What Miami's firing of Randy Shannon could mean for Kansas

So the Miami Hurricanes go 7-5 during 2010 but fire head coach Randy Shannon and are now rumored to be considering former NFL coach Jon Gruden as Shannon’s replacement.

Big deal, right?

It could be. Hear me out.

Though the specifics of such moves might not have any direct ties to Kansas University, the fallout from all of it could. Here’s why. Remember KU assistant coach Robert Wimberly? Sure you do. He came to KU with Turner Gill, he’s in charge of the safeties and he’s from the Miami area. Because of Wimberly’s ties to South Florida, KU has been in on and gotten a couple of players from that area already. Could more be on the way?

It’s definitely possible. Any time a coach is fired, the question about what will happen to the guys who have committed to play for him always pops up. I’d expect it will again here and I’d expect that Miami’s commitments will be highly desired by programs across the country.

Coming to Kansas might not be the first thing on the minds of these players, but, given time, Wimberly and Gill could change that.

Here’s a look at Miami’s current list from the Class of 2011. The ‘Canes only have seven oral commitments so far, which could have been part of Shannon’s problem.

Having said that, KU might not have a need for all of them, but you can bet the coaches are at least taking a look, especially now that the season is over and all they have on their plates is recruiting.

• Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Miami, 6-3, 185, 4 stars
• Anthony Chickillo, DE, Tampa, 6-3, 226, 4 stars (Had an offer from KU)
• Jeremy Davis, DB, New Berlin, NY, 6-4, 189, 3 stars
• Phillip Dorsett, WR, Fort Lauderdale, 5-10, 170, 4 stars
• Marcus Jackson, OL, Vero Beach, Fla., 6-2, 315, 3 stars
• Albert Louis-Jean, DB, Brockton, Mass., 6-1, 172, 4 stars
• Nick Menocal, LB, Miami, 6-3, 235, 3 stars

Stay tuned.



jayhawk2144 3 years, 4 months ago

would you people quit argueing over stuff. Mangino was a good coach, this is the same poop was said when mangino wented 2-10 during his first year of coach at KU after a year we went to 4 Bowls and coming out winning 3.. Coach Gill is a good coach hell he did better his first year than mangino and. So i would say that our Future looks bright.


Jack Wilson 3 years, 4 months ago

honk_for_hawks: I pointed out the former player was a Mangino backer for just that purpose; the other two actually really disliked him; both said he was a great football coach.

Absolutely not trying to rationalize the comment. Again, with people like you, you miss the point. Swing and a miss. My point is that it is not racist. That's it. Not that the exchange is right or wrong. Further, above, you agree with waywardjay stating that the example is an example of racism, then you concede it is not necesarily racist, but there is an argument it is. You have absolutely proven my point. You can't have it both ways. But you name call. When something distasteful happens to a black person, such as this, it is not automatically racist or based on race, nor should that be assumed. But that's how you look at the world.

Then .. and I love this .. you insult Mangino on his weight .. the waddling comment .. (I guess the insult on the weight is ok by you. But even imply race .. ooh, that's bad. I am interested in what insults are ok, and what aren't by your standard. You appear to be a fataphobe).

Even better, you try to differentiate between what context the "N" word was used. I guess I could really give a rip if it is "racist" by definition. My sole point is that if a black person used the "N" word in a derogatory fashion, or any other, you and the rest of society brush it off, no big deal. But a white person say it in the same way, derogatory or otherwise, you would think he had committed murder.

The hypothetical comment you refer to .. "what up my N*s?" .. are you saying that is acceptable? Who talks like that? I'm curious as to your answer on who talks like that. And I am offended .. you said "what up" instead of "what's up" clearly implying blacks don't use proper English. That is racist.

And finally, what do you mean "open-minded"? What you mean, as with folks of your ilk, is that I don't think like you. I actually think for myself. I actually use logic. I actually base my opinion on fact, not on emotion or feelings.


miltnewton 3 years, 4 months ago

For those of you who say race is such a factor in the anti-Gill comments, curious why aren't those same "racists" going after his boss's know the one who oversees our recent, nationally embarrasing athletic department (among other things) and happens to be black?


bigtex 3 years, 4 months ago

Gill doesn't do any of the coaching at all, thats how some head coaches do it. What he does is manages his coaching staff, public relations, and helps recruiting. That being said he better take a good look at his OC, if Long stays on the staff KU football program is dead , thats the worst offensive play calling and QB management I have ever seen in a season. Wyatt did will at So. Miss let him be OC.


HawkInAL 3 years, 4 months ago

Bottom line: Mangino lost the team. They wouldn't play for him. The last couple of years he recruited bigs horribly, as evidenced by our lines and lb's this year. And his play calling was suspect, culminating with the most idiotic series of play calls ever on the final 3-and-out versus Missouri.

Lew decided to hire the anti-Mangino. Done.

It's one year in. Quit crying.

See you at Bobby Dodd Stadium on 9/17/11. Go Hawks!!!


Jack Wilson 3 years, 4 months ago

Wayward Jay: When I asked what Mangino did that was racist, you said Mangino allegedly "said to one of our players on our current team... Keep that stuff up and you will be back in St. Louis, does that sound like fun getting shot with your homies....."

How is that racist?

Oh, I forgot, because blacks refer to their "friends" as "homies", whites shouldn't. So is referring to a black kid's friends the way he may refer to them is racist? That's right, many blacks routinely use the "N" word, and then whine (or get violent) when someone else of another race does.

Or is it that Mangino said "getting shot" .. how is that racist? Oh, that's right, blacks in the inner city spend an inordinate amount of time shooting and killing each other in senseless violence that we should just pretend doesn't happen. The reality is that speaking the truth, backed by crime statistics, is racist, right?

esque: Never .. ever .. heard that Mangino used the "N" word to a player. And I know two folks that were involved with the program, and one that was a former player that knew a number of people in the program. He was a Mangino backer. I believe what you have said is slanderous, and a complete fabrication.

If a coach points out to a kid that he may return to his not so pleasant home environment if he doesn't get with the program, it is only racist if it is directed at a black player.

I have no doubt that coach Gill is a better human being than Mangino, a nicer guy, a guy with whom you'd rather be friends with. But that isn't the question.


Lebowski 3 years, 4 months ago

What's tiring is people bashing other people for their opinions. I'm not a big fan of the TG hire, either. Granted, I'm not one constantly bringing it up. For me, "the verdict is still out" so to speak. I don't believe he "sucks", maybe he could be pretty decent. But watching us lose by about a combined 100 pts to ksu and baylor was tough. The thing I don't like about him is his "coaching style". It reminds me too much of Herm Edwards, and anytime I hear the phrase "players' coach", I'm going to think that. Wasted too much time watching the Chefs under Herm to go into this hire thinking positively.

I tend to believe if a coach is a GREAT coach, he can keep any level of talent in games a little better than TG did this year. I really do hope he proves me and all the haters wrong.


KSA_21_3503 3 years, 4 months ago

This read like an Onion article. I lol'ed.


Jamaal25Chiefs 3 years, 4 months ago

Also i MUST point out. . . Remember the Chiefs last year? EVERYONE hated Todd Hailey. . . NOW LOOK! EVERYONE Loves the man. . . . Enough said.


Jamaal25Chiefs 3 years, 4 months ago

You know. . . as a Jayhawk fan. . and future student. . I am SICK of hearing everyone say Turner Gill SUCKS. . . Mangino SUCKED in his first year too. . . and should i point out we had too replace Reesing, Meier, Briscoe, AND Stuckey? . . You don't full those shoes in one year with a NEW slate of coaches. . . if i were being recruited i wouldn't wanna go to a school with ALL new coaches in its first year. . . A BULK of you fans are far too impatient to let Gill do what he wants too do. . . We have the coaching staff to build a program. . . Look at where they have all been for gods sake! . . . Chuck Long? 2 Heisman QB's? HELLO. . . thats alone more than Kansas' HISTORY! . . . Give Gill 2 or 3 more years and see where he leads us. . . If the players say he is the best coach they have EVER had. . that MEANS something. . . Especially on a losing team!


rob4lb 3 years, 4 months ago

I always find the posts to be interesting. I saw alot of the games and it was clear to me that there was a huge disparity in talent between KU and most of the other Big 12 schools. We are slower, smaller and weaker and not nearly as deep. I don't know if Turner Gill is a good coach, but I doubt that any coach would have coached this team to bowl eligibility. We should have beaten NDSU but who else? Gill needs to be given an opportunity to see if he can bring in higher skilled players. That is what he is supposed to be good at. The coordinators have a proven track record.

Finally, it is revisionist history to say the Mangino elevated the program to a sustained Top 25-30 level. He did not. He had one good year. KU plays a cupcake non-conference schedule which is good for a guaranteed 3-4 wins. The other three bowls KU qualified for, the team had six wins twice and seven wins once. None of those teams had a winning conference record and under Mangino, KU never got a signature victory over any of the powers in the Big 12- ie. OU, UT or TT. With the exception of 2007, Mangino's teams never had a season where they were one of the Top 6 teams in the conference.


kufanman88 3 years, 4 months ago

How many four star recruits has Gill brought KU in his first two recruiting seasons?...uh none.


esque 3 years, 4 months ago

@HighEliteMajor Among many of the jacked up things Mangino has spouted off about, his rant to Raymond Brown about being sent back home to get shot with some of his homeboys was said to have been laced with several "n----rs" for good measure. This coming from someone on the staff who witnessed it.

While I don't want to speak for mikehawk or honk_for_hawks, I think they're referring to the consistent posters here who never fail to include the phrases, "PC hire," "affirmative action hire," "politically correct hire" and so on in their complaining rants about Coach Gill's presence here. The obvious, between the lines message is that they believe Gill was hired simply because he's African-American and that there's no way he could be qualified to lead this program.

Perhaps you don't often read the posts but the element is definitely present and quite vocal(so to speak) here.


DWINOP 3 years, 4 months ago

Any chance the repercussions could somehow include the firing of KU's strength and conditioning coach for football? Families of players have suggested that their sons had more rigorous training programs in high school.


Dyrk Dugan 3 years, 4 months ago

Gruden isn't going to Miami for one thing....and there's plenty of other fish in the sea, so to speak, for a Florida kid to go, besides Miami...and he doesn't have to come up to Lawrence KS either, because of a position coach.

i tell you what, i've about had it with all the Gill bashing. i mean, it's ridiculous. let him get his kids in here......seriously, we are NOT AN ELITE FOOTBALL PROGRAM!!!!!

why does everyone think we are? we're not.....but we're not the dregs of football society either. if you think we're a program that can BCS bowl it every few years, and regularly have 10 win season, you're nuts. i mean completely. we'll never get the kind of talent we need for that, year after year.

look at our most recent coach before Gill. MM got it going, but it took him four years, before he had a DECENT football team....and he had only ONE great one....i remember all the bashers on here during his tenure.......calling for him to be fired in year five after going 6-6..and all the rest. and look how quickly he lost it. we lost seven straight last year...he hadn't gone thru that since 2002. so it's VERY hard to sustain.

there should be no more bashing this coach. Let him recruit. let him build the program. i watched them play live several times this year...they had a lot of deficiencies in talent and speed out there....and i mean a lot. he must be given the opportunity to coach it his way....and have multiple years to do it. otherwise, you'll never be able to get a coach in here.


Jack Wilson 3 years, 4 months ago

"KU might not have the need for all of them" .. really? I'll take all of them now.

mikehawk: Seriously. Racism. That is the crybaby call of all who fail, who happen to be black, or are apologists. See, some of us don't have a built in excuse for every failure. Some of us didn't get scholarship money because of our race. What is surprising to idiots like you is that Mr. Gill is actually being judged on the merits. That is surprising to liberals because, deep down, you can't believe that is possible. What you liberals latch onto is that there is a fringe that will hate Gill because he is black. Always will be. But there is a fringe that will hate me because I am white. Always will be. But again, it is idiots like you that perpetuate the victim mentality, create excuse by patronizing blacks, and enable what is clearly a widespread failure of blacks in general to succeed in our society. If you instead would adopt my view that each and every individual, black, white, whatever, has value, can succeed, and is not handicapped by his or her race, you might be surprised at how your outlook might change. If blacks were actually held to the same standard whites are held to, you might be surprised how their standard will rise. It makes you feel good about yourself to pity blacks, to nod your head approvingly at cries of racism. It's the easy way out. And it is pathetic. You unwittingly (or purposefully) perpetuate what you claim to despise. It is interesting that in every commercial or ad that portrays a crime, the criminal is always white. Wonder why that is?

Try this .. Coach Gill's performance this season was embarrassing. Not his race, not his anything else other than his performance. There were painful examples of not being prepared, being outcoached, and failing to adjust. The performance this year as head coach is what is being criticized. One can rationally extrapolate that with better talent, there will still be these failures. We have a coach that is out of his league and is learning on the job. That cannot be denied. Might he improve, sure. But as a KU fan, I don't want our team used for on the job training.


mikehawk 3 years, 4 months ago

It increasingly seems there is a strong possibility that the real issue related to the negative comments of some blog commentators regarding Turner Gill are based on latent racism. If so, those particular bloggers need it to either cease and desist, or go forward and say what you really want to say rather than hide behind outright rejections of him as a coach rather than provide him fair opportunity to recruit and build a successful program all KU fans can be proud. I bring this topic up with the risk of having the post removed because of the discomfort of talking about the continued presence of racism and racist attitudes in our country. Whether the comments are based on racism, or from someone who doesn't really know much about recruiting, coaching, building a program, and the time it takes to do so, in the end, it doesn't matter because both are based on ignorance.


hailtoku 3 years, 4 months ago

....flat out, there are too many D1 schools in the Florida area to drag a teenager out of South Beach and into Lawrence, Kansas.


hailtoku 3 years, 4 months ago

Unless you're talking about Randy Shannon becoming our head coach, I don't want to hear it.

If Gill were the head coach of Auburn this year they would be 7-4.


Michael Maris 3 years, 4 months ago

To all of the T. Gill Haters, go find your hole and don't come out until Groundhog Day. Then, you can be cheering for the KU Men's Basketball Team. By the way, Gene Chizik didn't do much at Iowa State, but look at what he has done now @ Auburn. Love him or hate him, I'm betting that Mr. T. Gill will do just fine. Land a top notch recruit (that K-State seemed to be recruiting as well), and you might just possibly be playing for a National Championship. Would you say that Gene Chizik is a great X's and O's coach? Sure looks good now (with his cast away coaching staff Gus Malzahn, etc......)


Jason Bailey 3 years, 4 months ago

The only reason someone would leave a program (and climate/city) like Miami would be due to the fact that they're staring a career at #2 or #3 on the depth chart in the face to go to a program where they have a good potential to be #1 on the depth chart (like KU).

Personally, I don't see gaining another #2 or #3 from a contending program as a big plus for KU. Might be a positive but I thought Gill was all about his prowess in recruiting. For that, let's look at how his former team fared this past season with the stellar recruiting that he put in place during his tenure: Buffalo 2010 season = 2 and 10, 1 and 7 in MAC. Wow, that doesn't add up to what we've been sold by Lew.


SelbyInc 3 years, 4 months ago

as a former college player im obviously frustrated with how the season was, having said that: new coaches need some time to adapt to players..vice versa... its like coming back from an ACL injury...the first year is usually pretty shaky but as the knee gets stronger (coaches to players relationship) the team will build confidence and go from there! but thank god its basketball season! Go hawks


Ben Kliewer 3 years, 4 months ago

jayhawk1996 is right. Those people who've decided they hate Gill no matter what aren't going to be convinced by any rational argument to not hate him. They will always hate him, even if he were to build a successful program at KU. Let's say 3 years from now, Gill and KU are in the running for a BCS bowl. The haters will still continue to hate on Gill, finding this or that reason to complain about. Then there are those of us who are rational and realistic. I've gone from one side of the fence to the other and back again, based purely on the facts presented to me, not speculation of what might happen citing obscure statistics from the past. I went on a game by game basis this season, and at the end of the year, I have a better feeling about the program than I did after NDSU. Call me crazy, and you probably will...


jayhawkjed 3 years, 4 months ago

Sounds to me if Miami wants to keep their recruits they should hire Turner Gill. I am all for that!


kureader 3 years, 4 months ago

You're on your toes, Tait! Nice piece ... something to think about.


ahpersecoachingexperience 3 years, 4 months ago

wow that is a strrrrrrrrrrrrrrrretch! My reading retention is not very good but are you suggesting players are going to drop their comments to Miami and coach g to play for 3-9 gill?!?!?!? Tait are you feeling alright?


Phoggin_Loud 3 years, 4 months ago

Nice job, Tait!!

Why don't we just go "basketball" and hire Randy Shannon to some Recruiting role and bring all of his kids with him??

You know, Manning, Chalmers, et. al.

Sounds like a plan to me.


d_prowess 3 years, 4 months ago

Look at this... football season is over but Tait is still bringing us the goods!! Nice...


2Bnamedlater 3 years, 4 months ago

If any of those come to KU this next year, that would be great, because once you get a pipeline opened up, good things come from it.

Lets just hope the recruiting prowless kicks in.


Dickless Head 3 years, 4 months ago

But our head coach sucks. Any talent they possess will be offset by their lack of in-game coaching...a.k.a. Ron Prince.

Hard to get excited about KU football as long as the above continues.


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