Lance Leipold reacts to Jayhawks’ loss at Duke


Following his Kansas football team’s 52-33 loss at Duke on Saturday, head coach Lance Leipold shared his thoughts on the issues — on both sides of the ball — that led to the defeat.

The Jayhawks were up by three points entering the third quarter before the Blue Devils took over and pulled away.


Layne Pierce 4 weeks, 1 day ago

Broken record, broken team. There are small differences between Coach Leipold and oher coaches before him, in that he does not try to sugar coat the reality that we simply have to work and get better. I as a broken record say again, that our offensive line simply is not getting the job done. They may sadly be doing about as well as they can, but if so the philsophy of recruiting certain types for the offensive line has got to change, and perhaps more option or something to make up a little for the great disparity in talent.

Again I say, run the clock down some, especially in the 3rd quarter, when we are trying to stay in a game or protect the lead.

Sadly, 33 points should be more than enough to win any game, and that is a fact. If the defense is that bad, then we have to rethink the defense.


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