Weis releases Spring Depth Chart for KU football



Here’s a quick look at the pre-spring Kansas University football depth chart released today by new KU coach Charlie Weis.

Weis said the depth charts are very fluid and made it clear that this first edition was made without seeing a single practice. It’s clear by looking at it that past experience and seniority played a role in putting this one together.

With the first of 15 spring practices getting under way today, effort and ability will begin to factor in.


LT Tanner Hawkinson, 6-5, 295, Sr.
Chad Kolumber, 6-6, 318, Soph.

LG Duane Zlatnik, 6-4, 311, Sr.
Damon Martin, 6-3, 295, RS-Fr.

C Trevor Marrongelli, 6-3, 300, Sr.
Dylan Admire 6-3, 277, RS-Fr.

RG Gavin Howard, 6-4, 292, Jr.
Luke Luhrsen, 6-3, 305, RS-Fr.

RT Riley Spencer, 6-6, 305, Jr.
Bryan Peters, 6-3, 302, RS-Fr.

TE (Y) Jimmay Mundine, 6-2, 240, Soph.
Trent Smiley, 6-4, 248, Soph.

WR (X) Kale Pick, 6-1, 205, Sr.
Justin McCay, 6-2, 215, Soph.
Chris Omigie, 6-4, 202, Jr.

WR (Z) Daymond Patterson, 5-8, 178, Sr.
D.J. Beshears 5-9, 185, Sr.
JaCorey Shepherd 5-11, 185, Soph.

F (21) Nick Sizemore 6-0, 238, Jr.
Ed Fink 6-2, 237, Soph.

HB James Sims, 6-0, 202, Jr.
Tony Pierson, 5-10, 170, Soph.
Brandon Bourbon, 6-1, 220, Soph.

QB Dayne Crist, 6-4, 235, Sr.
Jake Heaps, 6-1, 208, Jr.

F (11) Beshears
Marquis Jackson, 6-0, 218, Soph.

F (12) Smiley

Y (10) Pick
Christian Matthews, 6-1, 200, Jr.


DE Keba Agostinho, 6-3, 275, Jr.
Ben Goodman, 6-3, 248, RS-Fr.

NT Shane Smith, 6-5, 292, Jr.
Randall Dent, 6-4, 305, Jr.
John Williams, 6-3, 298, Jr.

DT Pat Lewandowski, 6-6, 248, Soph.
Julius Green, 6-5, 265, RS-Fr.
Kevin Young, 6-3, 277, Jr.

DE Toben Opurum, 6-1, 245, Sr.
Josh Richardson, 6-4, 235, Sr.

SAM Tunde Bakare, 5-10, 205, Sr.
Michael Reynolds, 6-1, 220, Soph.

MIKE Darius Willis, 6-3, 243, Jr.
Tyler Hunt, 6-2, 226, Sr.

WILL Huldon Tharp, 6-0, 220, Jr.
Collin Garrett, 6-0, 210, Soph.

CB Tyler Patmon, 5-11, 180, Jr.
Dexter Linton, 5-10, 201, Jr.

SS Lubbock Smith, 5-10, 197, Sr.
Ray Mitchell 6-1, 185, Soph.

FS Bradley McDougald, 6-1, 210, Sr.
Victor Simmons 6-1, 201, Soph.

CB Greg Brown, 5-10, 185, Sr.
Chris Robinson, 5-9, 170, RS-Fr.
Corrigan Powell, 5-10, 174, Sr.


PK Alex Mueller 5-8, 162, Soph.
Ron Doherty 5-11, 215, Jr.

P Doherty
Victor McBride 6-1, 204, Jr.

LS Tanner Gibas 6-1, 196, Soph.
Justin Carnes 6-1, 241, Jr.



Dyrk Dugan 2 years ago

i thought Victor Simmons was gone too. But i'm glad he's back (or never left)....he can flat fly.


Dirk Medema 2 years ago

Could it be that Scott Holsopple (?) had a say in preparin thedepth chart? Now that could be some motivation that lasts through the summer.


tical523 2 years ago

I am very very surprised to not see Ben Heeney anywhere on the defensive list, I thought he was a special teams animal last year and was going to break out this year. . . . still time to earn a spot on the depth chart I guess. I think he is going to be a absolute stud linebacker by the time he leaves Kansas.


Bob Forer 2 years ago

It amazing how a few talented folks have reversed the somewhat glum prospects KU was facing in both football and basketball just a few short months ago. KU was coming off a horrible football season and it looked like we were going have to start all over again. Then Zenger hits a home run with the Weiss hiring, followed by Weiss's huge gets, and all of sudden we're looking at a chance of playing .500 ball, and maybe even going to a minor bowl game.

And it basketball, after the slow start and the Davidson loss, many of us were fearful whether we'd make the tourney. And now we're going to the Final Four.

Quite the turnaround, not to mention the success of the women's basketball team.


Jeff Worthington 2 years ago

Matt, this IS a complaint. We definitely need an updated roster. Who's this Gill guy?


dallashawk05 2 years ago

Matt, this is not a complaint, but I think we need an updated roster on this site... especially one that doesn't still list Turner Gill as the head coach!


dallashawk05 2 years ago

If some of those juco newcomers on the D Line don't rise on the depth chart, it would be very disappointing.... but guessing they will...


Carter Patterson 2 years ago

What's the deal with Heaps? Does he not have to sit a year?


ahpersecoachingexperience 2 years ago

Berglund? Berglund? Berglund? (in Ben Stein voice)


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