Perry Ellis once again carries Kansas


Kansas forward Perry Ellis (34) gets to the bucket against Kansas State forward Thomas Gipson (42) during the second half, Monday, Feb. 23, 2015 at Bramlage Coliseum.

Kansas forward Perry Ellis (34) gets to the bucket against Kansas State forward Thomas Gipson (42) during the second half, Monday, Feb. 23, 2015 at Bramlage Coliseum. by Nick Krug

1 - Perry Ellis: Scored 15 of his game-high 24 points in the first half. Also had a game-high nine rebounds. Has developed into the Jayhawks’ best, most competitive player. Takes smart shots and makes the opposing defense build its strategy around him. Made 10 of 16 shots and his only three-point attempt. Also had a blocked shot and two steals.

2 - Kelly Oubre Jr.: Competed hard. Sometimes shot when a pass was the right play, but he hustled and came away with 14 points and seven rebounds.

3 - Wayne Selden Jr.: Drove hard to the hoop, but couldn't get a three-pointer to drop in three attempts. Had seven points, three rebounds, four assists and four turnovers.

4 - Devonté Graham: Gave the team a boost with 11 strong first-half minutes that included four points and a great post feed. Didn't play well in eight second-half minutes.

5 - Brannen Greene: Missed all four three-point shots, sometimes firing it before getting set. Still scored seven points in 11 minutes.

6 - Frank Mason III: Not his night. Took a shot or two when feeding Ellis would have been the right play. Made just 1 of 8 shots and had trouble keeping Nigel Johnson in front of him. Did have three assists and just one turnover, as well as three steals. 

7 -Jamari Traylor: His best play of the night came after the game, when a K-State student shoulder-checked him near the bucket and Traylor had the discipline not to retaliate.

8 - Landen Lucas: Played 18 minutes and had two points and two rebounds. It wasn't a lack of effort, just a lack of athleticism that caused him to get beaten to boards.

9 - Cliff Alexander: He looked like a freshman playing against a veteran and was overmatched by Thomas Gipson in every way. Limited to 10 minutes because of foul trouble. In those 10 scoreless minutes, he had four fouls, four rebounds, a turnover, a blocked shot and a steal. If he decides to declare for the NBA draft, which many seem to think he will, he runs the risk of destroying his chances at a lucrative NBA career.


Frank Mason III - 211

Perry Ellis - 205

Wayne Selden Jr. - 181

Cliff Alexander - 170

Kelly Oubre Jr. - 158

Brannen Greene - 126

Jamari Traylor - 117

Devonté Graham - 99

Landen Lucas - 86

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk - 82

Hunter Mickelson - 28


William Weissbeck 4 years ago

Correct me where I'm wrong, but like the loss to NIU and to VCU - when your offense isn't clicking, you've got to turn up the defense. I didn't see that. Why not run all 3 guards at the same time to at least apply pressure. I didn't see K-State's offensive sets much disrupted. I also see another trend - at OSU, WVU, home with TCU and now KSU. We get a lead and immediately get careless.

Suzi Marshall 4 years ago

The last half dozen games Perry has been working on bringing out his alpha-dog. Let's hope he continues and builds confidence to let the alpha-Ellis take over in crunch time.

Steve Zimmerman 4 years ago

Perry shows his teeth with his dunks. Great show. What a great bounce back. Welcome home, Perry.

One thing I feel bout our guards: is it that hard to pass the ball to Cliff? I've seen him so many times get his hands in ready position to accept any passes, but no one even saw his existence. The other problem, I notice Cliff loses his grips sometimes.

Mason can penetrate well, but please, do NOT bounce the ball if you want to pass to a post player! That pass is way too slow, and it's hard to catch (too damn low) and easy to intercept. Wrap around pass is better.

We could throw the ball up in the air like crazy when Wiggins, Embiid, TRob, 06-08 players were around. Lobs have been very hard to come by these days. Chances are there. Always. In every game, but the execution is so rare. Communication is not there.

I hope Ellis continues to dominate next games with inside presence. Relentless is the key for him. I'm proud to see the way he stepped up after that WVU loss.

Allison Steen 4 years ago

Has anyone thought about Cliffs struggles maybe intensifying with Howard out for two weeks? Doesn't completely explain anything, but they seemed to be close so that couldn't have helped. I hope he can get out of his funk, and our fans should support him not bash him. What is wrong with KU fans who tear into players like that? He's a freshman.

Yesterday, he tweeted "where is the old cliff? :( " Pump the breaks to those of you hiding behind your computers and critcizing our players in nasty ways

Walter Bridges 4 years ago

If you think Cliff has only been struggling since Coach Howard was suspended then you're not paying attention.

Michael Bennett 4 years ago

Cliff is an unpolished freshman 4 playing the 5. Slightly disappointing season, but not that surprising. I'll admit at this point I see him more as a project for next year, assuming he stays.

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