The million-dollar question: What's going on with Dayne Crist?

Kansas quarterback Dayne Crist (10) looks for an open receiver during Kansas' game against TCU Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012 at Memorial Stadium.

Kansas quarterback Dayne Crist (10) looks for an open receiver during Kansas' game against TCU Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012 at Memorial Stadium. by John Young

With his hands on his knees and his head hanging in disappointment, Kansas University football coach Charlie Weis stared down at the ground and then stood back up in an attempt to move forward.

What he had just witnessed likely was something he never expected to see — at least not in an actual game at a crucial moment when everything was set up so perfectly.

But what he saw was a very real moment during last week’s 30-23 loss to Northern Illinois, and as KU quarterback Dayne Crist walked back to the sideline after missing a wide open Kale Pick on fourth down for what could have been — and likely would have been — a game-changing touchdown, Weis kept his composure and began to think about the next defensive series.

As Crist walked past Weis on his way to the bench, there was not so much as a look exchanged between the two. No words were said, no sympathetic eyes a smilin’, nothing.

It would have been real easy for Weis to pat Crist on the butt and utter some encouraging words to keep his spirits up, but we’re past that point now. Crist missed a throw that thousands of quarterbacks would have made and both he and Weis knew it. There’s no sugar coating that.

As crazy as it may sound, it was that exchange that further cemented my belief that Weis is sticking with Crist because he believes he’s the best quarterback for this team, not because of some kind of blind, golden-boy loyalty as the Crist bashers suggest.

Look, Weis is no fool. He gets that what’s happening with his quarterback is a far cry from what anyone expected — himself included. And he also understands that if the Jayhawks hope to win another game this season and continue taking the slow and steady steps toward overall improvement, he’s going to need a better showing from the game’s most important position. But that’s why he’s sticking with Crist. The upside of the fifth-year senior with the good frame and even better arm is far greater than his other options at this point in the game.

In addition to the advantages Crist provides, such as size, experience and intelligence, one of the biggest benefits of playing Crist at QB is the fact that keeping him out there gives Weis the potential to flip to any page in the playbook and make any call.

It doesn’t matter if the rest of us have seen what we want from Crist. Somewhere along the line Weis has seen what he wants, and, obviously, that’s enough. Simply put: Weis still believes it’s just a matter of time until Crist makes plays. Maybe it will just take one throw. Maybe the throw to Pick that he missed would have been the one. But Weis will never know if he yanks him now. And let’s be honest, is four games enough of a true evaluation to make a move of this magnitude — from experienced and trusted starter to unproven and unknown back-up?

Could KU reserves Michael Cummings or Turner Baty come in and make a few plays? Sure. They’re talented athletes who have played the position before. But we know both have been slow to pick up Weis’ offense, and if putting Cummings or Baty out there means Weis would only have 40 percent of his playbook available, you have to wonder how comfortable that would make him. And if the head coach isn’t comfortable then what kind of mess do you have on your hands?

As for what's actually going on with Crist, right now it appears to be largely mental. Mental in terms of trusting his abilities. Mental in terms of not being comfortable out on the field even when he has time. Mental in terms of mounting pressure to perform that only weighs more and more with each rough outing.

The only fix is for Dayne to finally deliver. And the only way he can do that is if he's out there playing. Weis knows that. He also knows it's not a guarantee that it ever will happen. But, right now, it's clear he's still betting on his quarterback.

The way I see it, there are three camps that people have fallen into when talking about KU’s quarterback. They are:

• He’s not good — Right or wrong, we’ve already heard plenty of people saying it’s time for Weis for make a change. It doesn’t look like that’s coming any time soon, but many believe that Cummings and/or Baty should get a look.

• He’s not bad — There’s still a small number out there who believe in Crist. They see the size, the smarts, the experience and the drives and throws where he has looked sharp and are confident that those best represent the type of QB he is. They could be right, but even they are starting to get nervous whether we’ll ever see it.

• He’s still shaking off the rust and is a work in progress — This group might be the largest, as a good chunk of KU fans appear to be comfortable with the idea that the Jayhawks are rebuilding and they believe that having a guy like Crist steering the ship — and more importantly, giving him time to get comfortable — is still the best option for KU’s struggling offense. The question here becomes, if you’re gonna lose with Crist, wouldn’t it be just as beneficial to lose with the back-up who will actually be around next year? That’s a tough one to answer.

Regardless of where you stand, the ‘What’s going on with Dayne Crist’ question has become the one topic that dominates just about every conversation about the KU football team, even though there are at least half a dozen other areas that deserve some attention.

It’s natural for fans of all kinds to have these types of reactions, and it’s certainly more understandable in this case when you consider KU’s current record. If the Jayhawks had made one or two more plays against Rice and Northern Illinois and were sitting at 3-1 instead of 1-3, I can’t imagine anyone would be calling for Crist’s head, even if he had put up the exact same numbers. Such is the nature of the beast, especially at the quarterback position.

The bottom line is this: Weis wants to win. And I honestly believe that if he thought putting Cummings, Baty or even Toben Opurum at quarterback would give the Jayhawks a better chance to win, he’d do it in a second. But they don’t. In so many words, Weis has said that and, certainly for now, I believe it.

This is not to say Weis won’t ever make a change. If things don’t improve and Crist continues to miss throws he should make — especially in clutch situations — Weis may decide it’s time to consider someone else. If it gets to that point, I think he will. But four games into the season is not that point.



stanleys 1 year, 6 months ago

WHAT'S WRONG WITH DAYNE CRIST??? It's more of a fact than it is a question. HE FLAT OUT is PATHETIC!!!!!!! He can't run, he can pass and what's worse Weis is staying with the sorry loser and for what??? It's too late in the season to even think about 4 wins now but that's what alot of us die-hard KU fans was hoping for. And Weis' play calling is questionable just as much, Two double digit 4th quarter leads AT HOME and it ends up in a loss.Crist sure as hell ain't the answer and I'm having second thoughts about Weis too. At least with Terry Allen or Fambrough or Mangino we got 4 maybe 5 W's a year. I'd take that in a heartbeat now!!!! I'm extremely happy with the extension of Bill Self's contract cause it's looking like KU will be riding the basketball revenue for a long long time. And I 'spose Zenger thinks Extending Selfs' contract makes him look like another genius???? ROFLMAO yea right '


DocPossum 1 year, 6 months ago

As a number of writers have brought ND into the discussion, if you had ND's receivers you would be at least 3-1. Weis will bring in plenty of good tall receivers (and some short ones) over the next few years. Crist gives KU the best chance of winning right now. He gives confidence and direction to the line, which the other QBs can't do just yet. The receivers are gradually getting there but it will take time to become a finished project. JDC


tk19581ku 1 year, 6 months ago

If anyone thinks that Crist, Weiss or anyone else can turn KU football around in 1 year, I'd like to be as delusional. It will take 3, at a minimum. It takes a full team, all working together to win - and it takes a full team to lose. Crist didn't lose the games - KU lost. Linemen, receivers, linebackers, coaches and everyone on the sidelines.

I've been on teams that won, and teams that lose. Winners believe it's never too late and losers believe the game, season or career is over at the first sign of defeat. KU is a winning program, but it will take time for a new mental attitude to take over - and until it does, changing quarterbacks won't solve the problem.

You'd better set your sights on the year after next or we'll continue to rotate through coaching staffs and nursing Div II wins. My hope is that Weiss can build on Gill's recruiting - fill more holes in the coming year and build a 500 season by year 3.


Sparko 1 year, 6 months ago

Seriously, why are we even discussing this? Crist is statistically one of the very worst QBs in FBS. I fourth from the bottom. He was brought here to win winnable games and failed. Weis needs to build for next year with Crist roving the sidelines. And if he is shaving points . . .


coach43 1 year, 6 months ago

Crist gives us the best chance to win, despite having yet shown it. Crist has to make the throws he needs to make. He is throwing like a guy who has no confidence in himself or his recievers. At the same time, we dont have any Dez Briscoes's on this team, although our WR corp is decent. But you could tell by the throws he made in the UNI game to the crossing receivers throwing behind him, he does not trust them. Should he?? out side of pick and turzilli?? no, he shouldnt. Our season has come down to 3rd down completions and were not very good on third down. A few completions on third down and were sitting at 4-0, or at least 3-1 with a loss to tcu. I still think he will improve and when he improves we will succeed. 4-8....


TopCityBob 1 year, 6 months ago

Steve Sax, Rick Ankiel, Chuck Knoblauch are some of the athletes that come to mind with throwing Yips. Making a short accurate throw is impossible, but long throws are not affected as much. Not saying that is what is wrong, but it looks like a possibility.


Savion Havon 1 year, 6 months ago

Bottom line is from what your saying in essence you have two kids sitting on the bench right now .The Knock on both being experience. You have a fifth yr senior who you appointed the starter before he hit campus. You have a transfer from BYU who many are saying is the starter for next year. If you are not going to open up competition and let your players compete whats the point of keeping either one of the backups. Release them and let them transfer. I am a glass half full type of person so I think Dayne though has obvious rust is a decent qb was a decent qb for ND. That being said as was stated earlier this isnt ND and the qb they have right now is nothing like Dayne kids got a live arm and is very mobile a improviser, Our line isnt as big as the ND line now to their credit they have been doign a pretty good job of giving him some time. When you look at the college and now even the pro level qb it has gone away from that slow prototype pocket passer and changed to that pocket passer that has great speed and the ability to move the pocket if things break down. Your Defensive lineman across are running 4.6s 4.7s so a slow moving qb out there is bound be a easy target and yeah you would be a lil nervous under that pressure. Id for once like to hear it be said speed kills a persons ability to throw and run a 44 4.5 is a asset and never a liability, If we are not getting the bog hosses needed to run this offense and we are working with what we have lets get a system in place that utilizes what we have and not point out what we dont. Thats called coaching the ability to adapt and make changes on the fly there is no set script to football or life improv is a wonderful tool to have. Our new season is upon us rest of the big 12 beware ROCK CHALK is coming for you


miltnewton 1 year, 6 months ago

Crist shows why he came in with hype in 10 days. Chuck knows what he is doing. Yes it's taken longer than expected or hoped but it's coming. this team hasn't given up on him, neither has his coach and neither have the fans with any sort of football IQ. It's too early to panic especially at QB. This team has three or four wins left in it this patient and support our guys. Dayne knows what he needs to do and will deliver...starting in Manhappenin.


ND69 1 year, 6 months ago

You people have no idea what dayne went thru with Kelly at ND . Kelly tried ( and apparently succeeded ) in "breaking Dayne down " and he did so in a systematic and vicious manner . I've coached for a long time and it's easy to " break " a kid , especially a good hardworking kid by completely abandoning all of the rules he espouses to .

The guy who was at USF gamne last year forgot about dayne coming right back and leading them down the filed and Mike Floyd is called on a phantom hold in the north end zone aas Cierre Wood scores .

Neither the fumble or the hold were on Dayne but he gets the blame and the cruel exit ensues .

Believe in thsi guy folks . He is a winner and he definitely needs a good break -- a great catch -- a great route . Give him a hand up and watch out --- I promise you the talent he has is other wordly !!!!!!


danmoore 1 year, 6 months ago

He's been disappointing but so has the offensive line and receivers. I'm not ready to throw in the towel just yet.

I don't believe Weis won't bench him because it would be foolish for a head coach to jeopardize his own career by not starting the players who will give him the best chance to win.


Cora Smith 1 year, 6 months ago

Dane Crist = Eric Chenowith. Looks good. Talks good. Can't get it done for some reason.


Eric Dawson 1 year, 6 months ago

MT: "But Weis will never know if he yanks him now. And let’s be honest, is four games enough of a true evaluation to make a move of this magnitude — from experienced and trusted starter to unproven and unknown back-up?"

Between this year and their two years together at Notre Dame, Weis is working on 3 years of trying to develop Crist. Crist has now had eight months of practice this year and four games against some of the weakest competition on the schedule. Plenty of time to shake off the rust, but he has not. What has trusting and investing in Dayne's experience yielded? Not nearly enough to justify staying the course with him.

If Weis doesn't give Cummings or Baty a shot and Crist continues to fail, Weis will never know if Michael or Turner could have made a difference.

So give Cummings and/or Baty a shot, see how they do. If Weis isn't willing to do it against KState because KU has 2 weeks to prep for them, fine. After the KState crushing of the Crist-led Jayhawks (man, I would love for them to prove me wrong!), play Cummings and/or Baty in the next game at home against the Cowboys.

If Weis is right and C&B are such a significant drop off from Crist, it should only take one game to prove or disprove it, right? I think KU can absorb such a loss in this season in order to find out if one or both of those guys, despite being "slow to pick up Weis’ offense", are gamers. Crist clearly is not one.

What is one more loss in a currently projected 11 game losing streak? Crist would certainly understand what Weis would be trying to do. If Cummings or Baty can wrangle a win, Weis can move forward with one of them. If they cannot, he can always return to Crist after Cummings and Baty have proved they can't do better. It would have the additional benefit of people having to admit that Weis was right to play Crist.

So exactly where is the downside of trying Cummings or Baty? Weis is suddenly viewed as no longer being the "the" QB developer because of Crist's flop? Even the greatest chefs need good materials. Crist, despite all his wonderful characteristics (and I mean that sincerely, I like the young man) has proven over the course of his college career that he is not a good major college quarterback -- and if he ever was, he seems to have lost it since his second major knee injury.


Kyle Sybesma 1 year, 6 months ago

For the record I'm OK with sticking with Crist. I think he's our best option to win but I do like Matthews at wildcat. It's been effective this year and last. I'd like to see more of it.


iamakufan 1 year, 6 months ago

I think Dayne Crist is victimized by way too high expectations. I think his benching at Notre Dame affected his confidence and the expectations we put on him made it near impossible for him to succeed right out of the gate. He put too much pressure on himself. I'm not saying it's our fault, just stating my opinion.

When Crist decides that he really has nothing to lose and starts to relax on the field and let his instincts take over, then he'll be the QB we know he can be. He clearly has the skills. I doubt he reads these comments, but if he did, the one thing I would say to him is "Relax. You're trying too hard. At this point, you have nothing to lose so just go out and let your instincts take over. You're a Jayhawk, win or lose. Once a Jayhawk, always a Jayhawk."

I obviously don't have the football instincts of our coaching staff. So I will trust that they truly want to win and they know the options they have with our team. And they'll do the best they can. I just have to remember this is a rebuilding year and keep my expectations more reasonable than I started with at season beginning.


Janet Scott 1 year, 6 months ago

Nice capture, Matt. I doubt Crist will rise to equal the pre-season hype. It still looks like 1-11 this year.


Jayhawker91 1 year, 6 months ago

I live in South Bend and was at Crist's last ND start. First drive - awesome. Hitting on all cylinders. Then... Jonas Grey fumbles on the 4-yd line and South Florida returns it for a 96-yd TD. Crist keeps his composure. Plays the next few drives well. Something like 6 of 8 for 95-yds on the first three drives. Then throws an INT in the end zone. After that, his self-confidence was shot - going something like 1 of 7 until he was pulled for the season. The kid has all the tools - size, strength, well-liked by his teammates (they loved him here at ND), smart. But I really think adversity gets in his head. The question - can Weis coach him up for K-State?


Jason Sinclair 1 year, 7 months ago


Matt, I love your work, but I absolutely hate comments like this. Of course Weis is doing what he believes is best . Has any coach (outside of perhaps Todd Hailey) EVER done something he thought would hurt his team? No, and almost every coach eventually gets fired - which means they make a whole lot of poor decisions.

The question, to the extent there is one, isn't what Weis thinks - we know what he thinks based on his actions. Whether he's right or wrong is the question. Nobody knows yet, but we do know that he is doing what he believes is best. That is a completely meaningless statement.


Steve Brown 1 year, 7 months ago

eyesight, get the depth perception checked.

pysch test: he has inner self that suspects as the Ex golden dome boy wonder, home of many a fine QB now he has the B12 cellar O line, the smaller he has inner self telling him to be better, more than he can do, we call it the scramble swing,.

Often, no more than often, on a golf scramble the best player with a few duffers tries too hard, to swing too hard to make up and actually if they just brought their normal game, the better shots would inspire the rest of the team. That's my take.


doctorWho 1 year, 7 months ago

". . . benefits of playing Crist at QB is the fact that keeping him out there gives Weis the potential to flip to any page in the playbook and make any call."

The fact that Crist has repeatedly screwed-up means that some plays are going to be off limits soon, like any play involving the word "pass".


Ferd Magellan 1 year, 7 months ago

You mention intangibles as a strength, while I consider that to be Crist's biggest weakness. Sure the respect he earned from the players in a short period of time is impressive, but he just doesn't belong on the field right now. He has no pocket awareness, bad issues with timing and no ability to adjust when a play breaks down. Few true freshmen have the kind of issues the fifth-year senior is experiencing. He is never able to make something out of nothing, unlike just about every starting KU QB going back to '04. I mean, if he could at least outrun Weis maybe he could provide something for the offense.

At this point in his career, Crist is just a model. Looks the part, but that is about it. I can't believe that another QB on this team or others could be statistically worse against the teams we've played to date. He's a very nice, intelligent kid, and more deserving than most to be given a chance to succeed. But it's looking more and more like he's going to have one of the worst seasons for a KU starting QB in a long, long time.


citizen1 1 year, 7 months ago

Dayne's problem is "Self Confidence"! I understand he is a stud in practices. The problem is he falls apart when under pressure in games. Especially when the other team blitzes.

Dayne's strengths seem to be handling the run game & short yardage passing. He also does not seem able to "see the field" very well during games, he seems anxious. He also "eats the ball" way too much.

The problem is not totally Dayne's. I think it is a team problem & that includes the coaches.

I believe Coach Weis needs to design & use plays exclusively that enhance Dayne's proven abilities in games, not practices. I know coach Weis likes to use plays that give KU "chunks of yards". Currently that is not a strength of Dayne's exhibited during games.

Also possibly something that might help, although risky, is let Dayne be a live target during each practice for a few series.

Dayne has to learn to handle pressure, see the field, & make good decisions. Coach Weis needs to design & use plays that facilitate this process.


sprivat 1 year, 7 months ago

Another reason not to bench Crist is that Weis knows he is going to have to and want to recruit more 5th year transfers like Crist and McDonald and Ragone. He's going to play these guys as much as possible as a selling point to future transfer recruits.

Let's face it. This season's a wash. If you're not going to go to a bowl game, they you need to do what is best for future seasons. Cummings and Baty aren't playing in the next two years unless Heaps gets injured. But who knows what kind of 5th year transfers we can pull in by using Crist and others as an example of saying "you will play".


Charles Logan 1 year, 7 months ago

What if it takes all season for Crist to get better? He played the same way at ND, and they benched him. He came to Kansas already knowing Weis' playbook, went through spring workouts, PLAYED in the spring game, practiced all summer (like everyone else), is given pass, after pass with each bad game. Cox is added to the team..... makes an impact! Tavi is added to the team.....makes an impact! inmpact......... Some of us have been keeping up with Jordan Web, and how he's doing at Colorado. After 2 games Crist and Webb had almost identical numbers.... And guess what?

WEBB GOT BENCHED! Colorado tried a new QB.... Why can't we? The next game (This past weekend) Webb came back, threw for over 300 yards, threw 2 TD passes, and ran in 2 more!

Some say "Oh he did that against weak Washington State!" I say so what? Crist couldn't do that against Rice, or South Dakota State! At least Webbs achievement was against a PAC 12 team. And on the road!

After 4 games Crist only has 2 passing TDs. I don't believe for a second that our backups couldn't have at least 2 TDs if they played in the same 4 games....No way.

Cummings, and Baty may have to transfer, or move to reciever like every other QB, because it looks like Weis is gonna play Crist till the end. And after that he's moving on to Heaps! I can feel our backups' frustration from here. (and I'm in Olkahoma right now!) LOL

I don't mean to sound harsh toward Crist, but how are the Jayhaks gonna get better with a bad starting QB, and no back ups? And why the %$#@ is Crist on the field when we are in the Jayhawk formation???!!!

He is no decoy WHAT-SO-EVER!!! Everyone knows we don't dare throw to him! That is a waste of a player on the field. I'm typing too much, but one more thing... Crist is a 5th year senior....Why is he making freshman mistakes???? That doesn't look like rust to me....


Al Martin 1 year, 7 months ago

Looking at this from a different angle, if Weis's playbook is so difficult that quarterbacks can't pick it up after going through spring football and training camp, would it be reasonable to conclude that perhaps that playbook isn't a good fit for college teams?


Steve Hillyer 1 year, 7 months ago

Dane may be the best we have now who can play but no one can tell me he's better than Jordan Webb (at least to this point). I didn't like how the JW thing went down after CW arrived, I have a problem with college players being placed on waivers but now that I see who is taking his place it makes me even more discouraged. We are now learning why DC lost his starting job at ND, perhaps Brian Kelly knew what he was doing.


bigtex 1 year, 7 months ago

Crist will get it together ,I believe KU will upset higher rated teams this year including the next game again'st KSU. Every man a Jayhawk !!!


jayhawk5067 1 year, 7 months ago

Matt ,

 Yes it is true dayne missed some key throws late in the game but the fact remains in the last 2 loses our defense looked tired in the 4 th quarter why due to lack of depth and the offense not converting some key plays so they could get rest .We cannot rebuild off of one player or 10 players it is going to take getting better athletes at every position and that does not happen overnight so lay off dayne he is a class act and i am willing to bet he is the type of kid that critizes himself more then all you arm chair qb's combined What we should be proud of is they are looking to be young men of character who are playing there tails off they dont like to lose but things take time .So maybe Matt we can look for the positives against KSu and be proud that we love Ku and all ther student athletes

texashawk10 1 year, 7 months ago

Crist's accuracy has been sub par more times than it should be and that is a definitely a big problem, but there's another big problem in the passing game and that's the lack of separation and drops from everyone but Patterson and Pick. The TE's have struggled to find open space more than a couple yards downfield, Beshears has running terrible routes, gator arming passes coming to him, dropped a TD pass that hit him in the hands against TCU and has generally just been awful this year. Turzilli has made a few nice plays and definitely has the potential to become a pretty good WR over the next couple of seasons, but he has dropped several pretty easy passes as well and needs to work on that before he becomes a very good WR. I'm not trying to deflect the blame from Crist for KU's poor passing performance this year because he certainly deserves his fair share of it, I'm just saying that when Crist has made good throws that his receivers haven't always helped him out by doing their job and making the catch.


nwhawk 1 year, 7 months ago

Dayne Crist can look the part in practice 24/7/365, but it's the games that count. If Crist is the best looking in practice for the rest of the season, but continues to underwhelm on Saturdays, do you stick with him because he's demonstrated that he's the "best option" in practice?

Sometimes you've gotta change things up, even if logic or your instincts are pulling you to stay the course. Sometimes you find out you didn't know what you thought you knew.


opinion 1 year, 7 months ago

I'm a season ticket holder, arrive early to watch warm-ups and stay until the students and the players finish singing the school song. No one wants KU to succeed more than I. I'm also an Irish fan and had watched Dane and Coach W many times prior to them coming to KU. I to believe Dane's play has been off but are we blowing things out of proportion? I mean yes he missed a pass that looked like it should have been easy. But a few hours later I watched a QB (Jones) on a team that had/has championship aspirations miss wide open receivers in a loss. Difference was the misses were at less critical times. Klein, who walks on water in the Little Apple had some off target passes as well. The Domers benefited from the horrible passing of a past Heisman contender. I also witnessed passes caught by top rated receivers on OU, K State, Mich and ND that were dropped by talented but lower level receivers for KU. The same passes that Dane throws that are in traffic, a little high, a little behind, a little too hard...... and are dropped, are being caught by 5 star receivers for top 10 teams for their QB's. Go watch the films. Tommy R for ND was saved by the hands of his receivers several times. I know that one pass isn't the only time we had expected Dane to come through and he didn't but that could be said of many QB's. Just watch other games with the same critical eye.

I really thought we could win 5, maybe even 6 games this year so I'm as disappointed as the next fan. But I think we are trying to teach this team a new system and a new attitude and I don't see anyone that would be better at that than Dane. I also predict he will lead them to a major upset this year and believe a great future starts with patience. Dane at QB is part of a long term strategy and we might get a pleasant surprise along the way.


SEsco10 1 year, 7 months ago

I still have faith in DC, even though I could see Pick wide open from the KU section of the game on Saturday.

I'm calling it now, big game for Crist against KSU and him shocking the college football world and beat KSU.


Mo Mosallaei 1 year, 7 months ago

If he was a freshman or a sophomore, I could see sticking with him in hopes that things will eventually click. But the guy is a fifth year senior who was expected to be a mercenary and come in as the biggest strength of this team. We've already played the manageable part of the schedule. It's too late for Crist (even if he somehow does get better). We need to get Cummings or Baty to play for the rest of the season in hopes that somebody does get some in game experience just in case Heaps is another QB that ends up being less than what was advertised.


manginorh00lz 1 year, 7 months ago



JayDocMD 1 year, 7 months ago

"In addition to the intangibles Crist provides, such as size, experience and intelligence..."

As a whole I enjoyed the article. Not to nitpick, and for the sake of discussion, I propose the above statement does not represent "intangible" qualities. These, in fact, seem to me to be measurable/tangible characteristics.

Size: 6' 4" 235lbs

Experience: very little, and I actually don't think this should be listed as an asset he provides

Intelligence: the most subjective of the 3, but can measured by IQ or other concrete testing

To me, a QB's intangibles are his pocket awareness/presence, ability to perform in the clutch, instinct of when to run when the play breaks down or when to just throw it away and not take the sack. (The ability to not fumble on the goalline when the game hangs in the balance would also be a preferred intangible.)


milehighhawk 1 year, 7 months ago

I just wish Crist's "intelligence" translated into more than knowing the playbook. Keeping calm under pressure and making good decisions seem to be missing from the equation right now.


Phoggin_Loud 1 year, 7 months ago

Great points, Matt. I believe the bigger concern is not the throw to Pick, but the many other throws he has missed. He missed a big throw in game 2 when he fell down to avoid contact and it led to an int. In game 3, he threw behind the tight end repeatedly. He seems to have a big arm, but little touch.


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