the KS/OK border even cares about basketball. It's a terrible position for a school like Kansas to be in, where we need competitive teams in our league, or at least teams in a our league that actually care.

Stability is overrated in this case for us. We needed to get out while we had the chance.


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