KU Sports Extra - Hammer Time at Hilton



Kenneth Johnson 1 year, 1 month ago

Although I live in Des Moines, I've avoided going to KU games in Ames, ever since the Manning years, when they dropped all four to Hilton Magic. I came to feel like the losses were my fault for coming to Ames, so I quit going. So, even though I had some trepidation about watching the game on ESPN+, I did and enjoyed every minute of the Jayhawk teardown. Hilton Magic has disappeared. Hallelujah!!!

The downside was that I had to watch it on ESPN+. What a disaster! For years, while relaxing in my comfortable recliner, I've watched KU basketball on network TV and ESPN - for free -- and on my 40" TV!

Now, in order to catch Jayhawk basketball, I have to subscribe to ESPN+. And it comes on my computer (12"screen) rather than TV, so I have to view it from my office chair And it costs me $5.35 per month. And did I mention that the quality of the production is extremely poor, with numerous fadeouts.

It's a big downgrade for Conference fans and Big 12 officials should be called to task. Did they get a bunch of money to push this bunch of crap on all Big 12 fans (of course excluding those Longhorns who have their own TV network).

Kenn Johnson (KU MS '70) Author of Kansas University Basketball Legends and More University of Kansas Basketball Legends, both published by The History Press, Charleston, SC, and available from KU Book Stores and Amazon.

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