Silvio De Sousa speaks about losing season to NCAA suspension


On Friday, during an interview in which he revealed his plans to enter the 2019 NBA draft — to stay if the NCAA maintains he is ineligible for the 2019-20 season — Kansas forward Silvio De Sousa explains how he managed to stay positive while sitting out an entire season of basketball.

“I think the day I found out I couldn’t play was the hardest one,” De Sousa said of this past season.

Before discussing what comes next for him, now that KU has filed its appeal of De Sousa’s suspension to the NCAA, the sophomore big man described how he navigated the past several months successfully, despite his frustrations.

“I think it’s a family thing, and my mom always taught me and told me to be a good person, no matter what you’re going through,” De Sousa said. “That’s one thing I always carried on, to care for others, even when I’m not in a good position. So right now I can’t play, it’s fine. I can for sure clap for good things for my teammates. That’s why I keep the same positive energy every day.”

De Sousa’s attorney, Scott Tompsett, said they expect to learn the result of KU’s appeal next week.


Gerry Butler 7 months ago

I feel so really bad for Silvio. - Just sounds to me that the kid got caught up in the middle of this BS. -- All he wants to do is play. - The big thing he said about the devastation of being held out - -was he lost his opportunity to show what kind of a player he is. - The NCAA is so full of BS. - -The penalty they gave this kid is simply a bunch of warm Dog doo. - I DO believe him when he says ifit turns out they clear him/reduce the penalty that he will be back for sure. - -Hang in there buddy - were behind you man - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

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