Senior Night Speeches: Frank Mason, Landen Lucas and Tyler Self


Frank Mason III

“I’m really sad that I don’t have a chance to play here any more but I’ll definitely get back in town a lot. If I had the chance to play four more years here, I swear I would.”

Landen Lucas

“This is not really the last goodbye because we want to come back here with a national championship to celebrate.”

Tyler Self

“Dad, you gave me the opportunity of a lifetime. I got to live out a dream and I’m so grateful for it.... It was an unbelievable experience. It was something coming in to it, that we thought we should have figured out, that we would have a player-coach relationship on the court and a father-son relationship off it, just to make sure that my teammates respected and me deserving to be there. The thing that I respect the most about you is that every player that comes here leaves a better person."

Bill Self kicks off the Senior Night festivities

“Devonte, wouldn’t it be special to come back next year and do a senior speech? And Josh, I can't imagine you could have more fun anywhere than to come back here for three more years."


Chad Dexter 4 years ago

Is there a transcript of these somewhere? It's really hard to hear with the echo.

Sue Morris 3 years, 12 months ago

Same comment as Chad's. I would love to hear these speeches but the audio is terrible.

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