Mykhailiuk breaks down the first day of boot camp, losing 20 pounds in offseason


After the first day of the Kansas basketball team's annual Boot Camp, senior guard Svi Mykhailiuk discussed the start of Boot Camp and his offseason, which included losing 20 pounds since the end of season in March.

In order to cut the 20 pounds, Mykhailiuk said he changed his diet and cut out soda.

Why the change?

"I feel like now I'm faster with the light weight, and I'm more athletic," Mykhailiuk said. "It just helped me overall with the game."


Layne Pierce 1 year ago

Mark my words. Svi lighter should mean better D and overall quickness. A large part of our season comes down to SVI and Vick, they both have to be better. If they are, lookout.

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