KU Sports Extra: Josh Jackson Impact and Spring Football Recap


There aren’t any Kansas basketball games for our team to talk about right now, but that doesn’t mean Tom Keegan and Matt Tait have run out of topics for discussion.

For one, KU and coach Bill Self received some humongous news this week when the top-ranked senior in the Class of 2016, Josh Jackson, announced he’ll play for the Jayhawks next season.

Just what does the addition of such a talent mean for Kansas?

Find out, and get some KU football knowledge, too, on this week’s episode of KU Sports Extra.


Suzi Marshall 2 years, 11 months ago

Anyone who thinks AZ will play significant minutes next year is out of their mind. AZ has at-least a year of solid wall-to-wall work he needs to do on his body and game before he can play in a high level D-1 game. We'll see if he has the chops for this.

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