5-star KU football commit Devonta Jason: 'I'm just going to be me'


Kansas University football recruiting

Kansas University football recruiting

The first five-star prospect to ever commit to the University of Kansas football program, New Orleans prep receiver Devonta Jason has heard the murmurs and seen the skepticism floating around the recruiting world in response to the non-binding pledge he made back in February.

That much was clear in Jason’s comments to Bleacher Report, for a feature titled: Do You Believe 5-star WR Devonta Jason is Kansas-bound? LSU and Alabama don’t.

"People were asking me if they gave me something," Jason told Bleacher Report’s Adam Kramer. "Everybody was going crazy. They wanted to know what I was thinking. I'm just going to be me."

A 6-foot-3 rising senior at New Orleans’ Landry-Walker High, Jason, of course, is the marquee prospect in third-year KU head coach David Beaty’s Louisiana-heavy 2018 recruiting class. Rivals ranks Jason as the 22nd-best player in the country, and considering KU’s current seven-year streak of winning three games or fewer, many outsiders scratch their heads or scoff at the idea of Jason officially signing with the Jayhawks months from now.

According to Jason, a coach from another program texted him “really?” upon hearing of his verbal commitment to Beaty, associate head coach and Louisiana native Tony Hull and Kansas.

"It really didn't get to me," Jason told Bleacher Report. "I know they went 2-10 and 0-12 the year before. It's really not about what school you go to or being a big fish in a big pond. It's about your future and making an impact on your life. It's about being known and recognized."

Given that most prospects of Jason’s caliber typically sign with the likes of Alabama, Florida State, Clemson, Ohio State or some other renowned program, Rivals’ national recruiting director Mike Farrell characterized Jason as a “unicorn.”

Farrell explained: “I’ve never seen one in person, and I don't know if they exist. If this sticks, it will prove that they do."

Hull, who also helped lure commitments from Jason’s current Landry-Walker teammates, four-star cornerback Corione Harris and three-star defensive end Josh Smith, as well as former L-W standout Mike Lee, gets credit for making this unique recruiting situation possible. Jason said he connected with Hull when he visited Lawrence.

“Being as far away as I was,” he told Bleacher Report, “it still felt like home.”

As Jason had stated previously, he intends to graduate from Landry-Walker early and enroll in college for the spring semester of 2018, ahead of his freshman year of college football.

Read the full feature on Devonta Jason at Bleacher Report


John Fitzgerald 3 years ago

I think it plays to our advantage that other coaches are playing the 'wtf' game. Makes them look pretentious and maybe it'll be enough to make him stick to his commitment. Either way I think how we do this year will play a huge part in it.

Dale Rogers 3 years ago

This young man has an opportunity to be forever known as one of those who turned this program around, who started a winning trend. If he doesn't get poached before playing here, that is...

Kevin Robert Fest 3 years ago

I dont know lm nervous. If the team doesn't advance past one or two wins next year or suffers some humiliating blowouts what the mindset of some of these "comitts" might be. Im hoping for a lot of competitive showings and maybe another "surprise" win this year, maybe they finally get past TCU.

Im hoping Hull, Lee, Starks and the other LA connections can pull them in. You can tell these other programs are getting nervous, none of these kids have changed their minds even after getting other offers after committing and getting a bump in their rankings, they keep contacting them in hopes of changing their minds with no luck yet.

Nigel Dunham 3 years ago

Devonta's and Corione's decision make sense to a lot of people. Look at Mike Lee and his impact as a freshman. Mike will play in the NFL, if he keeps his current pace up. Devonta and Corione saw that. What they also saw was that Mike got his chance immediately after arriving and that NFL teams and awards committees took notice of him. All 3 have a chance to become KU legends.

All word on Devonta is that he already looks like a NFL receiver. I'm no scout, but watching his tapes, I see it. He is elite. Corione is elite and also looks big-time on tape.

Devonta is going to be a first round draft pick, no matter the school he chooses. He comes to KU, Beaty/Meacham design plays around him and he gets to start NFL resume building and gaining awards immediately. He goes to Bama or LSU and he will be waiting to get his turn (especially Bama). Daylon Charlot can speak on that, from his time at Bama.

I'm optimistic that Devonta, Corione, and the other high-profile recruits keep their commitment. Lawrence is a great place and Tony has made it feel like a genuine home away from home to our Louisiana players. That goes a long way.

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