Bill Self says KU has been 'aggressive as you can be' to NCAA awaiting news on Preston and De Sousa


Kansas basketball coach Bill Self said the school is pushing buttons with the NCAA awaiting information on the eligibility of freshmen forwards Billy Preston and Silvio De Sousa. Self, who expects to hear news soon, said he thinks the news could be favorable to De Sousa, who joined the team at the end of December.


Suzi Marshall 1 year, 5 months ago

By only following press releases, it's apparent this will not end well for KU and Billy Preston. It's apparent the NCAA, a feckless organization that has forfeited its moral leadership authority, Preston's mother needs to sue immediately in Douglas County Court requesting immediate citing that KU/NCAA has violated Preston's 4th amendment rights (

Tomorrow, Jan 9th, the SCOTUS will be hearing 2 Fourth Amendment cases that could have some bearing on Preston's case. Byrd v. United States (Avis Rental Car) and Collins v. Virginia (motorcycle). I understand KU basketball and the NCAA are private corporations but the nexus to State ownership, i.e. property and name, provides the legal connections to the State. This is similar to the nature of how NFL players claim to have a First Amendment right to kneel.

No organization or person should be allowed operate under the basis of guilty until proven innocent.

Mike Hart 1 year, 5 months ago

Suzi, the moral of the story is that you shouldn't be following press releases to base your conclusions. We are not getting any new information. It isn't the NCAA that is treating Preston as "Guilty". It is the University of Kansas that has decided to hold Billy Preston out of games for some apparent or perceived transgression. If KU had not made this decision, and the NCAA came down on Billy and/or KU, then KU would likely have to forfeit those games Billy would have played in. If there is fury... let it be over 6 weeks of time that KU took to gather and present the findings to the NCAA over the Christmas holiday break. Sue the NCAA on violation of Preston's 4th amendment rights, search and seizure? LUDICROUS.

Suzi Marshall 1 year, 5 months ago

Totally agree. It very well could be LUDICROUS.

Nevertheless, I don't see why, under any circumstances, KU or the NCAA has any business to understand the financial details of the car he is driving. That's the nature of the two cases SCOTUS will hear tomorrow.

Daniel Kennamore 1 year, 5 months ago

I'm really starting to think the eligibility issues (and their LONG consideration times) is a symptom of a more systemic problem at KU.

Every year Self seems to be utterly baffled by how long it takes for these things to process, and every year we have more than our share of issues. Seriously, has any other blueblood or even high level program has as many players held out for weeks or more every season as we have in the last decade?


A. The NCAA is specifically targeting KU (extremely unlikely)


B. KU is doing something wrong

Considering every year we keep seeing a repeat of this 'well shucks, maybe next week we'll know more' routine...I'm leaning towards B at this point.

Who has authority over our compliance department? It is the AD or the coaches of the individual sports?

Mike Hart 1 year, 5 months ago

Unfortunately, Daniel: Very few will be critical in any way for how Self goes about recruiting and any off-court problems that his players seemingly have a high incidence of when compared to predecessors or other Universities. People have a tendency instead to look through rose-colored glasses at what Self does and says.. and instead spin it into compliments on his coaching prowess to get this guard-laden team so competitive. I am a Self fan both as a coach and as a man, but I am a bit embarrassed at the flurry in recent years of offcourt issues with Self's players. I hope like most that Billy Preston didn't knowingly do something wrong, so that he can return to the team and improve their balance. However, if he knowingly DID do something wrong, then I don't want people to make excuses for him or for people to look the other way. None of know the true story, so it is mere speculation to try to assess what is fair/unfair in the Billy Preston handling by KU and (now finally) the NCAA. What I truly hope for today.. is that reporters stop asking Self the same question every day and have him answer "very soon" in the plethora of ways that he re-worded his same expectations. Game against Iowa State Tuesday.. focus on that... and let the chips fall where they may once the NCAA issues a ruling.

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