What's in store (if anything) for KU football coach Charlie Weis' staff this offseason?

We already know that offensive line coach Tim Grunhard is leaving the Kansas University football staff, so that's at least one change that KU coach Charlie Weis will make to his coaching staff.

But will there be any more?

Weis was asked that very question following KU's loss to Kansas State in the season finale and he said nothing would be done — if anything at all — until the end of the December recruiting period, which arrives Dec. 14.

Dec. 18 is mid-year transfer signing day and although the Jayhawks won't have a crazy haul of mid-year juco guys signing this year like they had last year, there figure to be at least a couple of guys who make their commitments official on that day.

Getting back to the coaching staff, Weis likely gave the answer he did for two reasons. 1. Recruiting time is precious and it would be a bad move to make a change during that period because it could cost KU valuable time and resources on the recruiting trail. 2. Even if Weis has no plans to make a change himself, you never know which members of his staff could be looking around for other opportunities or which schools might be interested in some of Weis' guys.

We've already seen a report that wide receivers coach Rob Ianello has thrown his name into the hat for the open head coaching gig at the University of North Dakota. And it seems logical to think that whether Ianello gets that job or not, he could be coaching elsewhere in 2014.

As for the rest of the staff, I don't anticipate anyone else leaving. It's difficult, because after a losing season you always assume that at least a couple of guys could be in jeopardy of losing their jobs, but with Grunhard already out and Ianello potentially on the move, those departures would represent change at KU's two weakest positions last season.

Here's a quick look at a few other coaching staff items of business that are worth keeping an eye on:

• If Ianello leaves, by his choosing or otherwise, not only would KU have to find a wide receivers coach, but it also would need to find a recruiting coordinator since Ianello handles both roles. Running backs coach Reggie Mitchell has done that job before and he would be a likely candidate to inherit that role again, provided he wanted it. If not, Weis could always find a receivers coach who could handle both roles like Ianello, who has been recruiting on KU's behalf during the past several days. The recruiting coordinator role is serious business, though, so if there's a need to fill that position, it won't be taken lightly.

• We learned this season that linebackers coach Clint Bowen had transitioned into the role of acting defensive coordinator, with Dave Campo focusing on his job of coaching the defensive backs. Campo and defensive line coach Buddy Wyatt worked closely with Bowen to put together the game plan each week and the move seemed to work well. The title never changed hands, though, so it'll be interesting to see if that is addressed in the offseason.

• Finally, by now you've probably read our report from last week about Rice offensive coordinator John Reagan being Weis' target to come in to replace Grunhard and become KU's offensive coordinator. The move likely would have already taken place had Rice lost to Tulane last week. But since the Owls won and advanced to the Conference USA title game, Reagan stuck around to coach in that game agaisnt Marshall, which will be played at 11 a.m. Saturday. Reagan to KU could become official any time Saturday after the game or Sunday, so keep an ear out for the confirmation.



Steve Bower 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Simone Awards were given out at Blue Springs HS today. Coaches were on hand from K State, Missouri, and Baker Universities. Not one KU Coach attended! Not to mention the fact that Blue Springs , coached by a KU grad just won their second straight state championship and is loaded with D1 prospects. No wonder KSU and Missouri out recruits us.


Brett McCabe 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Let's hope that Reagan brings some recruits with him because we are way behind. I'm not sitting in those stands surrounded by purple again two years from now, and I'm guessing that many long-time KU fans won't be either. The clock is ticking on the Weis tenure...tick.tock.tick.tock.


Jim Jackson 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Half the jucos did not suit up; either due to RS or they are no longer in Lawrence. Next season will be the true test.

Ianello is a good recruiting coordinator but just a terrible WR coach. I don't know if it is smart for KU to have him move on when he is in the process of recruiting numerous guys right now.



Tom Wilson 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Whatever happens in the offseason, I would hope the media would take a more realistic approach to hyping the 2014 season. If you match the 2013 preseason hype to the 2013 results, there is a huge gap!


Terry Smith 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Agree, with the full time recruiting coordinator. Just hope the new class works out for Weis this next year or it's going to be a long road ahead.


Brett McCabe 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Having a coach in charge of recruiting and wide receivers results in the worst wide-receiver corps in the league and lackluster recruiting. I just checked OSU's site and they have two director's of on-campus recruiting with no coaching duties. None of the coaches are listed as recruiting coordinators.

For Kansas to get ahead on player recruitment, we need to do something different and better than other programs. Forget about football "guys", let's get some MBA's with marketing analysis skills, personal sales skills and some creative skills. Recruiting needs to get much better, very soon and we need to take an aggressive and creative approach in finding and landing players.


Chandler Accipiter 4 months, 2 weeks ago

So with Grunhard gone and Ianello a maybe, that still leaves Powlus. Hopefully a full commitment to a new OC will change that as well. Powlus has had as much success at coaching the QB's as he did winning those two Heismans that Beano Cook promised.


Brandon Mahon 4 months, 2 weeks ago

Zenger needs to push Weis with the coaching staff. It seems we are chasing after everyone's 3/4 options, maybe its because some of the coaches can recruit much better than that. Zenger needs to push Weis to get coaches who have truely proven they can succeed on the recruiting trail, a few of our position coaches have not proven they can improve or increase the talent at their positions, hopefully they are looking for replacements aka WR,QB


Tony Bandle 4 months, 2 weeks ago

I am shocked that the recruiting coordinator position has football coaching duties as well. I would think that the boat we are all with the Kansas Football program would warrant a full-time committment by an individual at this time.

I am sure this is a shared rsponsibility post in other more successful programs, but the very success of a program is, by far the best recruiting tool, this allowing some flexibilty. We are nowhere near that stage.

Right now, we have to fight, scratch and claw for every quality player we can find.

The one thing we do have going for us is playing time. We can offer a quality player PT..would you rather be the third string halfback at Oklahoma or start and play at Kansas!!


Michael Maris 4 months, 2 weeks ago

I'ld be perfect happy if Rob Ianello left Lawrence. I never wanted to see coach David Beaty ever leave Lawrence. I doubt that Coach Weis could ever convince Coach Beaty to come back to Kansas (after the successful tenure at aTm). KU had WR's that could catch and block when Coach Beaty was in Lawrence. He demanded them to do so. How many yards has Johnny Football gained due to WR's blocking downfield for him?


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