KU Sports Extra - My Goodness, Garrett



Blake Brown 1 year ago

We traveled back to watch the Texas Tech and Texas games and I watched the warmups for both. I noticed Marcus has re-positioned his hand position to get the ball to release forward without the side spin he's had in the past. He consistently made shots from beyond the arc and I'm thinking, this guy can shoot it and needs to do that more from the outside to set up the opportunity to drive it which he is so good at and has really been his best chance to score offensively. This hand portion is easily evident when he shoots free throws this year as well. I disagree with the commentary here in that KU did not play well defensively in the game against OU. They allowed lots of layup attempts and wide open outside shots that many teams will make which can lead to an entirely different outcome. We were just good enough offensively to win easily. Can't do that in the tournament; we're not that consistent. Yet!

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