2019 PF Jeremiah Robinson-Earl closing in on a decision?


Kansas basketball recruits, from left to right, Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, Cassius Stanley and James Wiseman, take in the scene at Late Night in the Phog on Friday, Sept. 28, 2018.

Kansas basketball recruits, from left to right, Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, Cassius Stanley and James Wiseman, take in the scene at Late Night in the Phog on Friday, Sept. 28, 2018. by Kyle Babson

The end of Jeremiah Robinson-Earl's recruitment could be near now that the 6-foot-9 power forward from IMG Academy wrapped up his fifth and final official visit last weekend.

Robinson-Earl will decide between Arizona, North Carolina, Notre Dame, Villanova and Kansas.

No exact date for his announcement has been set as of yet, but according to Robinson-Earl's mother, Katie Robinson, a decision will "be coming in the next few weeks."

A decision in the next few weeks makes sense for Robinson-Earl. Getting his recruitment out of the way early allows him to put all of his focus on school and the upcoming season at IMG, which begins Nov. 28.

The early signing period for student athletes to sign their national letters of intent begins Nov. 14 and ends Nov. 21.

KU currently has two players orally committed in the Class of 2019, four-star shooting guard Christian Braun of nearby Blue Valley Northwest High (No. 112 per and four-star point guard Issac McBride (No. 109).

Robinson-Earl is the No. 10-ranked player in the Class of 2019, per Rivals, and has been atop KU's wish list in the class for months.


Dan Blomgren 10 months ago

I'm glad our NCAA investigation is wrapping up now. That decision may help him decide on his. RCJH!

John Strayer 10 months ago

Huh??? NCAA part of this mess hasn't even started yet...

Gerry Butler 10 months ago

I hope sooooo much I am dead wrong on this , just an un easiness we all know how all these other schools are just chomping at the bit talking all negative with the FBI case the scandal - -I'm just so leary that this dam thing might be just enough to really hurt us with three recruits. - -JRE -- -Hurt and Stanley. - I mean I know we had made a lot of head way with Stanley, but we all know it is going to be hard to pull him off the Coast and then with the latest about Coach Self and Townsend - -doesn't do us any favors - -I'm afraid it might be just enough to tilt the scale away from us. - -Hurt is more likely then not a spring commit - -I've been feeling less and less confident about him more and more - -Man hope I'm wrong. - -Been hearing that maybe Villanova they are becoming a real pain in the butt but have been hearing they have really come on in the recruitement of JRE hoping for the best. - - -ROCK CHALK ALL DAY LONG BABY

Tony Bandle 10 months ago

Actually, Jeremiah has been near the top of KU's wish list for years. The problem with the end of the investigation is that it is not the end of the drama. Long term consequences will still be unknown for awhile

This is all a bad dream. If you had inserted UK in for KU it would have seemed perfectly natural, but to have Kansas be the "bad guy", whether justified or not, is quite discouraging.

HOWEVER, AND THERE'S ALWAYS A HOWEVER IN LIFE.....,.,I will still maintain no forfeitures, sanctions and Silvio plays the second semester.

Craig Carson 10 months ago

honestly, I dont think Self should play Silvio at all...but I hope you are right about the no sanctions and forfeiting game..though that would piss off the college BBALL world

Michael Leiker 10 months ago

Imagine a college athletics world where grown men spent about a tenth the time they currently do concerning themselves with the life decisions of 16-17 year olds who aren’t their children. That’s a world without all of the stuff we’ve seen this week. Just go cheer for the teams. Stop paying attention to this stuff.

Craig Carson 10 months ago

half of me thinks other schools will use this FBI investigation against KU and it will cost KU a great recruit..another part of me thinks KU will still land him since they arent likely to face any sanctions during his lone season in could go either way..Im not sure on Hurt..but im hoping KU lands them both and give KU one last great recruiting class before we find out if we will be hit with sanctions....all in not well in the Jayhawk kingdom...

John Strayer 10 months ago

Let' the end they could end up with "egg on their faces"...this is just the end of the Adidias part of this mess. The Nike portion of this mess is yet to come...and the Nike part of this has actual arrests of assistant coaches.

Dillon Davis 10 months ago

Back in April, Romeo Langford's dad straight up said we were eliminated because of the FBI stuff. I wouldn't be surprised if something similar happened here but who knows.

Shannon Gustafson 10 months ago

And then Langford was brought up in the trial as a kid being shopped around for his "services" to schools.

Robert Brock 10 months ago

Recruiting has taken on a Kafka-esque feel to it.

John Strayer 10 months ago

Here's a thought...what if all the Power 5 conference schools decide to pull out of the NCAA and setup their own association...with rules that fit their competition amongst themselves? I seem to remember such a idea talked about during the college football conference realignment.

Probably a dozen legal reasons why that is impossible..but to me seems to be the best result in the end. The P5 schools would possibly be in the best position to pay their players like everyone seems to be screaming for and that could be arranged without the "smaller" schools complaining they can't afford that.

Then it all becomes moot once the NBA removes the one year from graduation rule on draft eligibility...I would think most of these elite players receiving shoe company pay outs would go straight to the draft anyway.

David Morrison 10 months ago

I read on line today that although the current trial of Adidas execs is wrapping up, there are two more high profile trials scheduled for early next year. I doubt the NCAA will take any type of action against any school until the results are in for all of the trials. KU's current season, nor its coaches, should be in any immediate danger of any type of punishment by the NCAA. ROCK CHALK!!!!

Craig Carson 10 months ago

@David..if hope KU presses the NCAA about Silvios fate so they know weather or not its safe to play him...

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