Highlights: Jayhawks work on special teams in camp practice


At the beginning of Friday's preseason practice, before a scrimmage, the Kansas football team worked on its special team units including punt return, kick return and field goals.

The Jayhawks had several returners practice fielding punts including receivers Quan Hampton, Steven Sims and Kerr Johnson.

After a couple of field goal attempts from various spots on the field, KU players shifted into their kickoff and kick return units and went live for a few repetitions, an area that coach David Beaty said needs to improve this upcoming season.


Joe Ross 11 months, 1 week ago

At various points of the video (11 secs, 19 secs, 23 secs, and others) one can see there are refs on the field. Why are they there during DRILLS? (I could understand if it were a scrimmage, but the article makes it clear that this was prior to a scrimmage)

Bobby Nightengale 11 months, 1 week ago

They are still there as a learning tool during some drills. In one of the kick return clips, you can see a ref throw his flag for a block in the back. Probably a benefit for both parties, refs to see some live action, and players to find out what gets called the most.

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