Numerous Jayhawks already bulking up this offseason


Kansas offensive lineman Chris Hughes (76), left, Beau Lawrence (60) and Hunter Saulsbury (66) work through a drill during practice on Wednesday, April 4, 2018.

Kansas offensive lineman Chris Hughes (76), left, Beau Lawrence (60) and Hunter Saulsbury (66) work through a drill during practice on Wednesday, April 4, 2018. by Nick Krug

The football offseason is all about gains.

Bigger, stronger, faster. You’ve heard the go-to individual goals for the months between one year’s finale and the next’s opener a thousand times.

Returning Kansas players are just more than a week into spring practices and have countless more workouts in front of them before pre-season camp opens late in the summer.

But numerous Jayhawks, thanks to sessions with strength and conditioning coach Zac Woodfin and his staff, already have added weight to their frames, per the recently-released first edition of the 2018 roster.

A number of players expected to play prominent roles on KU’s 2-deep this coming fall have increased their weight by double digits, compared to their 2017 listings, including sophomore linebacker Kyron Johnson (+10), sophomore offensive lineman Earl Bostick Jr. (+16), senior quarterback Peyton Bender (+15), junior running back Khalil Herbert (+10) and four of the team’s key receivers, junior Daylon Charlot (+14), redshirt junior Chase Harrell (+13), junior Evan Fairs (+15) and senior Jeremiah Booker (+12).

Below are the weight gains — and some losses — among Jayhawks who were on the roster last year.

— Note: Players still listed at the same weight as 2017 were not included.

Defensive line

88 - Sr. DT J.J. Holmes — 6-3, 330 -5
91 - R-Fr. DE Jelani Arnold — 6-2, 255 +30
92 - R-Fr. DT Dai Coye Haley — 6-2, 280 -10
95 - Soph. DE Vaughn Taylor Jr. — 6-3, 248 +18
97- Soph. DE Sam Burt — 6-4, 272 +32
98 - Sr. DL KeyShaun Simmons — 6-2, 295 +10


9 - Soph. LB Kyron Johnson — 6-1, 220 +10
18 - R-Jr. LB Denzel Feaster — 6-3, 225 +5
29 - R-Sr. LB Joe Dineen — 6-2, 235 +5
30 - R-Fr. LB Cooper Root — 6-2, 232 +12
31 - Sr. LB Osaze Ogbebor — 6-1, 225 +5
43 - R-Fr. LB Jay Dineen — 6-2, 230 -5
47 - Sr. LB Keith Loneker Jr. — 6-2, 228 +3

Defensive backs

1 - Jr. S Bryce Torneden — 5-10, 197 +7
4 - Jr. S Shaquille Richmond — 6-0, 202 +7
8 - Sr. CB Shakial Taylor — 6-0, 178 +3
11 - Jr. S Mike Lee — 5-11, 181 +5
13 - Jr. CB Hasan Defense — 5-11, 188 +8
16 - Jr. CB Kyle Mayberry — 5-10, 180 +5
20 - Sr. S Emmanuel Moore — 6-0, 208 +18
22 - Sr. S Tyrone Miller Jr. — 6-0, 188 +6
25 - Jr. CB Julian Chandler — 6-0, 187 +2
27 - Jr. CB DeAnte Ford — 5-10, 181 +6
28 - R-Fr. CB Robert Topps III — 6-2, 201 +11
45 - R-Fr. S Nick Caudle — 6-0, 191 +6

Offensive line

55 - Sr. OL Jacob Bragg — 6-4, 280 -11
60 - Jr. OL Beau Lawrence — 6-5, 315 +6
62 - R-Fr. OL Jack Williams — 6-3, 275 +5
68 - Soph. OL Earl Bostick Jr. — 6-6, 286 +16
71 - R-Soph. OL Cam Durley — 6-6, 315 +15
74 - Jr. OL Clyde McCauley III — 6-5, 305 -5
76 - Soph. OL Chris Hughes — 6-3, 310 +10
77 - Jr. OL Andru Tovi — 6-3, 320 +10
78 - Jr. OL Hakeem Adeniji — 6-4, 300 +10
79 - R-Fr. OL Joey Gilbertson — 6-4, 290 +5

Quarterbacks, running backs and fullbacks

7 - Sr. QB Peyton Bender — 6-1, 205 +15
9 - R-Jr. QB Carter Stanley — 6-2, 198 +2
10 - Jr. RB Khalil Herbert — 5-9, 210 +10
15 - R-Fr. QB Miles Fallin — 6-5, 220 +10
25 - Soph. RB Dom Williams — 5-10,195 +5
26 - Sr. RB Deron Thompson — 5-9, 193 +8
32 - Sr. RB Reese Randall — 5-11, 220 +4
35 - Jr. FB Caperton Humphrey — 6-2, 225 +18
37 - R-Fr. FB Quinton McQuillan — 6-2, 265 +40
46 - R-Fr. FB Sam Schroeder — 6-0, 243 +18
49 - Sr. FB Hudson Hall — 6-2, 230 +10

Receivers and tight ends

2 - Jr. WR Daylon Charlot — 6-0, 209 +14
3 - R-Jr. WR Chase Harrell — 6-4, 228 +13
6 - Soph. WR Quan Hampton — 5-8, 178 +8
14 - Sr. WR Kerr Johnson Jr. — 5-11, 193 +13
16 - R-Fr. WR Takulve Williams — 6-0, 196 +11
19 - Jr. WR Evan Fairs — 6-3, 210 +15
80 - R-Fr. WR Hunter Kaufman — 5-11, 183 +13
81 - Soph. WR Kameron McQueen — 6-0, 195 +5
83 - Soph. WR Kwamie Lassiter II — 5-11, 170 +5
88 - Sr. WR Jeremiah Booker — 6-2, 212 +12


37 - R-Fr. K Cole Brungardt — 6-5, 218 +18
38 - Soph. P Kyle Thompson — 6-4, 215 +5
39 - Sr. K Gabriel Rui — 5-11, 205 -10
46 - Soph. K Liam Jones — 5-10, 178 +8
67 - Jr. LS Logan Klusman — 6-1, 220 -10
87 - R-Sr. LS John Wirtel — 6-3, 250 +15


Doug Cramer 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Nothing against Benton - but it won’t matter.

Bville Hawk 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Doug, when did you jump off the Beaty bandwagon?

Chris DeWeese 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Glad to see our LBs bulking up. I watched Keith Loneker get pushed around by offensive linemen far too often. Kyron Johnson looked more like the prototypical safety than a LB. I'm hoping with added weight, strength, and experience our LBs can stop the run more effectively. In my ideal world, ourr LBs would be about 240-250.

Dirk Medema 10 months, 3 weeks ago

If the DL can't occupy the OL, and allows any of them to get a hold of a LB - for any team, that LB is going to get pushed around by the 300+ OL - whether 250 or not. The key if for the OL to need to work on the DL to allow the LB a shot at the ball.

Chris DeWeese 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Maybe, but the LBs at OSU, Penn State, Alabama, and the like can at least hold their own. They will still have more speed and agility than a 300+lb lineman and should be able to fight off the block, shoot the gap, or run down the RB. I think back to LBs like Mike Rivera and Joe Mortensen, who were about 250ish. They could go toe to toe with just about any lineman. Keith Loneker, on the other hand, got boxed out so easily so many times, it wasn't funny (at a svelt 215-220).

Brad Farha 10 months, 2 weeks ago

In those days, the opposing offensive linemen had to deal with James McClinton. They were not as free to go downfield and block LBs.

Dirk Medema 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Because players don't develop from year to year. Were you part of the crowd making the similar comments about the BB team, and Silvio and Malik in particular just a few months ago?

Weight gains by themselves won't make enough difference but developing Big12 size is most definitely part of the story.

Al Martin 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Been around here long, Dirk? Every year, we get an article saying what a great job the strength and conditioning coach has done, how much bigger and stronger the players are, and every year, the offensive line gets physically dominated by mid major teams. Looks like we're right on track.

I have no issues with the kusports team; they've got to report something. It's just a very predictable pattern.

Gerry Butler 10 months, 3 weeks ago

If you guys already know before the season begins how things are turning out and you hate Beaty so dam much why the hell do you even come on here when it's a football related topic? - - Just to hear yourself bitch? - beat your little minuscule chests? - surely you could be doing some more productive then coming here and bitching all the time - like umm hell I dunno let's see maybe shoving another hoagie down your throat - or suckin down another beer. - You must lead some really pathetic lives if this is all you have to do is come here and whine very dam year - -every game. - How about this your all so fired up to get Beaty OUT - why don't you waddle down to the athletic dept tell them you want to apply for the head Coaching position I mean your all unbeaten in your Coaching armchair Saturday QB careers right? - -Mercy I just don't understand how you have flown under the radar for so long - -I mean such outstanding Coaching abilities. - Bottom line Sparky if you al are so PO'D with this program - - then do us all a favor DON'T WATCH - -DON'T COME - -DON'T COMMENT - find something to amuse you in the summer like ummm mow your lawn - -take a nap , find something to bitch about shouldn't be hard - or I know let's just keep rolling new Coaching staffs over ever three years - -hell ya now that's some real stability - that will for sure sway recruits to come - -ya let's do that

Dirk Medema 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Except that Gerry isn't complaining about the program.

[''] 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Chill out GerBear. Maybe go easy the coke, and use fewer hyphens.

Kevin Robert Fest 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Love the caps sparky is that the best you got?

Al Martin 10 months, 3 weeks ago


Tell you what, I've been following this team for 50 years, and I'll bet I'm still in better shape than you are (care for a game of pickup basketball?), so the hoagy/beer stuff is just crap, as was your post.

50 years of Kansas football hasn't generally been a picnic, though we've had our moments. The last nine years has been far and away the worst of it, and the recent 3-33 has been the worst of that. I think a fair amount of skepticism is called for, and frankly, it would be weird if the fanbase wasn't upset.

You're the outlier here. Since you're so sure of yourself, what's your prediction? Over/under 1.5?

Gerry Butler 10 months, 2 weeks ago

ya SPARKY lol. - it's good to know you can at least read a little English. - I get so sick and tired day after day coming and seeing a bunch of morons think they have all the answers, how to correct problems.- Mainly one's such as yourself that want to just continue to have this school be a turnover factory where you fire Coach's every two - -three years - now that's some real continuity isn't it? - you seriously believe your gonna get any kind of recruit coming in here when they don't even know the Coach that they committed to will be here the following year? - -Ya wait I'm sure you do. - - Yet your trying to tell me you have been following KU football for 50 yrs? - -- AND? - I'm right there also if not even a few more - -and it's a good thing you don't make betting your profession Sparky - -I've officiated games for close to 20 yrs in basketball - not sure if you comprehend but the average distance for a single game of that in running is 5 miles - and when your booked to officiated practically every night of the week plus putting in time to officiated during weekends for adult leagues - I seriously doubt when I put in the time to officiate and lift that your in better shape- -and maybe you can now enjoy your quoted Hoagie and beer probably 2-3 of them at that- - you gorest now Sparky

Kevin Robert Fest 10 months, 3 weeks ago

No Jerry is like Bryson who wants everyone here to think everything is hunky dory with this 3-33 football team. After the embarrassment last year which ended only 4 months ago are we to believe that next year will be different? Based on what? The performance of the team against TCU ISU? NAME ANOTHER PROGRAM IN THE COUNTRY WHOSE FANS WOULDN'T COMPLAIN ABOUT A COACH WHO IS 3-33 WITH ABSOLUTELY NO PROGRESS SHOWN. NONE!!!!

Gerry Butler 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Love the caps Sparky-- -is that the best you got?

Kevin Robert Fest 10 months, 3 weeks ago

What's your best Gerry since you have such a high opinion of yourself. Just bitching? Way to go.

Gerry Butler 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Now your starting to get it - -well maybe - I'm not getting my hopes up

Kevin Robert Fest 10 months, 3 weeks ago

We saw the same articles last year about the players getting better gaining weight getting stronger and then when the season started they were woefully overmatched some games most not even close trailing by 28 in the first quarter or at halftime. Not only against B12 teams but against Ohio and CMich I almost would rather not see these articles about the players because you wanted to believe the hype last year and it was an embarrassment. I'm just going to wait for the season to start and hope for the best that doesn't mean people cant be frustrated or disappointed they have just as much of a right to voice their opinion without having Bryson and Jerry complain that people don't have the rosie outlook they do.

Gerry Butler 10 months, 3 weeks ago

See your so thick - it takes forever for you to absorb - but it's ok there is help - - -did you say I was painting squat? - - didn't think so - but whether we are 3-33 or 33-3 people STILL find ways to bitch - it's really simple - -don't read the articles about the KU football program - do something constructive with your life what it is if your life evolves around crying like sniffling little B then I'd think you would want to improve on that - -see cause we sure don't hell need people like you hwre end of story - -have a great day roflmfao

Kevin Robert Fest 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Aw Gerry did l upset you. Does someone saying something negative about your team and cause your panties to bunch. Poor Gerry with his fragile ittle ego. Just like Bryson you share the same brain. Anyone who dares to state anything that doesn't go with your way of thinking is a fool, thick, or just plain dumb according to you. You know what is a waste someone who reads comments on this board and has a fit about it. You stated if nobody has anything good to say then don't read the message boards or the stories on the message boards well if you can't stand what people write then you should take your own advice and stay away as well. Yet you also tell people to do better things with their time if they're only going to write negative comments what could you be doing with your time if you weren't so upset about what other people write and having to reply acting like a 2 year old. Nap time Gerry make sure mommy changes your diaper.

I will encourage anyone who is tired of this mess of a football team to reply how they wish...Instead of just boeing to what you and the other fan boy on here think.

Gerry Butler 10 months, 3 weeks ago

One thing I'll say for you there KEV - is just continue to amazing and redefine the word stupidity - -well done - -well done indeed. - You should really be proud, how does it feel to be perfection? - lmao- perfection of a idiot - how about why don't you just slide on down the innerstate to Ol Synders camp they got another yr or two before falling back to the abyss just keep moving your lips KEV and you will be able to continue to amaze have a great day brother

Gerry Butler 10 months, 3 weeks ago

OH ya also you sound like quite the expert on diapers - so your tell me your wearing the Depends now right? - -can you suggest a really good brand extra duty maybe you deal with that a lot right roflmao

Kevin Robert Fest 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Why are you roflyfao? what did you say that put me in my place. Oh that's right nothing people like you are easily amused. I will be here every day posting my thoughts how l wish and there's not a damn thing you can do about it if you don't like reading my post or what other people have to say then maybe you should take your own advice and not read it so you don't have to have a fit when people post things that you don't agree with.

Gerry Butler 10 months, 3 weeks ago

Ahh KEV such words of wisdom- so profound - -how many years did it take for you to graduate again? -- you did graduate didn't you? - - NO ? - well sorry for giving you to much credit - that's good sparky you keep coming back - -peck away on your keyboard with your intelligence - never cease to amaze OK ? - you hang in there sparky can always use the laughs - oood luck buddy - you'll need it with your trainers and again roflmmfao

[''] 10 months, 3 weeks ago

A beefed up D with the same D Coordinator means that instead of an FBS-worst 68 TDs we will give up 64. That's still 40 more than Wisconsin, except they had 2 more games than KU with a rookie D coordinator.

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