Greatest Misses


I'd like to think that if Johnathan Wilson knew exactly how difficult it is to get a crisp and tight photo of a receiver with the ball inches from his fingertips he probably would have held on to that second-quarter long ball from Reesing. I'm sure there are those who can show me portfolios of guys like Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald with arms outstretched, pulling in touchdown passes to the dismay of some shamed defensive back. To you, my hat is off, and inside that hat you'll find a steaming pile of bitterness.

For me, getting the catch before the run has always been football's biggest challenge. Running backs and quarterbacks, although shifty, can't stand up to the elusiveness of a really fast receiver that can jump through the roof. At the start of every season, I set out to improve in this particular area, and at the end, I always feel like a kid banging his head against one of those mechanical claw games.

Now I shouldn't say that I never get the reception photo because sometimes I do. However, there's usually something about it such as its shot from behind or the inability to see the receiver's eyes that keeps me from running home to pin it on the fridge. Like this Briscoe catch from the same game, for example.

So when the ball dropped and the Memorial Stadium crowd let out a collective groan, I chimed in under my breath knowing that a photo I thought would break a seemingly endless drought of misses was headed straight for an already overflowing bucket titled, "Almosts."


chicagoeddie 12 years ago

I think Jonathan Wilson is going to step up this year and kick some butt!

Ben Kane 12 years ago


loving your stuff. keep up the good work.

Eliott Reeder 12 years ago

Seriously. This guy is probably the best writer on the sports staff.

Chris Baker 12 years ago

Wow, I've got to say, this is some really neat insight. I just went and read Nick's prior two stories regarding his photo's and this is some cool stuff. Please, keep them coming as the season continues, and then bleeds into Basketball season.

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