Manic Monday wraps with ACC calling Texas talk premature

10:40 p.m. Update:

Good find from one of our commenters here. It's a great example of just how fragile this whole situation is.

Texas says it's talking to the ACC. ACC says it hasn't done a thing. Both could be lying. Both could be telling the truth. Both could be bending the truth. It's hard to trust much of what's out there right now, no matter who it's coming from.

I'll leave you with this for tonight: Based on the various people I've been talking with throughout the conference and throughout the day, there are anywhere from 5 to 10 potential outcomes here. All of them seem to involve KU in some way or another and all of them could gain serious steam or be dead by the time we wake up tomorrow.

This thing will not be wrapped up all nice and tidy this week. May not even be wrapped up by Oklahoma president David Boren's self-imposed deadline of the end of the month. Too much at stake. Too many factors in play. Too much money on the table, money that stretches to or potentially could stretch to at least three or four different conferences.

As we've seen and said all along, the bus is being driven by the chancellors and presidents here. All eight Big 12 ADs (exclude A&M) are working their butts off and are actively involved, but the power lies with those above them.

Clear enough?

Stay tuned....

3:48 p.m. Update:

Before I get into the fancy writing and carefully crafted update about where we stand in the world of conference realignment, let’s look at the nuts and bolts right away...

No link here but there are reports that have surfaced that say ESPN Radio has sources saying Texas turned down an offer from the Pac-12 and is now involved in preliminary discussions with the ACC.

For Texas, this thing is all about what the best option for The Longhorn Network will be. Much like the pipe dream rumors about Notre Dame joining the Big 12 because it would be allowed to keep its TV deal with NBC, the conference that offers up the best situation for TLN — which could include help from the conference office or regional networks — will probably land the Longhorns.

One recent report said the Sooners and Cowboys are prepared to make the move to the Pac-12, with or without Texas.

If Texas is talking ACC, or even Big 12, and the Sooners and Cowboys agree to go Pac-12, the time could be right for KU and Mizzou to jump in as the third and fourth teams in the deal. There won’t be time to waste, though. If KU and/or Missouri so much as hesitates for a second if an offer is extended, the offer could be pulled off the table.

If you're Kansas, and all of this is true, this whole thing boils down to a couple of simple questions.

  1. Do you jump at the chance at stability in the Pac-12, regardless of what that does to travel, recruiting, etc.?

  2. Do you wait out Texas and hope the Longhorns can once again find a way to save the Big 12?

  3. Do you shun the west coast and head to the Big East where a "western division" would make life easier in terms of travel and you would be able to remain with both of your biggest rivals in K-State and Missouri?

That's a lot to ponder. While you're thinking it over, here's a few links to check out.

National college analyst Greg Swaim writes that the Oklahoma and Oklahoma State could announce their intentions to leave the Big 12 as soon as Tuesday. He also says that KU and K-State have a standing offer to join the Big East should things crank into high gear.

Here’s that New York Post article that says KU, KSU and Mizzou could be Big East bound if the OU, OSU, UT and Texas Tech bolt for the Pac-12.

Here’s a take from Bleacher Report that says the Pac-12 would be wise to take Kansas instead of Texas Tech. Could it happen? You bet. Will it? Whole different question.

Original Post:

It’s Labor Day, and there’s no doubt that it’s been one of the most aptly named days in the eyes of the Big 12 Conference athletic directors and presidents.

Rather than firing up the grill and kicking back, phones have been ringing, call-waiting beeps blaring and text messages fired one afte the other, all in an effort to not only make sense of the conference realignment mess but also to make sure that the school they represent was in as good of shape as possible for when D-Day arrives.

It’s not here yet. But it’s nearing. Quickly. Texas A&M is supposed to officially be announced as the newest member of the SEC in the next couple of days. When that happens, all hell is going to break loose.

Although there’s been very little said about which school might be Lucky No. 14 for the SEC, you can bet Mike Slive and company know exactly who’s interested and you can be sure that he’s got his list — a very short one — with him at all times and the phones ready. When the call comes, you better be prepared to say yes or it’s on to the next one. There’s no time to waste. Especially now that it appears that that the Big Ten, Pac-12, Big East and even the ACC could all be making their play for new members any day now.

Some schools, such as Texas, will have multiple options. A source told me this morning that UT president Bill Powers and AD DeLoss Dodds had been in contact with at least three different conferences in the past three days. The goal for the Longhorns always has been to find a way to keep the Big 12 going strong. But in the event that Oklahoma and Oklahoma State hit the road for more stability, the Longhorns are ready to act. The biggest key for UT will be The Longhorn Network — shocker, isn’t it? Whichever conference offers Texas the best proposal with regard to the network will immediately have a leg up for Texas’ membership.

So what’s all this mean for Kansas? A lot, actually. The Jayhawks have no network, no football dominance, no first-class ticket to paradise here. But they do have options. What’s more, they have plenty of allies. Current and former conference brothers have a vested interest in where the Jayhawks end up. Some are more passionate about KU’s place in all of this than others, but everybody is at least in some way interested in what happens to the Jayhawks.  Texas and Oklahoma have both been strong supporters of KU recently, if for no other reason than to keep their basketball programs associated with one of the nation’s elite hoops schools. Think about it. If UT goes to the Pac-12, Texas football remains as strong as ever but their basketball brotherhood weakens. UCLA may have great history but their recent performances and overall tradition pales in comparison to Kansas.

We could go on and on here about what role KU’s basketball program plays in all of this. We all know that football is the driving force behind the moves but it’s important to remember that elite basketball has a place at the table. It may not be next to the host or even down at that end. But it won’t be at the kids’ table either.

Stay tuned...



Bear86 2 years, 7 months ago

Matt, It's good you pointed out that the true power brokers in conference re-alignment are the Chancellors and President's of the University's. I could not agree more. This is why I'm so concerned with BGL. She is out of her league and does not have the clout to navigate KU through this mess. Our AD is a nice guy but he also is coming from a Jr College. Weak leadership will bring the house down. Hopefully the board of regents and the alumni get involved. If KU falls out of a BCS conference you can kiss HCBS good bye. F-Texas!!!


Josh Galler 2 years, 7 months ago

just saw on Bob Fescoe's FB page, that the two Arizona schools are looking at expanded Big 12?

Interesting. Lets see if they come to us OU stas TAMU leaves who would we get as a 12th team BYU, AirForce?


Randy Bombardier 2 years, 7 months ago

If Texas goes to the ACC, does everybody else stay? That would be a good scenario, but frankly I want stability. Big 10, PAC, East but ACC? Go with Texas? No and no.
If we end up in PAC my guess is ten years from now there will be a movement to form a new conference right where we are. Megaconferences will not be here for long. Smaller is better.


Justin Lindsley 2 years, 7 months ago

Its just sad... I thought we would be OK for at least 5 years. By then maybe some of this would have cooled down. There is no reguard for the student athelete or the fan. This is all money related. The "Business of College Athletics". Who's interest is really behind all of this crap? At this point the Big 12 is a no go. Even if they come together, how long till the next school puffs its chest out and looks for greener grass.

"The grass may be greener on the other side of the fence,..... but it still has to be mowed"

I hope KU lands on her feet in a good conference. I hope that it will work well with our fan base. rock chalk no matter what!!!!!!!!!!


okiedave 2 years, 7 months ago

Keep the Big XII alive. Let the Big XII South go where they want and bring in Boise State, BYU, Colo. State, Air Force, Utah State and Utah and Wyoming. Great travel destinations -- lots of skiing. Who wants to go to Philadelphia or Los Angeles to watch a game?


William Blake 2 years, 7 months ago

Texas is out riding their own coat tails with the Longhorn Network... is that necessarily a positive inducement to other conferences?

I know they bring a fat cash deal to the table... but look what it has done to the Big 12? Other teams in other conferences wouldn't object to the media/financial/program dominance of Texas?

Imagine being a long-standing member of your conference and then suddenly you get stampeded by Longhorns?

Comments? Matt?


mustlehustle 2 years, 7 months ago

Again...whether OU stays or goes....a proactive measure of approaching the Mountain West Conference and convince Colorado State, Air Force, Wyoming, and convince TCU from Big East, and convince SMU and Houston to join the Big 12...creates a geographic friendly Conference, captures some of the Denver TV market, increases market share and cross town rivalry with SMU and TCU, and Houston would benefit from the new rivarlries in-state as well. The aggressive movements may have schools like OU and OSU to reconsider staying put. Again, NBC is quickly positioning itself to reclaim some lost market share in football and may be eager to bid on a newly created conference that includes some of their MWC "Versus" teams.


trey 2 years, 7 months ago

Disclaimer... I admit to having zero inside information, contacts, or insight. I'm just a KU alum and fan who's both concerned AND excited about our future. And have no idea whether our leaders in this game (BGL and Z) have the ability to lead us to a good place.

That said, in my view the Big East would be a massive failure by KU leadership and a 1-3 year solution for KU at best, before we're right back in the same position but in an even weaker condition.

Because... the Big East isn't going to make it as a Super Conference either. Like the Big12 they're too weak to stop their best programs from being poached by the more powerful conferences. As soon as invited, the Big East programs will bolt over the next couple of years.

It looks to me like...

The 4 Super Conferences will be build around the ACC, SEC, BIG and PAC (each has 12 teams today).

Though there will be speculation, I do not believe any schools will leave these conference for another (ie. Maryland won't leave ACC for BIG, when all said and done).

So there are 16 slots to be had, four in each of these conferences.

There are likely 22 teams competing for these 16 slots, including current members of Big12 (10 teams), Big East football (8 teams), + ND, BYU, TCU and Boise State.

KU must (and should) get one of these 16 slots.

There are obviously many configurations that could play out, but in end I believe (and hope) that geography/proximity is a major factor. Travel for fans as well as student athletes should be a major issue.

The configuration that makes the most sense to me based on geography, culture, academics (and the one I hope plays out) is...

ACC: Adds UConn, Syracuse, Pitt and Louisville. SEC: Adds A&M, OU, OSU, West Virginia. BIG: Adds ND, Rutgers, MU, KU PAC: Adds Texas, Texas Tech, TCU, BYU

Out: Cincinatti, S. Florida, Baylor, K-State, Iowa State, Boise State

If you don't like this picture, start exchanging schools from one Super to another, but with each Super ending up with 16. If KU doesn't make the cut in the BIG, we have to get into the PAC. Though I think the BIG is a better fit, I would be excited about either. Going to the PAC with OU, OSU, and either Texas or Missouri would be good too. Either the West division of the BIG or the East division of the PAC will be a good place for KU.

The West division of the Big East is a losing proposition, because this will blow up too over the next couple of years, and if the slots in the BIG and PAC are already taken, KU is screwed.

I sure hope our leadership is thinking way ahead on this, ie. end-game. If they push or settle for a solution with KU and K-State going to the Big East, it will say a lot about the strength of our leadership (or lack there of). I think we will find out pretty soon.


HawkTronic 2 years, 7 months ago

Nothing in the past 15 months has scared me more than Matt's statement that the chancellor is driving this.


Ben Kane 2 years, 7 months ago

is it me or is espn seriously lacking in their coverage of all this? hmmm, i wonder why that could be (sarcasm in case it wasn't thick enough).


jgkojak 2 years, 7 months ago

The Pac-12 called Texas on its demands and refused to allow them to keep their Network.

So Oklahoma sees an opening, a way to get into a conference without Texas.

Texas calls the ACC as a bit of a power play (hint: they'll be an independent before they'll go to the ACC).

Which leaves us with: Oklahoma and OSU may very well go to the Pac. If Texas doesn't go, the Pac may very well invite Kansas as a partner for OU/OSU (and Colorado) and maybe KSU (since they're taking OSU).

And then Texas has a choice - they can go to the Pac with Texas Tech and the Oklahoma schools, they can remain behind and rebuild the B12 or they can go Indy.

And then Kansas has a choice. Do you: a. Go to the Pac with KSU, OU and OSU (more on this in a moment) or b. help Texas rebuild the B12, probably with BYU and SMU (two national schools with huge endowments) and maybe Air Force (another national following).
c. Stay out of all of it, make a play for the B10 and when rejected join the Big East with the other B12 schools.

(ANSWER: 'b' is the wrong answer - because you can't trust Texas. I can't decide between 'a' and 'c'-- discuss).

A Pac 16 without Texas: EAST DIVISION Kansas KSU Oklahoma OSU Colorado Utah Arizona Arizona St

I see two things here:
1) the basketball is not bad, about what we have now (when the WEST Div./UCLA are factored in) and 2) Other than Oklahoma, there's a lot more football wins than we were getting in the B12

Again, discuss.


Edward Coan 2 years, 7 months ago

Good thing there is a NBA lockout right now. Because Self is going for the next available job there.


Edward Coan 2 years, 7 months ago

I like joining the ACC. BCS conference for football and we could really be competitive in football in that conference. And as far as basketball, who could dream of a situation where KU, Duke, and NC are all playing each other!


Kevin Huffman 2 years, 7 months ago

My personal preferrences:

1) Big XII stays in tact and adds three more to get back to 12 again (my preferred three being BYU, Louisville & Pittsburgh)

2) Get added to Big Ten along with Mizzou and possibly (though less likely) also K-State in a similar move to get to 16.

3) Get added to SEC along with Mizzou (most likely) & a school like Va. Tech or the like from the ACC....virtually kills any future football resurrection but we'd look good in basketball there, that's for sure

4) Get included in the move to the Pac-16. Behind SEC & Big Ten just for the fact of how late many of the games way out west would be and I'd miss some of them potentially.

5) Added to Big East

6) Added to ACC....only behing Big East due to at least there's SOME teams that are nearby in the Big East....i.e., TCU, Louisville, Marquette, De Paul, Cincinnati, Notre Dame (though not in football). I mean what would be the closest team geographically from the ACC, like N.C. State or Va. Tech if they don't go to the SEC?!?!?!

7) Added to Mtn. West

8) Try to remain a conference with like just 4 left (KU, KSU, Baylor & ISU) and be adding bits & pieces to at least get back to 10.

9) Added to Conference USA [ far and away the worst contemplated outcome]


Nick Cole 2 years, 7 months ago

I live in Tampa but travel to the West and Midwest quite often for work. I would love the chance to see my Hawks play while on a business trip in Cali or Oregon or Arizona.

I don't like the ACC as we would be second fiddle to the UNC v Duke rivalry in basketball. ESPN would never talk KU bball, which would be sad. SEC = not an option, which is a good thing. B10 = would be nice as far as travel goes for the student-athletes and fans, but they don't seem like they are going to make a decision until some more shaking up happens. Plus, they likely want to expand east and poach some top football programs from the Big East. Speaking of the Big East, they will likely get picked apart by the B10 and ACC, so no thank you. Even though I would get to see the Hawks when they play at USF, not worth it.

Thus, the PAC it is. I like that move and would fully support it. I would really love it if OU, MU, UT, and KU went to the PAC. This way we keep our footing in Texas for recruiting, but UT would have to "disolve" TLN into something smaller and accept equal revenue, making them less of a control freak over the entire conf. Also, keeping the KU v MU rivalry and UT v OU rivalry in the same conf would be really nice and should be something the PAC would be interested in.


Ludwig Supraphonic 2 years, 7 months ago

In politics, locals generally see their representative as effective and everyone else as a crook. These realignment discussions have the same flavor. People who already hated UT, TAMU, Cobs, OU, etc. have an opportunity to vent their spleen. We want our AD and Chancellor to ruthlessly represent our interests. Everyone else is power-mad and manipulative.


Hank Cross 2 years, 7 months ago

According to this, the ACC Commish calls Bevo Scatology on the Orangebloods story. You have to take every thing that Cowchip Brown says as possible UT disinformation. The part of the orangebloods story that does ring true, however, is UT's refusal to let go of the LHN. Maybe the P12 put out feelers to KU to leverage UT. Maybe UT doesn't want to be an equal and have to split its money with a bunch of left coast commies. Either way, Boomer Sooner - blow this conference up this week!


hawkfan0311 2 years, 7 months ago

I can't believe it has gotten to this. Look at everyone trying to figure out which far reach of the country we are going to have to play in.

A few things: 1) I am so angry at UT for messing up the old Big 8, the thought of going anywhere with them nauseates me. Texas has had a hand in killing both conferences it has been in. If I was a conference, I would need to take a long hard look at admitting these jack-wagons.

2) My wife is an OU grad so I am more tied into Sooner stuff then I would like to be. The fact that Oklahoma is looking means the Big 12 is dead. An earlier post stated that when Boren (OU prez) says something, you better listen. I agree with that completely. Neither Boren nor Castiglione run their mouths like the Longhorn clowns. They say it, they mean it.

3) I haven't been that impressed by Gray-Little yet; she better not mess this up.


canuckhawk 2 years, 7 months ago

Good work on everything Matt. You'll scoop that Chip Brown yet.

This was my favorite line: "The goal for the Longhorns always has been to find a way to keep the Big 12 going strong."

Kind of like keeping your toilet in good shape. Good stuff.

I'll be glad when this ride comes to an end and I can sort out the landscape. I don't mind a little shake up now and then, but this is getting crazy.


FLJHK 2 years, 7 months ago

My choices: 1. Big 10, although there is no indication that is a viable option in the immediate future. 2. PAC with OU, OSU, and MU. 3. Any conference that doesn't include a Texas school. UT is a great school, but their ego has vastly outgrown their character and integrity. No other school in that state brings anything to the table that I truly respect. 4. A western division of the Big East, that hopefully includes KSU, ISU and possibly MU. I can certainly see MU going to the SEC.

The ACC option seems too ridiculous to even give attention. I just don't see that happening. Thankfully, the SEC also does not seem to be an option for us and I'm glad for that.

I care about academic integrity and affinity as much as athletic partnerships. Only the Big 10 and PAC are appealing from that perspective.


Fletcher Anderson 2 years, 7 months ago

Go west! The big 10 looks like it is set


Hank Cross 2 years, 7 months ago

Yes, Yes. 1,000 times Yes to the P16! The best blend of academics, athletics, and locations in the US. And that's not subject to reasonable debate.

Let's look at this from the academic side. KU a collegue with Stanford, Cal and UCLA. Plus, there many CA students who would love a chance to get away from CA for awhile and try something different (many are fascinated by snow) and quite a few might choose to spend their college years in what has consistently been rated on of the best college towns in America. This would be an excellent chance for KU picking up out-of-state tuition dollars.

Pauley, Galen Center (USC), Haas Pavilion (Cal) all become AFH West. Sounds so good I'll change my avatar until this idea goes bust or comes true.

If KU walks away from this opportunity should it present itself, it will have no one to blame should it end up in MWC when the B12 goes bust.


Jim Pendleton 2 years, 7 months ago

I have to agree completely with rob4lb on this. I basically said this a few weeks ago in another post. It is an absolute no brainer to go to the Pac-12 if the opportunity is offered. We have a number of teams we have played often in many sports, and it would be great to build new rivalries from those past experiences.

The point about game times is spot on. It should not be that big of a deal on west coast or mountain time zone game times, particularly during basketball season. Assuming you play most, if not all, of your games against east division, those will all be central or mountain time games. There might be an occasional game that starts later, but we are already used to some 8 or 8:30 starts.

While the Pac 12/16 bb tourney would probably be in LA most of the time, I think the possibility exists that they might move it around some, particularly with schools in multiple time zones. We could dream it might be in KC occasionally (with no school in MO, maybe not).

From a football point of view, you will have four schools who you are used to playing, plus Utah and two Ariz schools. Football title game for the Rose Bowl (hey we can dream can't we?), plus with this many schools in mountain and central time areas, I wouldn't rule out Fiesta or Cotton Bowl games either. I think we can continue to improve the football program in this set up.

I am just not all that wild about the Big East or the ACC for a lot of reasons. The eastern schools are very snobby (hey Texas should fit right in to that). Most wouldn't consider us or any other midwestern schools as a big rival. Most would be hard to travel to for away games, and you are looking at bb tourney in either New York or Charlotte/Greensboro most of the time.

Will always hope the Big 12 could be saved, but have to be realistic that it probably won't survive this time. If that is the case, we need to do what is best for KU, and that is the Pac 12 if offered. Rock Chalk!!


Becca Farish 2 years, 7 months ago

Get out get out while there is still a place to go beebe has sank the big 12 ..... GO GO GO GO GO GO GO any major conference will be better then the mountain west


dallashawk05 2 years, 7 months ago

Seems like a move to the Big East would make it much harder to recruit the state of Texas in football... would be a great move for the bball team, but football would suffer as usual....


ku2020 2 years, 7 months ago

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Joseph Kuebel 2 years, 7 months ago

Go west, KU! If we are offered a PAC16 invite and even thought twice about it I cannot explain my dissapointment... KU to the PAC makes the most sense culturally and would be a terrible idea to pass up on.

I will be rooting for UT to go anywhere but the PAC, as this move without question puts us in the best situation. Also, Arizona is MST... It was a non issue with CU, given Utah Zona Zona st are all MST, they would be in our 8 team pod with OU and OSU being a central time. So, KU central times... would stay up for less than 4 games a year (if that; considering we would likely play a couple weekend games) - 2 games being a late nite game for CST KU FANS!!



rob4lb 2 years, 7 months ago

Another question regarding realignment. Really seeking opinions. It appears that KU is doing a good job of playing the hand it was dealt. They seem to have the trust of UT and OU for whatever that is worth. Given the option of going to a power conference with Texas (say ACC) or going to a power conference without Texas (say Pac 16), which option do you think is preferable?


Jack Wilson 2 years, 7 months ago

Matt ... great work, here. You do an excellent job. Not just on this, but everything else.


rob4lb 2 years, 7 months ago

So far I have not been able to find any article regarding UT taking to the ACC. In some ways it makes sense as the ACC has a higher academic profile than the SEC and that has always been important to UT. I'm not enamored with the ACC option for KU.

-Geography- It's Atlantic Coast Conference and members are from Boston to Miami. -Cultural Fit- We're Midwestern. Any one else joining us? -Basketball- Here me out on this one. We will not be the top dog in basketball. It's Carolina and Duke. We will be a close second. The premiere game in the conference will always be Carolina and Duke. Even if we win three straight national championships, Dick Vitale will continue to slobber over Carolina and Duke. We are used to be the showcase of the conference in basketball and that would continue in probably any other conference except the ACC because we are neither Carolina or Duke. -Loss of long term rivals.- I like the Pac 16 scenario that has the OK schools, Colorado, KU and MU as part of the conference. 5 of the original Big 8. We will continue to play K-State regardless of what happens. That seems to be the best option given that the Big 10 does not seem interested.


Pitthawk34 2 years, 7 months ago

It's time for KU to start getting bids from Boeing. They can paint it to look like a jayhawk. What would be more scary than seeing a jayhawk screeming down the runway. We can even paint the tires yellow to look like little boots..


bville_hawk 2 years, 7 months ago

I think Texas is fishing around to other conferences to try and find one that will: 1) give them more than just an equal share of revenues, and 2) do whatever they want with their Longhorn Network. I wouldn't be surprised if they don't remain as the Godfather of whatever remains of the Big 12 and bring in schools that will let them have their way. I'm talking schools like SMU, Houston, Texas State, Arkansas State, etc. Almost be a new SWC! UT is just an uptown whore that is breaking up a lot of longtime, stable relationships...


83jayhawk 2 years, 7 months ago

Roy doesn't run the ACC believe or not.

This is about conference survival and big TV money.

ESPN wants Kansas basketball. They don't want to lose Kansas basketball to the PAC 16.

The ACC wants to be one of the survivors. That could mean going to 16. I highly doubt that Texas wants to go the ACC without at least one other Big 12 school. That one school could be MU but it could also be KU.


tychi_jayhawk 2 years, 7 months ago

Great reporting Matt. Any chance of a KU MU package to BIG10? Both schools bring big market shares and have AAU membership,


hawk4evr 2 years, 7 months ago

There is no way Roy wants KU or HCBS in the ACC. Do you really think he would believe he could still come into the midwest and recruit players like Harrison Barnes to NC when he could play in the ACC and only be a few hours drive from home? I know he doesn't get alot of players out of our back yard but as we all know, Roy has a very selective recruiting territory.


LVCHawk 2 years, 7 months ago

Roy would have the chance to be the hero for his first love UNC in 03, and his 2nd love, KU in 11, if he can push for KU to be in the ACC. He would be welcomed back to KU with a keg of Coke, and all the butthurt feelings would be gone. It would be beautiful, and Dean would be proud.


Carter Patterson 2 years, 7 months ago

I don't think that there is a BCS conference out there that wants Texas AND the Longhorn Network as is. Everybody has seen how Texas' arrogance has destroyed the league and nobody wants any part of it. Why would OU state that they wanted to leave? Texas and their Network.


mustlehustle 2 years, 7 months ago

"If" Texas goes to the PAC 12...its taking Texas Tech...."If' Oklahoma goes, they're taking Oklahoma State. Larry Scott in the PAC 12, likes the "regional groupings" 2 school from each state...the issue remains the Longhorn Network....and Texas may be looking to do a Notre all non football sports in the PAC 12 and take their football team independent. Notre Dame likes that arrangement with the Big East and Swarbrick at Notre Dame and Dodds at UT are very close friends.


jay381 2 years, 7 months ago

Matt: Thanks for the work on Labor Day. For many of us it was a treat to see the updates. Your work is appreciated.

I still like the Pac xx. I would especially like it if it would include OU, OSU, CU and KU in a western division. That would be half of the old Big 8 for travel purposes. I would then think AZ and AZ State would be the next two in the division. That would be 6 of the 8. Obviously the last 2 would be further and the games with the other division would be on the West Coast, however no further than the East Coast. Personally I think Tempe and Tucson are real good destinations to watch a BB game in Jan and Feb. If Gill can get the FB program back to where it was just 3 years ago we can be competitive with a lot of the teams in the Pac xx. I would think Bill Self would love the potential of recruiting on the west coast where the results recently have been marginal. Bill Self and the BB program certainly have demonstrated they can recruit any place on the east coast successfully with or without a conference connection. Early in this process I posted I would try to find a seat on that OU plane to the West Coast. Absolutely nothing has changed my opinion.

My experience living in OK for years is when David Boren makes a statement a decision will be made in a few days or no later than the end of the month, this man means exactly what he says. Do not doubt it. I think he felt he had done everything he could to salvage the conference. He is NOT a typical University President. Matt is totally correct this will move quickly. I would advise those that “dither” will be left behind in a heartbeat. .


ahpersecoachingexperience 2 years, 7 months ago

Roy and coach K cried like babies when the acc tried to add 'cuse and somebody eles (maybe uconn) a few years ago. No way do they go for ku.


Benjamin Piehler 2 years, 7 months ago

As long as our plausible scenarios are Pac 12, ACC, Big East and the long shot, the B1G.... I'm probably OK with wherever they land. It'd be great to stick with Missouri.

I like all of these scenarios with the exception of joining the Big East if it has been picked apart by other conferences.


83jayhawk 2 years, 7 months ago

You guys are missing the whole play for Kansas. Texas and Kansas to the ACC would make a ton of sense.

Roy Williams. Bernadetter Gray Little has some serious ties to North Carolina and the ACC as well.

ESPN and the ACC respect Kansas. ESPN is likely losing all of its programming to the the Big 12. They don't want to lose Kansas basketball as well.

It won't suprise me if four Big 12 teams end up going to the ACC. It sure woudn't suprise me if UT and KU went as a package deal.

OU and UT don't have to be in the same conference. They will always play the rivarly game no matter.

Would you rather be in the PAC 12 or the ACC with Texas? From a basketball perspective I would rather be in the ACC and from a football perspective I would rather be in the ACC with Texas. Texas footballl recruiting would still be alive and well.

No brainer for KU "IF" they get asked by the ACC, you jump all over it.


Fortesque Beagleton 2 years, 7 months ago

Breaking us up with the Texas schools will be bad for football. We get over half of our players out of Texas and we'll no longer be able to recruit there when we end up in the PAC or BigEast, or pretty much anywhere. The scariest part of all of this that very few people have mentioned is that our football program will have to completely rebuild it's recruiting base, which could impact us for a decade or more. I see the writing on the wall that the Big12 is gone, but this will devastate our football program which is already in a weak position. As a fan of both football and basketball, I'm very anxious to see how this shakes out for us on the gridiron. It's completely plausible that we lose a number of our current players once they realize they're never going to step foot in their home state for another game. Recruiting Texas will end overnight, and we could be back to where we were in the 80s and early nineties before the 12.


Krohnutz 2 years, 7 months ago


What is the feeling coming from the ACC about Mizzou and Kansas?

I know Roy would scream his fool head off, and Duke might fear having us in their conference, but what does it sound like from the rest of the schools?


Krohnutz 2 years, 7 months ago

Since I read the bit about the ACC making the power move on Texas, I have been thinking...

I really, really, REALLY hope the ACC just completely gives in so UT heads that way.

Why? Because it takes one of the biggest players off the board, and takes their little "hey don't forget about me" brothers off the table too.

It really opens up KU's options to the fullest.

The crap part of this is that DeLoss Dodds might be just using this to get some amount of leverage against Larry Scott. Not that DeLoss Dodds is aggressive and not always up front...


ahpersecoachingexperience 2 years, 7 months ago

can you guys "shut it" with the pac 10 start times. if we went there we would be in a division with 4 of the teams from the big 8 (ot tx) and and 3 other teams that are in MST during the winter months. gawd, why am i the only one on this site with a brain!!!!


Krohnutz 2 years, 7 months ago

Trying to land Texas is a BRILLIANT move by the ACC. As things are shaping up they will be fighting the Big East for that last "big conference" moniker. This would be the killing blow.

If UT lands in the ACC, KU either needs to try to be in there with Missou, the Pac-12, the Big 10, or prepare to build up their program in the Big East when the other conferences go to 16.

Big East ain't a bad place for awhile, it would be entirely plausible to rebuild football there while playing top notch basketball, but if UT is in the ACC you can bet that conference won't be the one dying.

Times up lets do this, LEEEEEEEEROY JEEEEEENKINS!!!


jgkojak 2 years, 7 months ago

Isn't an east divsion of the Pac 20 just the Big12 with Utah?


Janet Scott 2 years, 7 months ago

Nice work, Matt. This article is your usual stellar insight and your being on top of evolving news. Much appreciated.

Likely outcomes for KU from my point of view here on the East Coast, in order: 1. Pac XX (East Division) The chance to boost academic standing, which a move to the Pac XX would provide, will be too tempting to pass up, regardless of the travel. Would keep us with traditional opponents OU, OSU, CU (and maybe UT or MU). 2. Big East (West Division) KU likely has a standing invitation in hand. 3. Big 10 A real long shot. I just don't think the Big 10 will move to expand, outside a Pitt or ND; and while I don't like to say it, I don't believe they are interested in KU.


jgkojak 2 years, 7 months ago

Matt - Thanks for the fantastic and timely column. Do you get an extra day off?

The BIg10 with MU is still KUs preferred target. Note there are only three teams east that are AAU members and completely unspoken-for: Rutgers (a shoe-in for B10 expansion), Notre Dame (will they continue to say NO?) and Pitt (Penn St does NOT want Pitt for a number of reasons). If only 2 of those 3 enter the B10, the only 2 reasonable schools left to target are KS and MO.


Its clear that what happened a couple weeks ago with the B-East/B12/ACC summit was the B-East and ACC promising not to raid each other, and the B-East offering memberships to left-over B12 schools (ISU, KSU, MU, KS and Baylor).

So KU WILL have a BCS home that plays quality basketball. I think we all would hope it doesn't revolve around Madison Square Garden.

(By the way - MU goes to the SEC if this happens)

Big East - Midwest Division football only Kansas KSU ISU Baylor TCU Louisville Cinci Marquette DePaul Notre Dame (we're assuming ND remains indy in football)

Big East - Atlantic Division (or whatever you wanna call it) Pitt - probably to B10 WVU Syracuse UConn Cincinatti S Fla Rutgers - probably to B10 Villanova Georgetown Providence St Johns Seton Hall*


Ben Kane 2 years, 7 months ago

the big east is all about basketball, so what i don't understand is why there is no talk about taking some of their good football teams (pitt and wvu come to mind) and bringing them to the big12 (or whatever we are these days).


Steve Gantz 2 years, 7 months ago

Anywhere east is better than west. Of course that pales to keeping the Big 12 intact, although it doesn't look like it's happening now. And just for pure speculation, what about KU to the ACC? Now that would spice up basketball in a big way!


Clarence Haynes 2 years, 7 months ago

I would love the Big East because I live in the eastern US. Nonetheless, I say ring up the Big 10.


rob4lb 2 years, 7 months ago

Wow- Everytime I leave there is some new twist. UT to the ACC would certainly stabilize that conference. The Pac 12 would essentially be shut out of Texas. Tech gives them some exposure. There are a ton of Tech fans in Houston and Dallas.

If the Pac 12 wants to add MU and KU along with the Oklahoma schools, I'd take it. I know there will be some late games, but the 'Eastern Division' will have teams in either the Mountain or Central time zones. That should not be that big of a deal. If you play half the schools on the road during basketball season, that is only four games and some of the games will be on weekends.

In addition, this version of the Pac 12 keeps 5 of the original Big 8 members in the same conference. I think there is some value to that as well.

I have always said that the three preferred conferences are the SEC, BIg 10 and Pac 12. It sounds as if the Big 10 is not going to be overly aggressive so I think it is critical to jump to stability if offered a chance to go to the Pac 12.


Pitthawk34 2 years, 7 months ago

The AD had better have his cell phone charged at all times. The first offer we get for stability I thing we need to take it and the board of Regents had better be given notice that no one had better be on vacation here in the next 2 weeks because this is all going down sooner rather than later.


Fruity22 2 years, 7 months ago

I love KU and pretty much hate everybody else but "UCLA's overall tradition pales in comparison to KU"? That is quite a statement.


Dillon Davis 2 years, 7 months ago

Why are we not being mentioned with the Big 10. Proximity wise they make the most sense. They don't have much prominence in basketball besides Michigan State, and even then they don't have near the history that KU does. They have great football programs in Michigan,Ohio State, Nebraska, and Penn State but the rest aren't totally out of KU's league. We can compete with Mich St. and Iowa and Northwestern and Purdue and Indiana and Illinois. What would the Big 10 have against adding us and Missouri? Or maybe even us, MU, KSU, and ISU and then they can compete with the SEC, Big East, and Pac 16 (if that were to happen). That would be 4 Mega Conferences right there and then the ACC would have to adjust but still. Anyone disagree?


phi4life940 2 years, 7 months ago

Keep up with the great updates KUSports! We really appreciate the constant attention to all of this!


ralphus 2 years, 7 months ago

I love how ESPN is citing "sources", as if they're not the ones brokering all this nonsense behind the scenes anyways.

Nuke Bristol.


Kevin Crook 2 years, 7 months ago

Love the scenario that gets us away from Mizz and KSU. Time for some new blood.


mjhawkchalk 2 years, 7 months ago

I'll vomit if KU goes to the ACC. I'll be alright is KU goes to the BIG. But I'll be happy if KU ends up in the Pac !2.


hail2olku 2 years, 7 months ago

I am glad to see it APPEARS as if we are in much better standing this time around. Happy to see not every article painting a doom and gloom picture of us being left out in the cold.


Josh Galler 2 years, 7 months ago

If the east I prefer Acc or Big 10


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