Bill Self told KU football players they can build something special

At the beginning of the month, when the Kansas football team reported to Lawrence for preseason camp, David Beaty invited another head coach on campus to give the Jayhawks a pep talk. [Behind closed doors, KU basketball coach Bill Self][1] didn’t gloss over the football program’s struggles. ... Continue reading


Say something nice about Kansas football: Walk-ons from Kansas high schools contributing

Every time a walk-on football player makes his way onto the Kansas depth chart it becomes that much easier for a high school player considering joining the Jayhawks without the benefit of a scholarship for the start of his career. Red-shirt freshman offensive lineman Mesa Ribordy had ... Continue reading


Frank Mason set to fire first pitch at KU Day at The K

KU senior Frank Mason Tweeted on Tuesday that he will be throwing out the first pitch at the Kansas City Royals game on Sunday. Sunday is KU Day at The K and several Jayhawks from all across the athletic department, including players, coaches and administrators, will be ... Continue reading


It’s never too early for some preseason college hoops predictions

So here we sit, a little more than three weeks away from the start of football season and that means it’s time to start looking at preseason basketball predictions.... Wait, what? As much as that might not be a reality anywhere else in the country, it certainly ... Continue reading


Khalil Herbert buzz growing louder by the minute

Kansas head football coach David Beaty’s media policy makes freshmen off-limits for interviews, but that didn’t keep teammates and Beaty himself from talking about running back Khalil Herbert during Monday's media session. Clearly, Herbert has made a strong first impression. “I saw him make some really good ... Continue reading


Wiggins’ star continues to shine brighter with new shoe release

Shortly after becoming one of the prized signings of Kansas coach Bill Self, former KU star Andrew Wiggins became one of the premiere spokesmen for Adidas basketball. Earlier this summer, Wiggins took another step toward becoming a mega shoe mogul when he helped Adidas launch its newest ... Continue reading


Say something nice about Kansas football: Improved depth eliminates need to rush freshmen onto field

True freshmen Larry Hughes and Clyde McCauley combined to start nine games at offensive tackle for Kansas last season and classmate Tyrone Miller started the first seven games of the season at cornerback. If the same players were true freshmen this season, they would combine to start ... Continue reading


KU’s Jackson, Graham among most coveted players in the country

There’s no doubting that college coaches across the country would enjoy the opportunity to coach more than a few members of the Kansas men’s basketball team. Year after year, KU coach Bill Self beats out a varying number of college coaches for some of the top talent ... Continue reading


Bowlsby’s strong strategy helps Big 12 navigate latest expansion saga

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby has faced recent criticism for being a commissioner that changes with the wind and not putting forth a strong enough presence to lead the conference through what only can be described as a crucial stretch. While it’s true that Bowlsby has not ... Continue reading


Former LSU receiver Tyron Johnson has KU connection

This is a strange new world for Kansas football. Former Alabama players are transferring to play for the Jayhawks. Like THE Alabama. Not South Alabama. Not Alabama-Birmingham. The Alabama with Nick Saban and all those national championships. First, former ’Bama receiver [Daylon Charlot][1] announced his intentions to ... Continue reading


Piecing together KU football’s preseason progress thus far

The Kansas football team is now a week into its preseason camp. How do the Jayhawks, who went 0-12 a year ago, look? Let’s try to piece some clues together. Second-year head coach David Beaty, his assistants and the players meet with media for interviews a couple ... Continue reading


Further proof that Kansas, Missouri don’t mix

Tim Kaine, the democratic nominee for vice president and running mate of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, has been in the news for a number of reasons since his name was announced on the ticket with Clinton. But one of the most intriguing reasons, at least for readers ... Continue reading


Say something nice about Kansas football: Sprinters galore competing

Je’Ney Jackson’s non-stop search for how to make Kansas football players faster even takes him elsewhere in the athletic department at times. Jackson said he consults friends Stanley Redwine, KU’s head track and field coach, and sprints and hurdles coach Elisha Brewer. “I’ll ask coach Brewer, ‘What ... Continue reading


Why it might actually be OK to get excited about KU football’s 2 Alabama transfers

I know you’re out there. I can hear you all the way over here. And I don’t blame you. But I do think you should take a brief pause from the eye-rolling and exhaling that surely hit most of you after learning about the pair of Alabama ... Continue reading


Self addresses KU football team on opening day of preseason camp

The start of preseason football camp always comes with a lot of routine, more than a little excitement and a vibe that speaks to both the promise and the pressure of the fast approaching season. And while that often means a lot of the same for the ... Continue reading


Ridiculous highlight videos featuring former Jayhawk Andrew Wiggins and current KU guard Frank Mason

Wednesday was a big day for KU basketball highlights on the Internet, whether by current players or former stars. Three such videos caught my eye and had me talking about them well into the night and even still this morning. The first was from former Jayhawk and ... Continue reading


Early start to potentially key 2017 recruiting class puts KU basketball ahead of the game

Despite being nine years apart, Kansas basketball’s 2008 recruiting class and 2017 recruiting class might wind up having a lot more in common than anyone could have predicted. We won’t know, of course, what KU’s 2017 class looks like for several weeks, perhaps even months, but it ... Continue reading


Tough lessons have changed free agent Thomas Robinson’s approach

Thirty-plus days into free agency, former Kansas star Thomas Robinson remains a man without a team. The fifth overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, Robinson spent all of last season with Brooklyn, a rarity for the backup power forward who already has played for five different ... Continue reading


Kemper Arena soon will have a new name

Imagine the following conversation, set well in the future, creating some serious confusion for Kansas basketball fans. **Fan 1:** I still can’t believe that magical run the Jayhawks made in 1988 at Mosaic Arena. **Fan 2:** Mosaic? What are you talking about? **Fan 1:** You know, the ... Continue reading


Video highlights of Kansas basketball recruit Marcus Garrett in marquee matchups

Dallas Skyline point guard Marcus Garrett, who on Monday made a verbal commitment to attend Kansas, wears No. 6 for the red team in the first video below. Garrett, a 6-foot-5, 180-pound point guard who has the size to play the other two perimeter positions as well, ... Continue reading