Highlights, dance videos from Late Night in the Phog


brooksmd 12 months ago

Thanks Jesse for the vids.


Michael Luby 12 months ago

Nice! that was great. RCJH!


Jack Jones 12 months ago

From the "mile high" City of Prescott ~~ Appreciate the video coverage ~ as well as the blog coverage ~ Especially helpful in lieu of any other access. Let's carry the enthusiasm into a win over Tech Saturday. Good fortune continues as Fox is actually televising the game way out here. Rock Chalk, Jayhawks


Phil Leister 12 months ago

Not to be picky, but couldn't we get a video of the layup lines? Surely someone filmed that.


Jesse Newell 12 months ago

I tried, but didn't get much (and an official kept getting in my way too).

Best video I've seen of those is here:

Also, here's the Dream On video for those interested:


dragonwagon2 11 months, 4 weeks ago

Nice to see the videos, but wasn't there a women's basketball team there too? Where are the videos that include our Sweet Sixteen (2 years in a row) Women's team - and coach? For shame!


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