Cliff's Notes version: Mark Mangino press conference, 9/8/09


Here is the Cliff's Notes version of Kansas football coach Mark Mangino's comments at his short press conference today.

The full audio is posted here.

• Players of the game, voted by the coaching staff: Offensive, Jake Sharp; Defensive: Chris Harris; Special teams: Jacob Branstetter; Offensive scout team: OL Tom Mabry; Defensive scout team: linebacker Chea Peterman.

• UTEP has good quarterback (Trevor Vittatoe) and athletic receivers.

• Justin Springer's twin brother (Jeremy, who is now at UTEP) was not recruited by KU, as he was a quarterback at the time and KU didn't have a need for one.

• 49- to 50-yard field goals are about the maximum Mangino wants to use Jacob Branstetter for with field-goal attempts. The coach said he didn't feel that there was a need for a long field-goal attempt against Northern Colorado.

• Vittatoe doesn't remind Mangino of any Big 12 quarterback of the past. The QB has a low delivery, but it's accurate. He gets the ball there. He doesn't remind Mangino of anyone mechanically.

• Mangino takes a brief look at Big 12 scores at the end of each weekend. The coach wasn't surprised by much this past weekend. He would have been surprised if Oklahoma was at full strength and had lost to BYU.

• A game in El Paso doesn't help recruiting because KU doesn't recruit in the El Paso area.

• UTEP wide receiver Jeff Moturi reminds Mangino of Tertavian Ingram — a solid, dependable guy. KU assistant coach David Beaty coached Moturi in high school.

• The KU coaches are easing linebacker Justin Springer back into the rotation.


truefan 11 years ago

I understand that the game in El Paso does not help recruiting because KU does not recruit in El Paso, but I do not understand why KU does not recruit in El Paso....

suttonku 11 years ago


Was it just me or did Mangino seem a bit agitated at the press conference?

RockChalkJayBlog 11 years ago

Mangino was joyful today, what are you talking about?

Someone mentioned a leaking of a soft verbal commitment by a player in New Jersey that may have put Mangino in a bad mood. today.

beakem_in_LA 11 years ago

I live in El Paso (currently, until I get back to Kansas in a few months). While there is a large population and talent pool at the HS level from which to draw, the term "talent" is used very loosely. That's probably why KU doesn't recruit El Paso. But in my mind, it's good to play a game here because this is Tex Tech territory for the most part (they even rival the Miners to some extent in these here parts) and if we could steal a recruit away from another Big 12 school down the road, it's all worth it. Plus, it'll be good to get a road game out of the way- see how we do both on the road and against a team from a mid major conference (yes, that was a jab at Memphis basketball).

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