Selden stays hot, tops ratings vs. K-State


1 - Wayne Selden: He’s playing like a guy whose confidence is soaring. He again cited the confidence shown him by his coach and teammates, who repeatedly reminded him they want him to become a big scorer. He nailed a three from the top of the key in the final seconds of the first half to go into the locker room with 14 of his 20 points. He added four rebounds and three assists. He made 7 of 10 shots and 3 of 5 three-pointers. Two games into Big 12 play, Selden is averaging 22 points and shooting .592 from the field and .533 from beyond the three-point semicircle. 

2 - Andrew Wiggins: Was the best player on the floor during a second half in which he scored 17 of his 22 points, had four offensive rebounds and a memorable throw-back jam along with making 3 of 4 three-point shots. Wiggins also did a nice job on Kansas State freshman Marcus Foster, limited to seven points on 3 of 12 shooting.

3 - Joel Embiid: Was ejected from the game for throwing an elbow. Made the most of his 19 minutes with 11 points, nine rebounds, two assists and two blocked shots. Kansas State let him take the straight-away jumper from a couple of feet behind the free-throw line, as did San Diego State. He decided to shoot this time and opened the game making a 17-footer and later hit a three-pointer, the first of his career. “You gotta give up something,” Weber said. “If you go out on him, they’ll swing it and get an (isolation) in the post. You gotta have a game plan and go with it.”

4 - Perry Ellis: Hit the offensive boards, three of his five coming at that end. He’s tough to stop from scoring when he does that. Had 12 points, a block and a steal and didn’t turn it over.

5 - Naadir Tharpe: Shot poorly (1 of 7, 0 for 5 from three) and in some cases a little too eagerly, but did a terrific job of playing fast, penetrating well and consistently setting up teammates. Had nine assists and didn’t have a single turnover.

6 - Tarik Black: Played a terrific game on the floor at the same time as Jamari Traylor. They played with excellent chemistry together, setting each other up for easy buckets. In 15 minutes, Black blocked two shots and totaled four points and four rebounds.

7 - Jamari Traylor: Totaled six points, three rebounds an assist and a blocked shot in 16 minutes. He and Black played with high energy and loud confidence.

8 - Frank Mason: Pressured the ball well and took good care of the ball until throwing careless behind-the-back pass in final minute. Did a nice job of penetrating and would have had more than two points had he not missed a layup. Steadily becoming a better passer.

9 - Conner Frankamp: Played just five minutes, but it was a very comfortable five minutes. He hit the only shot he took, a three-pointer that set the crowd on fire.

10 - Brannen Greene: Made two free throws and grabbed a rebound, playing just the final minute of the game.

11 - Justin Wesley: Also played just the final minute.


Joel Embiid 141

Perry Ellis 134

Andrew Wiggins 133

Wayne Selden Jr. 112

Frank Mason 104

Naadir Tharpe 104

Jamari Traylor 80

Tarik Black 65

Andrew White III 50

Conner Frankamp 35

Brannen Greene 34

Landen Lucas 31

Justin Wesley 7


Suzi Marshall 7 years, 3 months ago

Wiggins played some super lock down D on Foster! In a game that Kansas won by 24 points with 11 getting in the game, a curious fan must wonder what's the story about AWIII.

Suzi Marshall 7 years, 3 months ago

In no way did I want to slight the much needed fantastic contribution from Selden but your old buddy Jesse Newell posterized your non-Wiggins selection as the Man of the Match.

Newell says Wiggins earned the top spot citing his "spectacular posting an off-the-charts 1.46 points per possession while taking on an enormous offensive load (his plays ended 28 percent of KU's possessions)." The former LJW writer goes on to reinforce my above point about his great D on Foster and later cites Selden posted a "1.26 PPP while taking on the second-largest offensive role for KU behind Wiggins (23 percent usage percentage)."

No doubt Selden provided a strong emontial lift but citing statistical facts are powerful tools.

Jonathan Allison 7 years, 3 months ago

In the Wiggins v. Selden argument for POtG honors, I would suggest that Selden's 14 first half points were much more important than Wiggins' 17 second half points. Almost all of Wiggins' scoring came when KU had a huge lead. Whereas Selden's scoring was what helped KU to pull away in the first half.

Dirk Medema 7 years, 3 months ago

I would take Selden's spot at the top being somewhat of a relative statement. Wiggs has been a bigger component of the O-load all non-con. Huge step up that he is where he is now.

Very valid point regarding Wiggs tho. Of Foster's 3-12 FG, at least 2 of the 3 came against other defenders. Was he 0-fer Wiggs?

Makes you wonder if Coach is conceding to allowing Wiggs to defend the best opponent. Wiggs wanted Parker at Duke, and Coach was afraid of the effect on his game. Guessing it is the extra challenge that he needs to be challenged with to keep him engaged. Also helps that Wayne is stepping up to take more O-load. My guess is that others have earned at least a little more respect from Coach - even if White/Greene/Frankamp still aren't getting a lot of PT.

Will Wiggs be on Kayne to start Monday? Regardless of the ankle, it would be huge to negate that part of their O.

Doug Cramer 7 years, 3 months ago

The story about AWIII is that he should have red-shirted. I hope he stays, cause the guy can play, but the field is too crowded.

Dirk Medema 7 years, 3 months ago

It will be good to see Greene gain the complete understanding of the game - Self-style. He has such fabulous mechanics.

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