Realignment Today: 3:43 p.m. - Neinas conference call set for 5 p.m.; may help uncover Mizzou's motives

3:43 p.m. Update:

The Big 12 has announced that interim commissioner Chuck Neinas will host a conference call at 5 p.m. CST tonight.

I'll be on it and I'll be tracking all of the action. Probably will be a lot easier to do via Twitter, at least live, and then I'll come back here with a recap.

If you'd like to catch the live Tweets, come follow me:!/mctait

The announcement did not specify what the purpose of the call would be, however, it's most likely the easiest way to accommodate the large number of requests for interviews with Neinas.

Stay tuned...

1:43 p.m. Update:

Chris Level, who covers Texas Tech for reported earlier that Tech president Guy Bailey told him and Aaron Dickens earlier today that Mizzou's Brady Deaton told him that MU did not have an offer from the SEC and would remain in the Big 12.

If this whole charade was a leverage play by Mizzou, this news severely undercut it. It also goes a long way toward stabilizing the league, though there, clearly, remains a lot of work to be done in terms of unifying it.

Speaking of that... One day into his term as interim commissioner of the Big 12, Chuck Neinas already is hard at work. This is the reason the guy was a no-brainer choice for the position. More importantly, he's already alluded to his past relationships with former Big Eight members as giving him a leg up in the task of putting the Big 12 back together again.

Earlier today, Mike DeArmond of the Kansas City Star, who knew Neinas during his days with the Big Eight posted this Q&A with the Big 12's new boss.

As the effort to clear up the confusion Missouri put in place last night continues, one thing has emerged above all else and that's the this is a conference in need of one voice. No more of this several members acting in their own best interest stuff. One voice. One conference. One goal.

Stay tuned...

10:27 a.m. Update:

As expected, there's been a ton of talk today about where Mizzou stands with the SEC.

I posted this yesterday, but I think it's worth repeating.

Think about the lengths the SEC went to to avoid lawsuits when they were courting Texas A&M. Extensive, right? The SEC wanted the move to be about A&M wanting to leave and basically wouldn't even touch the Aggies until they had "broken up" with the Big 12.

With that in mind, do you think the SEC's going to throw all that out the window and charge hard after Missouri? No way. They won't be willing to deal with lawsuits — which would come — to grab Mizzou if they weren't willing to do it to get A&M. Just doesn't make sense.

Once again, if MU to the SEC is still on the table, there could be plans in the works to make the whole idea seem like Missouri went after the SEC, not the other way around. But either way, with news of a potential offer in place leaking earlier this week, solid material for future lawsuits already is piling up.

More than likely this is about MU making a leverage play. Perhaps to get what it wants in all of this and perhaps to further put the pressure on Texas to give in. Not sure the second part of that will work — I think Texas believes the Big 12 could and would live without MU — but I can see where the Tigers are coming from if that's the case.

If not, they're just wasting everybody's time, including their own.

On the phones and looking for links. Stay tuned...

9:26 a.m. Update:

Around 6 p.m. Thursday, everything seemed to be in great shape with the Big 12. Well, great in comparison to what it's looked like for the past few weeks.

The realignment mess seemed to be settled, commissioner Dan Beebe was on his way out and it looked as if the nine remaining members were ready to move forward with a lot of hugs, handshakes and happiness.

But then officials from Missouri spoke and threw a wrench into everyone's plans.

Instead of taking the opportunity to hammer home the point that the Big 12 was strong, MU chancellor Brady Deaton added even more uncertainty. By not pledging strong, long-term commitment to the league, Deaton left the door open for the Tigers to move to another conference — someday — and left a lot of people upset at the same time.

The league has worked too hard for it to come to this, even if it does seem fitting. I realize things aren't perfect and that the league has a lot of work to do before it can even begin to regain the respectability and trust of those who follow it and work with it. But that will happen. And it would've happened a lot faster had Missouri pulled all of its limbs inside the train and let the door close.

They didn't. Here's why. Sure the Tigers still have interest in leaving if the Big 12 can't get its act together. But all signs point to that being the goal. For Mizzou to pose as another obstacle to that happening is just downright selfish.

And, really, that's what we're talking about here. The Tigers are the one remaining team with a little bit of leverage right now. And instead of tossing that aside and rejoining its brothers, MU jumped at the chance to be the big dog for a day. Congratulations. Won't last. And it will only end up hurting you in the end.

Depending on your point of view, the Big 12 is in a number of different states right now. It's either time to celebrate, time to exhale or time to tighten up and prepare for the next round of fighting. Sounds about right, doesn't it?

From where I sit, this is just another bump in the road for a conference that seems to have become more comfortable when surrounded by dysfunction than triumph. We'll see.

All I know is that it's time for this league to stop embarrassing itself and everyone associated with it.

Here's the latest on Mizzou, from The Kansas City Star's Mike DeArmond, who covers the Tigers:

And here are a couple of good recaps of Thursday's ridiculous day, one from Pete Thamel of The New York Times and another from's Andy Staples.

And, for those who might have missed it, here's the joint statement released by KU chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little and AD Sheahon Zenger a little before 10 p.m. last night.

“Tonight, nine members of the Big 12 Conference affirmed their solidarity and agreed to measures that will ensure the stability of the conference moving forward.

“The preservation of the Big 12 has been our primary objective as we worked to uphold the interests of KU, our student-athletes and fans. Tonight’s agreement will enable us to again look at expansion as a way to solidify the conference’s national standing. We look forward to working with interim commissioner Chuck Neinas in that effort.

“We want to thank Jayhawks for their patience as we have worked aggressively toward this outcome. We would have liked to have shared details of the various discussions with you, but it better served our common objective to proceed with the utmost discretion.

“While details remain to be worked out, this agreement points to a bright future for the Big 12 and allows us all to begin to turn our attention back to the accomplishments of our student-athletes in the classroom and on the field of competition.”

More to come throughout the day, I'm sure.

Stay tuned...



mattiesdad 2 years, 7 months ago

Matt...any news on the presser from Neinas..nothing from the Star either, but that's not all that surprising.


Ferd Magellan 2 years, 7 months ago

This realignment business is making my head spin. I bet you miss the good old days of just covering football, eh Mr. Tait?


Angus0199 2 years, 7 months ago

Geography needs to be considered, for fans and non-revenue producing sports. Best case scenerios would be adding BYU & AFA due to the National market. ND is a no-brainer, but pipe dream. Next options are TCU and Houston due to location, Rice and SMU due to location and AAU-but w/much less market. Boise St. if we need one more team.

One more thing. Lets put 3rd tier sharing and no single team network and if UT doesn't sign on, then they can go indy. F' em.


blindrabbit 2 years, 7 months ago

Hays: I've plugged the University of New Mexico several times on this realignment story. I've been on campus in Albuquerque several times and have attended a football game there. The school population is somewhat like that at Colorado. New Mexico State at Las Cruces is a different situation, and not worthy of consideration at this time. I think the conference needs to look West and give-up on trying to add the likes of Cincy, Louisville and particularly WVU. I'd push for consideration of the following: TCU, SMU, Rice, Houston, Boise, BYU, Air Force and New Mexico.


HaysJHawk 2 years, 7 months ago

two quick thoughts just off the top of my head. Big 12 network over the internet showing conference games of the none revenue sports and games not available to the tier 1-3 networks available now. It may not be a ton of content but the overhead is low and if you can get ESPN 3 to do it then your in good shape. Has anyone thought of New Mexico as a good match geographically and as a growing market for the Big 12? It seems to fit overall. It may not be sexy at first thought but a good market with a decent basketball team and a football team with tons of room to grow seem appealing to me at least at this point....


CloveK 2 years, 7 months ago

Just curious, with Beebe out, what happens to the associate commissioners and other staff? There are about a dozen people or so who had Beebe as a direct boss.

Will be interesting to see how much overall turnover there is or if the majority will keep their positions.


Steve Williams 2 years, 7 months ago

did jay just suggest " the dakota schools" do you mean the UND Bison, of Division 2, and the SDSU Jackrabbits,, recently escaped from D2. Good markets there.. that might be the dumbest thoughts ever transcribed. Nebraska is not coming back if they made tom Osborne was the new commish, and Touchdown Jesus would come right off the wall and take it 80 to the house before ND even batted an eye this way. The only way the little 12 sticks is

with missouri- add BYU, TCU, Louisville and/or West Virginia WIthout Mizzery- add BYU , TCU, LOuisville, West VIrginia or your choice of Houston ( Market) Boise State, Air Force


jaybate 2 years, 7 months ago

Add Rutgers in New Jersey and the northeast branch of the Super Corridor would be locked in.

Now, count it up: North Dakota, South Dakota, Kentucky, Louisville, West Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey; that's seven teams; that makes the current Big Nine into a Big 16 team.

And if adding the Dakota team is rendered unnecessary by being able to leverage the west branch of the Tar Sands pipeline right away without enlisting the state universities in those thinly populated states, then the conference could instead cheery pick two more desirable teams in their places.

How married is Penn State to the Big Ten really? Could the Mellons with a long standing, big time influence in Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and West Virginia be enticed to bring Pennsylvannia schools into the fold to really lock down this northeast branch of the Super Corridor. How about adding Penn State and Pitt, even though Pitt just jumped to the ACC.

This Big 16 would be perhaps the most stable super conference imaginable. It would be underpinned by the political economy of the most dominant North American infrastructure of the 21st Century. It would span East and Midwest time zones. In football, it would have Penn State, Pitt, Texas and OU. In basketball, it would be absolutely phenomenal: KU, Kentucky,Texas, Maryland, WVU, and Louisville.

The other route to go would be to add two religious schools, i.e., Notre Dame and BYU, instead of the Pennsylvannia schools This would capitalize on their national followings individual TV networks that make an asymmetric revenue sharing system very attractive.

This dog would hunt, too.

But I have a hunch the Mellons, probably in alliance with the Crown of Great Britain, would like to get back in the thick of things here in America with a Super Corridor as specified, and a Super Conference, too.

All aboard!


jaybate 2 years, 7 months ago

Going to Winnipeg is going to be very difficult without Nebraska, but the west branch of the Super Corridor could be re-routed through the tar sands pipeline right of way, if it can be imposed on a hostile Nebraska, thence Northward through the Dakotas thence through Canada to Winnipeg.

So: add the Dakota schools as have nots. Maybe even entice Nebraska back with a fabulously lucrative asymmetric cut, but probably not. More likely they'll just brute force the tar sands pipeline right of way through Nebraska with legal muscle and pork and NU stays in the Big Ten...but you never say never to infrastructure like the Super Corridor, if you're Nebraska and Warren Buffett.

Now, what about the northeast corridor. What universities and states would you want to attract to punch the Super Corridor up to say, Phillie, or Jersey?

Your best bet would be snake it up the Ohio River valley on the border states side of the Ohio. That would mean through Kentucky and West Virginia, and through Maryland to New Jersey.

Kentucky would jump the SEC in a second to escape football hell there and to get into an asymmetric revenue sharing program for UK basketball. Louisville might be grabbed also.

West Virginia would either join up with the rest of the Big East, or alone, for the same asymmetric revenue sharing. Let's keep it simple and say Neinas cherry picks just WVU, not the rest of the Big East, though landing UConn and Rutgers could greatly smooth politics in the region.

Maryland is in the ACC, so on the surface it seems a tough get. But Maryland has already expressed an interest in leaving the ACC to join the Big Ten for better money, better football, and perhaps to reconnect with northern culture. With an asymmetric revenue sharing deal, and the benefits of the Super Corridor feeding Maryland, it is conceivable that Maryland could be cherry picked.


jaybate 2 years, 7 months ago

"Super Corridor and Super Conference"

Chuck Neinas has rapport with the old Big Eight Schools because he was Big Eight commish, replacing Wayne Duke, who left for the Big Ten.

Neinas has rapport with Texas because of helping set up the CFA, that began the two tier world of D1 college football based on differing levels of TV earning among the haves and have nots, that lead to the BCS play off system.

Neinas has also brokered a lot of sports on TV and has pedaled pro franchises.

He gets the job of structuring a haves and have nots system for the Big 12 that hopefully will give the Big 12 an edge in attracting teams to the Big 12. In this way, Neinas will play take what they give us. He will try to turn the disadvantage of Texas asymmetric benefits in the advantage of a super conference structured entirely around benefit asymmetry.

The Neinas model will run contrary to the direction the ACC, Big Ten and Pac 12 have flourished with. It success will depend on its ability to cherry pick some marquis teams out of other conferences that view themselves as haves not being treated as haves.

Its how Bill Self would go about it, if he were Conference Commish.

It might work.

But it has to attract at least three schools back to a true Big 12, and preferably seven to take it to a Big 16.

If Syracuse and Pitt had not jumped from the Big East, this model would almost certainly have worked with a Big East merger.

So how does the Big 12 expand?

Let's step back and look at the Big 12 as a Super Corridor conference, i.e., as a coalition of major universities in states crucial to the eventual expansion of the Super Corridor to where it was originally intended to go.

It was originally intended to branch straight north to Winnipeg, and also to the north east, probably to Jersey, or Phillie.


mustlehustle 2 years, 7 months ago

Has Vegas started odds on "who" might be the "permanent" Big 12 Commissioner....some names to post on the board;

  1. Bobby Knight (no bull and was a champion of academics for his players,
  2. Bill Parcells (try pushing him around)
  3. Robert Gates (may need a new gig (no pun intended) after the next election...may be influential in keeping the male cheerleaders at College Station in the Conference)
  4. Carl Peterson (ex President of the Kansas City Chiefs)
  5. Mike Leach (he's an attorney, a former football coach, needs a job and would be a further pain in the ass for ESPN

What? Too soon?


jhawkrulz 2 years, 7 months ago

It is always interesting to read some of the old blogs:

Here is the one when the new Fox deal was signed in April 2011: You got to think that Alp had some good comments back then.

Prior to this year the Big Xii revenues were shared at 57%, this year they actually voted to raise it to 76%. I've stated this, maybe off a percentage, but here is the link.

Just some information.


cajayfan 2 years, 7 months ago

MU is gone where? Link, please?


rob4lb 2 years, 7 months ago

The addition of TCU is an act of desperation by the Big 12. They add no value to conference in terms or fans or a large stadium. It is a very bad deal for KU because you add another school in Texas to compete for recruits. KU will never get the recruits that UT, OU or even A&M go after, but they do compete with schools like Baylor and Houston and TCU. If TCU is in the same conference, they can just as easily say, come to TCU and you get to play UT and Baylor and Tech every year.


lothario64118 2 years, 7 months ago


Would you be able to clarify something for all of us on the 6 year deal the B12 plans on. I had read the the "even-share" payments to schools will be gradual. Exactly how long are we talking before it's equal? Gradual could take 5 years, only laving 1 year of actual "equal share" payouts. Then there will strife again. It's as if none of the lower schools learned anything from what just happened.

Missouri is gone folks.


William Blake 2 years, 7 months ago

I'm not a fan of Texas because of their negative influence on the Big 12... but the facts are there and Texas is a growing state! Meanwhile... many of the coastal locations are going through major economic struggles and shrinkage. The Midwest remains stable!

Okay... we don't have the oceans. We also don't have tsunamis, hurricanes or earthquakes! We are central to the entire country. We have cultural diversity. And we have a rich history in our culture and in our universities.

The next commissioner better have positive esteem for this conference. We must put effort into growing this league in various areas, especially opening up media potential and league identity, while we do everything in our ability to create stability and to start selling the Big 12 as the stable conference! If we do that, we'll make huge gains in the future as the other conferences go through devastating changes!


William Blake 2 years, 7 months ago

Okay.... now the league is all chummy again.

So how do we move forward?

The two largest football powers in our conference don't seem to like each other anymore. No one in the league seems to be satisfied with the LHN deal except Texas. And we are called "The Big 12" but we don't have 12 teams and appear to remain on shaky ground.

I don't think the B12 can continue on in it's current state. A new commissioner is on the way and there are many issues unresolved.

In order to regain some form of permanent commitment from member schools, it appears that some of the existing structure on the books will have to be modified. First... Texas will have to convert the LHN into some form of equal profit-sharing. I'm not sure that will still be enough. There should be tight restrictions on how the network is used to prevent unfair advantages going to Texas... like in the recruiting area.

I haven't viewed the existing contracts Texas has with the Big 12, but it looks like we could be a league heading into big time litigation... or in the least, heavy negotiations with the threat of litigation. No one wins in a long, drawn-out legal process.

It appears we are coming into a new day for the Big 12. Now might be the time to scrap the Big 12... find a new name along with starting a new conference. This may be the clearest path to take in hopes of developing a league that will have structure and management as a key strength (instead of a weakness). Without changes from the current situation, we are still just buying time before the league crashes. I'm not sure of the possibilities because of legal issues, but I know corporations often maneuver through structural restarts as a way to cancel out past long-term commitments.

Why hold any school to this league? Instead of managing control through fear and threats, why don't we just build a league that schools would want to be members of?

After living abroad for 20+ years I returned to the Midwest two years ago. My experiences abroad helped open up my perspective here in the wheat belt. On a mass scale I noticed very little positive self-esteem in all levels of life here. We have been conditioned to believe that every place else is better than the Midwest. Not true!

The Big 12 has at least as much potential as any other conference. Okay... we don't have the fan numbers that can compete with the east coast. But then... we don't have several conferences fighting it out for control here, either!

One of the biggest advantages we should have here is stability. The one thing we currently do not have!

The Big 12 is always a top power conference in football and basketball. There is no reason why we can't stay at and around the top indefinitely!


STL_Jayhawk 2 years, 7 months ago

Mustlehustle (obviously a UT fan) keeps posting on every f'ing blog how superior UT is and why they deserve to keep their money (so they can teach their students how to spell "muscle" apparently). He has the big picture intellect (sarcasm font) to ask what the other members have to forfeit in order for UT to share this revenue. Well I like to think of it a different way. Given the success of the B1G network, suppose the SEC, ACC and the PAC 12 all sign lucrative contracts in the next year to start their own conference networks on ESPN or FOX. Does anyone think any of these networks is going to want to create a Big 12 network that has to compete with the LHN? What do we have to relinquish? How about the fact that the other members are forfeiting the ability to ever collect on a lucrative conference network? If the Big 12 becomes stable and strengthens our appeal through athletic successes, the LHN contract will grow in value when it is renewed an the other members will continue to see UT have an unfair advantage.

I think we are far from this thing being over. And if the LHN revenues are not being split, then KU needs to start the process of expanding the stadium now so we are in a better position in 6 years (if it lasts that long).


STL_Jayhawk 2 years, 7 months ago


I applaud MU (wow, that was hard to type) for not being all giddy and stating they are committed to a conference for the long-term when all the specifics have not been worked out yet.

Maybe I am wrong, but, this time around, did any school official for MU actually ever state that they had received an official offer to join the SEC? It was leaked that MU had an agreement with the SEC in case the Big 12 fell apart and who can blame them for that. It may be just word play, but having a contingent agreement (even if it is just an oral confirmation of the desires of both parties) is different than having an official binding invite from the SEC whether or not it is contingent on the Big 12 falling apart.

After the leak of the story, if I recall correctly, all the SEC denied was that MU had received an offer to join the conference (again word play denying an official invite but not denying having discussions with MU). As mad as the SEC was for the leak, the Birmingham paper published a story that same day confirming that Auburn (quoting school officials) had already agreed to switch to the East division if MU joins the conference. Does it make sense that the SEC would have asked Auburn if they would switch divisions if the conference wasn't in the process of discussing the possibility with MU?

Also, can you touch on what has been officially agreed upon by the 9 schools and what is still up for negotiations? For several of the schools, the Big 12 receiving a commitment from the Chancellor is obviously not official until the BOR signs off on the contracts. I don't understand how so many Chancellors would be excited about reporting back to their BOR that the LHN revenue will not be divided. They should be concerned that some of the BOR members might push back and want to have more negotiations. In the meantime, anything could happen as a result of the negotiations. To me, MU is the only one that is smart enough to recognize that there is a lot of work left to do. Doesn't it seem like the other schools have all the leverage of someone that walked into a car dealership and said "I'm committed to buying this car, now let's talk specifics"?


Bill Keebler 2 years, 7 months ago

Here is a comment to stir the pot a little with regard to MU. A caller about 30 minutes ago on 810 radio claims to have 2 very good sources that state by 5:00 PM Monday MU will be headed to the Big 10.


Tony Bandle 2 years, 7 months ago

My prediction...exactly two years from now, on this date, Sept. 23, 2013 the Big 12 will be something none of us anticipated.

Stay tuned.


mustlehustle 2 years, 7 months ago

Apparently the 3 networks (ABC/ESPN/FOX) are all comfortable with TCU replacing TAMU should that officially happen....


trey 2 years, 7 months ago

Folks there seems to be a lot of confusion about the TV contracts, how they work today, and what the Big12 schools want to change to create long-term stability. Following is how I understand it; if not right, Matt or someone correct...

The current Big12 Tier1 contract is with ESPN and pays 60M per year thru 2016. The Big12 pays out 1/2 of this revenue equally (3M per school), and the other 1/2 is paid out based on the number of Tier1 appearences a school makes. The other conferences pay all of their Tier1 contract out evently, regardless of appearances.

The current Big12 Tier2 contract is with FOX and pays $90M per year thru 2025 (this was just signed in the last year). The Big12 already pays this out evenly to each school (9M per school).

The Tier3 contracts are all negotiated by each school. Texas LHN pays our 15M per year. I believe that KU makes approx. 8M per year on our Jayhawk NW (which is 2nd highest in the league to Texas). I believe MU gets approx. 4M per year on their Tier3 contract.

So here's the deal... If the Big12 changes the rules to pay out all of the Tier1 & 2 contract evently (already do on the Tier2), each school gets 15M per year. That compares to 17M per year in the SEC, and 18M per year in the B1G, and 21M per year in the PAC. However the SEC's and PAC's contract runs thru 2024, while the Big12 and B1G's Tier1 expire in 2016.

There's a belief that the Big12 and B1G contracts will triple when re-upped in 2016. If so that would mean that the Tier1 & 2 payouts starting in 2016 would stack up as follows...

B1G - 34M per year, per school Big12 - 27M per year, per school PAC - 21M per year per school (expires 2024) SEC - 17M per year per school (expired 2024) ACC - 13M per year per school (expires 2023)

However the B1G numbers include the BTN, which might also include Tier3 (so may not be apples-apples).

The "give" on sharing the Tier1 revenues evenly is probably doable. Though in the past I believe that Texas, OU and yes... KU have not voted for it. Remember, Tier 1 & 2 are for nationally televised football AND basketball games. KU is on Big Monday a lot.

You have to wonder if KU has been part of the problem, in-bed with Texas?


BewareOfThePhogOnTheWater 2 years, 7 months ago

First, Matt, thank you for your hard work on this issue. Second, everyone needs to remember that there is no one less trustworthy or honest than the folks at MU. Must be all the meth in the air, but never make the mistake of believing what they say. Always proceed with caution.


Steve Brown 2 years, 7 months ago

MarchPhog says: While some of the viability of that network comes from the existence of the Big 12, the vast majority of that network's success will be from Texas' school brand, not the other schools. I don't really understand the outrage at Texas wanting to cash in on the fact that it has a huge donor and alumni base, other than sour grapes from the schools that don't have that capability themselves.

Perhaps. So it seems you prefer the NY Yankee model, keep all your media money over the NFL or Dallas Cowboys & Green Bay Packers having media revenue splits. I propose that baseball would be more competitivie if they had the NFL shared model, Why not allow NY Yankees to buy or purchase draft slots to carry it to the extreme. That is what we are allowing UT to do with LHN. Make the conference even less compeitive.


Steve Brown 2 years, 7 months ago

Mustle says:Texas has agreed to relinquish its Tier 1 and Tier 2 rights for the next 6 years, meaning "if" they elect to go elsewhere, their games can still be aired by the Big 12 Conference. and all rights to those tiered games.

I hope you are correct, my fear is that if/when UT leaves to become independant ABC.FOX.B12 will not elect to make their game against Purdue or LSU the Big 12 game of the week, leaving them the LHN and 100% of the split.

I would sign the loyalty oath only after all the shared revenue issues are resolved and leave an out clause that if new discrimination issues arise, we may exit sans fees.


Sam Constance 2 years, 7 months ago

I'm stunned at how many KU fans here are taking that "well, you can't really blame them!" attitude as it relates to Missouri.

Think about it--Missouri has pretended to be a good team player this entire time, working towards the repair and continuation of the Big 12. Right up until the Big 12 looks as stable as it's looked in almost 2 years, at which point Missouri promptly takes a sh*t right in the middle of the floor.

I know Tigers are accustomed to defecating anywhere the mood strikes them, but this is just one more chapter in the book "Missourians are A**holes: An Autobiography" by N.C. Cure.

I know a lot of people want to give them the benefit of the doubt because, hey, they're just looking out for themselves, right? Unfortunately, at some point, if people don't put the "I gotta get mine" attitude aside, the whole concept of having a conference is flawed. You enter into a conference because there is a believe in shared benefits and gains from doing so. There is an inherent implication that you have some concern for your fellow conference mates, and any schools/officials who don't see/understand that aren't smart enough to hold the positions they hold. The Big 12 is successful because it's the Big 12. Sure, most of the schools could leave and be successful individually and watch their conference be successful in another league, but there is a key idea missing from the brains of almost everyone involved in the decision making for this mess: partnership.

At this point, Missouri doesn't need to make doe-eyes at the SEC for leverage. Matt is spot on when he says that Missouri is doing this to feel like the "big dog" for a day. The fact that this is coming from a man who has supposedly been leading the Big 12 makes it that much more off-putting to me.

One thing that has come out of all this is that EVERY TEAM EXCEPT TEXAS seems to be on the same page as it relates to revenue sharing, etc... Vote their a**es down 8-1 and have that be that. We also know from this whole soap opera that, as bad as Texas wants to keep the LHN revenue, the only option/leverage they have to do so is going independent, and I think most people agree that Texas doesn't want to do that.

I know we all want KU to end up in a good spot, but the best spot for them is here, in the Midwest, in a midwestern league that is hopefully still tied to the BCS. The best way to do that is with the Big 12. For KU to act like a teenage girl--the way almost every other school in the conference has done thus far--wouldn't help anything. It would just make KU look like the bunch of greedy a-holes that we apparently share a conference with. I have no issues with feeling out possible options, should the rest of the greedy a-holes destroy the conference. But I do not want our leaders out there acting like highschoolers at lunch trying to get a seat at the "popular" table.

(to be continued...)


mustlehustle 2 years, 7 months ago

What exactly is considered "equality" and "fair" to the other schools in the Big 12? That Texas should "share" their $300M agreement with ESPN? That for the sake of the "Conference" they should walk-away from a $300M agreement? For either one of those to happen in another lifetime, much less this one....what would the other schools have to contribute or "relinquish" or forfeit to make it a "fair" and "equal" compensation?

Again, OU continues to pursue an exclusive network. They learned a very difficult lesson this week their cache' was tied to UT, and combined with Oklahoma State, wasn't remotely attractive to UCLA, or Stanford, or Cal. After that experience, should more revenue weight be given to UT in the Conference, as they seem to be the pick of the litter.

Tier 1&2 rights are where the majority of games of significance appear each week. The only reason the Longhorn Network is being able to televise the Kansas game is both Tier 1 and Tier 2 networks "passed" on wanting to televise that game. The second game to appear on LHN came down to...Kansas State or Kansas, and the Kansas game was the less desirable to either tier to broadcast.


FlintHawk 2 years, 7 months ago

Check out Clay Travis' tweets today re "Big 12 lies" and encouraging Tiger fans to fight to get in the SEC. Wow.....



ltownatrain 2 years, 7 months ago

So here's what I don't get and maybe someone has said something about this earlier.....but why is all the talk centered around Mizzou going to SEC. I worked in the UM system (not mizzou thank goodness) for several years and from everything I heard the Governor as well as boosters, etc would rather mizzou be in the Big 10. So what I don't get is why everyone thinks they are going I mean odds are the Big 12 at this point sticks around for probably 5-6 more years with the new Tier 1 and Tier 2 rights agreements at which point my guess the Big 10 will be calling again. So why jump to the SEC just to jump a few years later...thats a TCU move and why would the SEC want mizzou knowing they will likely bolt the second the Big 10 comes calling.


lama 2 years, 7 months ago

Re the discussion on AAU, importance of academics, admissions -- why hasn't this happened yet?


DistantFlier 2 years, 7 months ago

Maybe it's time that the 8 members of the Big 12 not located in Austin grow some cojones and tell everyone to share and share alike as in the Big Ten/Pac-12 or hit the road.

Maybe it's time that Texas either becomes part of the solution to the Big 12's problems or finds a new home. I think that Texas has explored that route over the last 2 years and found out that no one else will put up with the stuff the Big 12 has allowed since inception.

Texas seems to think of themselves as the NY Yankees of college sports. How did the line from "Lil Abner" go -- what's good for General Motors (Texas) is good for the USA (Big 12)?


Jeff Kilgore 2 years, 7 months ago

To me, the 16 team conference is a disaster for NCAA schools. Championships will be lessened, travel will increase, cost will increase, fatigue will ensue, schools will have less reason and time to play out of conference. Costs are on the up, the economy is going nowhere.

Does anyone believe that this decade will be lost in conference tail chasing? If KU holds steady in the Big Whatever, (and that might be a good name for us now), I think we'll see teams such as Nebraska, but especially Colorado to ask for its way back in. And when they do, we should Prodigal Son them right back in. Just makes sense.


Mike Ardis 2 years, 7 months ago

If MU is doing this for leverage vs Texas I don't blame them. OU has none now that the Pac12 said "no thanks." Since then Texas has gone back to basically saying third tier rights for the Longhorn network are not going to be split. The rest of the schools need whatever leverage there is to drag Texas into negotiations. If not we might as well name DeLoss Dodd as Big 12 Commissioner...


mustlehustle 2 years, 7 months ago

Texas has agreed to relinquish its Tier 1 and Tier 2 rights for the next 6 years, meaning "if" they elect to go elsewhere, their games can still be aired by the Big 12 Conference. and all rights to those tiered games.

However, they will not relinquish the Longhorn Network. The $300M from ESPN over the next 20 years, $5M of that each year, over the first 5 years of the agreement goes to the academics at the University of Texas. Staff and budget cuts at Texas were grateful for the infusion of capital.

ESPN perceives the partnership with the University of Texas to be their biggest "launch" since ESPN2. They are not going to acquiese and the "net" of around $22M a year from those monies, aren't going to be conceded for any reason by the Longhorns.

The fact Texas has retained their Tier 1 and 2 rights for the past 16 years and is willing to relinquish is their commitment to the Big 12 Conference.


Steve Brown 2 years, 7 months ago

Boren said all nine remaining schools — all those except for Texas A&M — "agreed" to give a six-year grant of their first- and second-tier television rights to the Big 12.

Unless you include the 3rd tier rights and the LHN $$ in the contract this agreement binds only the other 8 schools. UT can leave anytime they want to go independant put all their games on LHN and not play on FOX or ABC and give up nothing.

It binds us to them not them to us, so why sign it.


trey 2 years, 7 months ago

People, the Big12 can't prevent any team from leaving. Just like the BigE couldn't prevent Syracuse and Pitt from leaving. All the Big12 can do is enforce the exit terms in the conference bylaws, which likely include...

An Exit penalty (it's either an absolute number, ie. 20M), or some amount of their TV revenues.

A timeframe that we will allow them to leave (ie. 27 months in the BigE).

I'm all for enforcing these terms to the max degree with both A&M and anyone else that leaves. But we have to have a conference left to do it.


LAJayhawk 2 years, 7 months ago


"Once again, if MU to the SEC is still on the table, there could be plans in the works to make the whole idea seem like Missouri went after the SEC, not the other way around. But either way, with news of a potential offer in place leaking earlier this week, solid material for future lawsuits already is piling up."

It doesn't matter how they try to frame it publicly. The biggest part of civil litigation is discovery, and there is absolutely no way the lawyers won't get all the information about who contacted who. There is FAR too many parties involved to not be able to find the memo or witness or email, etc, etc, etc. If either side (mizzou or SEC) tried to hide it, their lawyers would be in massive amounts of trouble, as, again with all the parties involved, the truth would come out. No lawyer in his/her right mind would hide that information. And if a school official hide it, he or she would no longer be a school official and probably would be looking at criminal charges.

So, as you said, the lawsuits would come, which means the truth would come out. And if the SEC contacted mizzou, then they would be potentially liable, regardless of how it's spun in the press.


MWShields 2 years, 7 months ago

Tech's Guy Bailey has told two reporters that Deaton has told him that they do not have an offer from SEC and that MU will stay in B12.


trey 2 years, 7 months ago

You will likely see Brady Deaton step down soon as Chairman of Big12 Board. He will say that it's not appropriate for him to lead the reform of the Big12, while he school evaluates other options. Which is true.

But, it will be yet ANOTHER signal to college athletics that the Big12 is weak and getting weaker.

BGL and Zenger we need an Exit Play now!


BarkingHawk 2 years, 7 months ago

I have followed these events closely, along with many of the comments posted by KU alums, fans and followers. A total of 15 members of my family have attended KU, several with advanced degrees. I'm one, but that's not my point, only to say that our group is well invested to the betterment of our university and our state's level of education in general.

As noted by other posts, the more one thinks about this mess (and, let's face it, it is a mess), the more one concludes that we need to take advantage of the moment to tie our athletic future, survival or whatever one wants to call it to major, and I mean MAJOR, improvement of our academic standing. Our most recent decline in the U.S. News rating was another disappointment. We may be teetering in our membership in the AAU. Other points set out in the following from the Journal World (also cited earlier) echo these concerns.

A fund-raising moment - for academics through Jayhawk athletics - is at hand. We're now coming to realize - one hopes - that it's a must on both fronts.


senegal66025 2 years, 7 months ago

Let them go. I dont like them. Never liked them. I dont like playing them or hearing about them or smelling them. Do you get the idea. I dont like MU


rob4lb 2 years, 7 months ago

Regarding AAU status, this is an area of concern. I learned that Nebraska was kicked out by an email I got from the Chancellor. She acknowleged in the email that KU's status could be at risk, but that strengthening KU's research capabilities and maintaining AAU membership was a top priority. The Wall Street Journal article yesterday was a bit troubling. It listed each university's US News Ranking and its ranking of research dollars. KU ranked 138 in research dollars; K-State was 139. KU was lower than MU, ISU, A&M. UT, Nebraska, Colorado. They were ahead of OU, OSU, TT and Baylor.


cajayfan 2 years, 7 months ago

Man, I hate MU even more now. Something needs to happen to knock these snotty little boys down....Oh yeah, there is football tomorrow. GO OKLAHOMA STATE!


jgkojak 2 years, 7 months ago

I don't have a problem with the 3 changes that happened this round -

A&M to SEC and Pitt/Cuse to ACC - they make geographic sense, are good fits academically and culturally with their conferences.

If the B12 can lock schools in "handcuffs" - I am all for it - they may set a precedent and every other conference will go into lock-down mode- meaning this won't happen again for quite a while.


BarkingHawk 2 years, 7 months ago


Isn't MU Chancellor Brady Deaton in the midst of a massive conflict of interest?

As Chairman of the Big 12 Board of Directors, he is setting the agenda, making appointments, etc. and otherwise - as seemingly a fiduciary - duty-bound to work toward the best interests of the Big 12 and its survival as an intact entity, not to mention each member separately.

How does this square with his refusing to comment that he and MU are not wholeheartedly committed to the future of the Big 12? How does it square with not denying interest in another conference, whichever it is?

I do not see how he can have this both ways and, absent immunity, not be subject to a lawsuit for anything MU is doing behind the scenes with another conference (he and/or MU itself). The same may be true of any of the board members, but certainly Deaton in his role.

Again, there may be immunity or indemnification granted to the board members/chairman, but it is clear that, at least, the spectre of a conflict of interest arises either way. If there is a cause of action here, who knows what formal legal discovery might also disclose?

Am I missing something here?


MWShields 2 years, 7 months ago

I don't think Baylor, KSU, KU, and ISU waive any legal rights until they have IN WRITING some thing from the SEC that they are not going to accept MU for at least 6 years. That said, the pressure may be applied to the SEC by TAMU asking them to "back off of Missouri" so that they can get on with their move to the SEC. TAMU isn't going to have MU stand in its way and will be working toward any solutions that allow them to get out cheap and easy.


Tony Bandle 2 years, 7 months ago

Forgive me the repitition, but it seems cogent to this string of posts.

Shortform history of the Big 12;

1] We are a great conference. 2] We Texas are going to have our own network and make more money. 3] We Nebraska and Colorado say screw you, adios. 4] We are a great conference. 5] We Texas think high schoolers will want to watch us on televsion. 6] We TAM say screw you, adios. 7] We Baylor says, just a second. 8] We Oklahoma, Okie State, Texas, Texas Tech, Missouri say screw you, adios. 9] We the PAC 12 and SEC say, thanks but no thanks. 10] We all say, let's be friends. 11] We are a great conference. 12] From the back of the room, " ...for now!!"


oldalum 2 years, 7 months ago

I have a lot of trouble believing MU would go to the SEC and forever ruin their chance of going to the Big10. I feel like that has always been their goal, even if they have to wait three or four years.


trey 2 years, 7 months ago

KU's interim strategy needs to be...

  1. Finding a new chancellor.
  2. Evaluating whether our recent AD hire can play with the big boys.
  3. Hiring a "college-level" football coach (vs the "high school level" we clearly have today).

TKHAWK 2 years, 7 months ago

Totally agree with your 10:27 post Matt. I truly hope this is mostly a power play by MU to keep pressure on Texas to stay true to negotiations since OU's bluff got blown by the PAC. Unfortunately its kind of a weak power play by MU given that one, I don't think their offer to the SEC held any water if the Big 12 survived, which it will, and as you said ultimately the 8 remaining teams could survive without MU at this point.

Having said that if they really want to go, I say go. And if you are going to go you better do it before you sign this huge new "pre-nup" with the Big 12 because once OU and Texas get this ironed out it is going to be $$$$$ to leave. Have fun battling Vandy for the bottom of the SEC, MU.

In a world where perception is as important as reality, the replacement of Beebe made the Big 12 look better, MU's stance makes us look weaker again.


lv_jhwk 2 years, 7 months ago

Everyone else seems to be getting in the heads of MU's adminstrators, so I will too... they're panicking. Not in a "the Big 12 sky is continuing to fall" way but in a "pre-wedding jitters" sort of way.

The grants-of-rights agreement that has been discussed as a possibility is much more concerning to them than anything else. Sign that and they are essentially hitched to the conference for the next six years (if that's what is agreed upon), essentially nullifying any chance of getting to take up that SEC offer. So as every bride and groom experiences for at least a brief moment, they are pondering whether or not a union with this dysfunctional family of schools is worth it.

Essentially, MU is standing at the altar and while everyone is waiting to hear an "I do", they are busy eye-banging the old flame who showed up at the last moment dressed like a model and holding a spare room key.


FLJHK 2 years, 7 months ago

KU's interim strategy must be focused on academics. Yes, some upgrade to football facilities would be apprpriate, but football and local market share will never be our selling points. Our basketball brand and academics will be.

It should be noted that the schools that have moved to stable conferences in recent years are all academically sound. KU's AAU membership is a credential of enormous significance. However, we currently reside in the lower tier of AAU schools. While I don't have knowledge to suggest that our membership status is in jeopardy, potentially losing that credential would completely destroy KU's status as a major university.

I don't know what it would take to enhance our current status - higher admission standards, money infusions to leverage more research dollars? Whatever it takes should be pursued even more vigorously than athletic facility improvements.


Steve Brown 2 years, 7 months ago

A loyality oath with heavy exit fees does not protect the conference, rather it protects continued abuse of the unequal revenue sharing so that remaining schools can not depart as did Buffs, Aggies and Huskers. Loyality oaths like prenupital agreements are not needed in relationships of trust, mutual respect and parties of equal value.

Dodds says "we are who we are and others will say what they will say" and with our new loyality oath, now that we learn we dont have an exit or an out will keep you others in line.

East Berlin needed a wall, the Big 12 should not, unless something is rotten at the core.


jkd9379 2 years, 7 months ago

We need to be the first to 16 teams. Do the 4 pods system. (Pod 1) Lets add ND (I know they aren't coming but we can dream right), Louisville, Cincinnati, West Virginia (pod 2), Boise State, BYU, Kansas, Kansas State, (Pod 3) ISU, Missouri, OU, OSU, (Pod 4) UT, TCU, Baylor, Texas Tech. This is perfect and still the first super conference. Now everything get there head out of there a$$ and work together to make this the best conference in college sports... Rock Chalk!


FairgroveJayhawk 2 years, 7 months ago

I'm very excited the Big 12 has a brighter outlook. It means less travel for student athletes and a better ability to achieve their academic goals.

Kudos to KU's representation in Bernadette Gray-Little and Sheahon Zenger in how they've handled all the speculation.


Jayhawkfanalum 2 years, 7 months ago

On the one hand, this MU posturing risks horrid bad press, because, East to West coast, we’re all suffering from realignment fatigue.

On the other hand, C. Deaton and MU have handled this round of realignment brilliantly to this point. Both OU and Texas are eating a little crow. And Baylor. Not so much MU (or KU for that matter). And If MU comes a calling to the SEC, the SEC won’t send them on their way as the Pac12 did to OU.

OK. Now people are realizing OU is essential to the B12 (and attractive to other conferences).

Guess what. MU is too. They’re the new Nebraska, anchoring the north, a school in a decent-sized state with 2 major metropolitan media outlets and only one major university, one with a strong FB program and a historically (and potentially) strong BB program as well.

While I find this MU posturing annoying, UT and OU and all the boys down south need to acknowledge that MU is actually essential to the B12. Maybe the southern behemoths can disregard Iowa State, perhaps even KU and K-State. But they’d better not dis’ MU, or they’re going to served a brand new plate of worry and grief.


Keith Hummel 2 years, 7 months ago

Sighhh...and the drama continues. I guess it's less painful than watching our football team try to play defense right now.


FLJHK 2 years, 7 months ago

The ONLY way disequal revenue distribution could work in the Big 12 is if it were bait that would entice Notre Dame, and to a much lesser extent BYU, into the fold. As regards Notre Dame, I'm not foolish enough to think there's any realistic opportunity for that to happen, just that it's the only card we've got to play.

We could then adopt a new name: The Free Market Conference.


trey 2 years, 7 months ago

This is a total joke, and the BOR, BGL and Zenger need to be developing our EXIT PLAN now. Not a fall-back plan, a "let's get the hell of of here now" plan. Though it's hard to say, I sure wish we had the exit plan that MU has.

Instead, all we hear is this "we're totally committed to the Big12" crap. I'm good with BGL and Zenger not out in the press puffing their chest out. But then just don't say anything. Be silent like ISU. We don't need to hear more about how the Big12 is best for KU. The signal that sends is either...

"we have nothing to offer anyone else", or "we're totally in bed with Texas" (which more and more, I believe is the case).

And all this talk last night about the schools signings media rights to the Big12 for the next 6 years (as a big exit penalty), as putting the cart way before the horse. Why would ANY SCHOOL do that until they have aggreement on how the conference is going to operate during that time. What MU certainly wants to know first is...

  1. How are Tier1&2 revenues going to be split (unevenly like today, or equal shares like the other conferences)?

  2. Is any of the Tier3 revenue (like the LHN) going to be split, or is each school on their own for Tier3 contracts and money.

  3. What content is going to be allowed on the LHN, or any Tier3 deal (HS games/highlights?).

  4. Are we going to expand to 10, 12, or beyond (makes big difference in revenue shares).

No school is going to sign this "poisen pill" until all that is worked out. Which goes back to the Texas, and to a lesser degree OU... Are they going to give anything up?

MU is saying... if you don't, screw you, we're going to the SEC. And if our leaders had developed any other option for KU, we should be saying the same thing.

Weak, Weak, Weak.


Cora Smith 2 years, 7 months ago

IF KU has any possibility with the ACC, Pac 12, Big 10 or any other legitimate offer, it should take it now. The rest of the world will align in the next 6 years and KU will be on the outside looking in. Additionally, the Board of Regents should get it out of their heads that insisting that KU and K-State be spoken in the same breath should go away. It is every dog for themselves and it will not change.

Hard to blame Missouri when they can achieve stability and prestige by going to the SEC. However, I seriously doubt Texas A & M or Missouri will be happy as middle of the pack or lower in the SEC.


LJD230 2 years, 7 months ago

The reality is this: the nine schools remaining in the now defunct Big 12 is a conference without a name. It ain't the BIG 12 anymore. Get over it.

After the drama of the last several weeks it is hard to imagine any school woth it's salt wanting to be affiliated with the likes of OU, OSU and Mizzou!!!


jgkojak 2 years, 7 months ago

In the long run, if MU bolts to the SEC- good for us. Because when the B10 comes calling in a few years, we'd then be a prime candidate.


LSHawk 2 years, 7 months ago

MU is not going anywhere. Would you rather have a chance at being the conference champs 3 out of 5 years or being in 5th or 6th every year, which is exactly where MU would finish in the SEC.


TJWhatleyLives 2 years, 7 months ago

If you did't get to see the Beebe meltdown on Twitter it was classic.


Ron Prichard 2 years, 7 months ago

I know MU didn't go "all in" last night at their press conference, but I really think they are just trying to gain a little leverage with Texas and OU. I can't imagine the SEC would extend them an invitation now after everything that has happened. I would have to think that Texas and OU could place a few calls to some SEC schools or the commissioner advising that if the SEC invites MU they not only "could" find themselves facing a lawsuit, they "would" find themselves facing a lawsuit. A threat from Baylor is one thing. A threat from Texas and OU is very different. I really think this is just MU trying to squeeze the last bit of leverage out of this to get more concessions out of Texas and not let OU try and run the show on its own. Just my two cents.


Hank Cross 2 years, 7 months ago

MU is acting exactly as it should - looking out for its own best interests. Why shouldn't it when its fate has been at the mercy of the whims of UT and OU for the past 2 years? I wouldn't toss out my last bit of leverage until I got the deal I wanted either. If MU could get a better deal in the SEC, the it should absolutely walk. I would say the same thing if KU got an invite to go to the P12 or B10 w/o any other B12 school going with it.

It's pretty obvious that BGL and SZ were just bystanders in this whole thing and Scott decided the fate of the B12. If he would have said yes, the OK schools would've been gone already.

Compared to MU, KU has been acting like a 2:00 am booty call that UT and OU can always turn to after they've been trolling Hollywood bars looking for a more attractive partner.


DallasJayhawk1 2 years, 7 months ago

If Mizzery isn't on board 100%--then the Presidents vote should be you are free to go and no longer part of the conference. We need team players--not ones that aren't going to commit. BYU, Air Force should be our first targets. TCU will be really hard to get--although they haven't played a game yet there, the Big East has already said they will put up the same legal fight as Baylor did.


rob4lb 2 years, 7 months ago

I don't blame MU or anyone else that has some leverage for not buying in 100%. What has really changed? A&M left because of the LHN. OU explored other options because of the LHN. We have already been told that changes to the LHN are non-negotiable. So what's changed? It's got to be frustrating to look out the window and see the other conferences play together harmoniously while we have tip toe around a bully and hope that he is in a reasonable mood. After awhile, enough is enough, and if you have a chance to leave, you leave.

To everyone who says, the conference does not need MU, you couldn't be more wrong. MU's departure will further weaken the conference. There is no one you can replace them with that come close to adding the same value. Stop with the TCU or SMU or Louisville, it's just a bandaid.

The non-Texas states in the conference of KS, IA, OK, and MO have a population of about 16M. Take away MU and you now have 10M. How is that not going to effect TV revenue.


MISTERTibbs 2 years, 7 months ago

Does this really surprise you since Mizzou was the school that started all this bs last year only to end up with egg on their face when Nebraska was selected over them for the Big 10?


TheColonel 2 years, 7 months ago

I dislike Missouri as much as the next guy, but really, who can blame them? How many times are the schools going to be asked to pledge solidarity in the Big 12? Each time, it is less and less genuine.

It's like the old saying fool me once shame on you, twice shame one me. Then what the heck is three times???

If KU had a stronger position, I'd be pulling hard for us to just get off this train wreck once and for all. Its a new century- we can build new rivals, we can build new legacies, we can write new stories. We don't need to continue to compromise our future for the nostalgia of the past.


4chewnut 2 years, 7 months ago

Matt-- Thanks for doing a terrific job through all of this. I heard Mitch Holthus earlier this week and he had some creative ideas on what the Big 12 could do. Bring in some new members. Sign some schools - Notre Dame - to play us in football and basketball - but to remain independent. His ideas brought a lot of energy and would make the Big 12 something to be reckoned with. Have you heard his thoughts?


ja3hawk 2 years, 7 months ago

Well... Regardless of whether or not MU stays in the B12, the conference must grow. For the B12 to gain enough stability, we need to add teams to get back to 12. Then after that, we need to be proactive to be the first conference to get to 16 teams. Four 16 team conferences seems to still be sought after... why not be the first to get there? I'm not saying adding sub-par schools. I mean going after schools like, TCY, BYU, Arkansas, Boise State, Utah, Colorado State, Louisville....


manginorh00lz 2 years, 7 months ago

Now's the time to sneak into the PAC. I know you all think that Missouri isn't a big loss and that the Big 12 can survive without them, but you're wrong. That drops AAU membership to 3 schools. KU needs to make a move while OU and UT are distracted, just like CU and Utah did last year.


trey 2 years, 7 months ago

I guess Missouri isn't "100% in" as has been soft often reported.


Joe Joseph 2 years, 7 months ago

Remember those Muck Fizzou shirts that aren't allowed anymore?


AlecRaenos 2 years, 7 months ago

Awesome. Adding to the fact that the Jayhawks are shackled to those purple pansies and that no one wants us, this is just perfect.


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