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David Beaty discusses change in tone, discipline to players after OU game

After a toned-down reaction on Saturday, David Beaty opened his press conference by calling the handshake snub by the KU captains unacceptable.

Beaty announced the captains from the last game would be stepping down, noting they’d be replaced by the seniors for the final game of the season against Oklahoma State.

“We’re going to make mistakes from time to time, but our guys, they want to represent that bird on their chest with ultimate integrity,” Beaty said. "And they understand that and we’re going to demand that from them."


Daniel Wise talks about frustrations after Baylor loss

After falling 38-9 to Baylor on Saturday, KU defensive lineman Daniel Wise spoke to the media about his frustrations with the team's performance.

"We just didn't win," Wise said, asked what the most troubling aspect of the game was. "That's troubling in of itself."