Tharpe puts the point in point guard at Iowa State


1 - Naadir Tharpe: Came out on fire and never cooled off. Made 7 of 9 shots form the field, 3 of 4 from three, 6 of 7 free throws and had 23 points, six rebounds and four assists to go with four turnovers. Played with big-time aggressiveness from start to finish.

2 - Andrew Wiggins: His father, former NBA guard Mitchell Wiggins, told him to concentrate on rebounding in one of their daily phone chats, and realizing that father knows best, he did that. When the freshman trains his mind on something, he can reach unbelievable heights. He had a stunning 19 rebounds to go with 17 points.

3 - Joel Embiid: After his down-low dominance at both ends in the second half, Iowa State coach Fred Hoiberg called him, "the best player in the country." Finished with 16 points, nine rebounds, five blocked shots, two assists, two steals and for the second game in a row, one technical. Showed phenomenal footwork.

4 - Wayne Selden: Didn't have his shot working (2 for 7, 1 for 5 from three), but had another impressive passing night and had six assists and just one turnover.

5 -  Perry Ellis: Couldn't get his shot to drop (4 of 13) and wasn't at his best against the physical Cyclones. Totaled eight points and six rebounds.

6 - Jamari Traylor: Had rough stretch when he telegraphed a lazy pass that was intercepted and then didn't see the ball when it was passed to the man standing next to him, an easy bucket that could have been prevented with more alert play. But he battled well on the boards, picking up five rebounds.

7 - Tarik Black: Two points, one rebound and five fouls in five minutes. On this night, the fouls were excusable because Kansas needed a player who could show Iowa State wasn't the only team with physical bigs.

8 - Frank Mason: Played aggressively, scored on strong drive to the hoop, missed an open three, defended aggressively and had two points and two fouls to show for nine minutes.

9 - Brannen Greene: The first man off the bench, he went scoreless in four minutes.

10 - Conner Frankamp: Missed a three-pointer one minute into his time on the floor and was sent to bench for rest of night.

11 - Justin Wesley: Played less than a minute.


Joel Embiid 150

Andrew Wiggins 143

Perry Ellis 141

Wayne Selden Jr. 120

Naadir Tharpe 115

Frank Mason 108

Jamari Traylor 86

Tarik Black 70

Andrew White III 50

Conner Frankamp 37

Brannen Greene 37

Landen Lucas 31

Justin Wesley 8


Lee Henry 7 years, 1 month ago

Has Lucas transferred from the team...or in the DogHouse?.....if neither why isn't the kid getting some minutes...could help down the road....

Dirk Medema 7 years, 1 month ago

There are 4 bigs ahead of Landon. He will help ... down the road.

Dirk Medema 7 years, 1 month ago

Perry really needs to get stronger with and without the ball. He is going to get so banged as we go through conf, because it's becoming evident that it's how you get him out of his game.

Wiggs could stand to as well, which is why we probably don't see him posting up his man very much. It hurts him when he looses the ball on the way to the hoop, so that he ends up shooting 2 instead of more and 1's.

Jonathan Allison 7 years, 1 month ago

A great shooting night for Tharpe. He took some shots that I wished he'd held on to, but they were going in.

The turnover where he was on a fast break and he thought he'd drop a backward pass to trailing Perry Ellis only to find out that there were two yellow jerseys in between he and his intended target was pretty bad. But otherwise I thought he did well forcing the tempo, moving, sharing, and protecting the ball. I liked one possessing Embiid grabbed the D Rebound and outlet the ball to Tharpe and Tharpe yelled at him to hustle back on offense.

I am glad that Tharpe was able to shoulder the offense in the first half, but I still don't trust him as the primary scoring threat. We have got to have the weapons around him working if we're going to beat ISU or OSU on a night that they aren't ice cold from the floor.

Keith Clark 7 years, 1 month ago

Is it possible to do a Big XII total points in parentheses so we can see who has performed the best in league play? Thanks LJW.

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